“We Defend Our Heritage, We Defend Our Nation”

On November 29, 2014, leaders of anti-immigration parties from all over Europe gathered at the Congress of the Front National in Lyon. Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, gave the opening speech. He was introduced by Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National.

The following video of Mr. Wilders’ speech was excerpted from the full video of the event available on the Front National YouTube channel.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A text version of Mr. Wilders speech in both French and English is available here.

Video transcipt (times shown are from the full-length version):

6:02   Marine Le Pen: And last but not least, I would like you to welcome our first speaker.
6:09   He is a Member of Parliament and President of the PVV in the Netherlands: Geert Wilders.
6:37   Geert Wilders: Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,
6:43   I am very pleased to be here today in Lyon, the capital of the French Resistance.
6:58   It is a privilege to address this gathering of French patriots in the presence of my friend,
7:05   Marine Le Pen, the next President of France!
7:30   My party, the Party for Freedom, is, according to surveys,
7:37   the largest party in the Netherlands.
7:45   And your party, the National Front, is, according to the polls, the top party in France.
7:52   Ladies and gentlemen, the future is ours!
8:00   The future belongs to the patriots of Europe!
8:05   Because the peoples of Europe have had enough of betrayal by the multicultural elites
8:12   who destroy our identities and our traditions.
8:20   Of these hypocrites who squander our wealth
8:24   and shackle our prosperity, endangering the future of our children.
8:33   Just like you, we want to protect our sovereign and independent country.
8:41   Just like you, we want to use our taxpayers’ money for our own citizens.
8:48   And just like you, we are fighting to preserve our identity.
8:57   Just like you, we do not want foreigners
9:03   who come to our country to tell us that they are the masters of our house.
9:16   We say:
9:18   Send criminals, jihadists, illegal immigrants OUT OF THE COUNTRY,
9:42   and all those who refuse to adapt to our values. Expel them and never let them back!
9:53   Because the only masters in the Netherlands are the Dutch,
9:57   just as the only masters in France are the French!
10:05   We do not want a foreign and barbaric culture that deprives us of our freedoms.
10:15   We oppose mass immigration. Concerning Islam, we say enough is enough!
10:28   It is LEGITIMATE that we defend our own values and our freedoms.
10:34   And we are proud of who we are; we are proud to be Dutch, proud to be French,
10:42   proud of the civilization —
10:47   proud of the civilization that our parents left to us, and that we want to leave our children.
10:56   We defend our country, we defend our flag, we defend our heritage, we defend our nation.
11:12   And we must constantly strive to reclaim our homelands,
11:18   to in fact remove them from the European Union,
11:22   from the spiral of mass immigration, get them out of the clutches
11:26   of this hypocritical and allegedly multicultural elite.
11:36   My dear friends,
11:38   I know times are tough; I know that a hard battle lies ahead.
11:47   But I also know that for a valiant heart nothing, nothing is impossible!
12:02   And I know that each of you in this room is courageous.
12:06   I know that you constitute the backbone of the National Front,
12:10   which in turn constitutes the backbone of France.
12:18   I know that you are present here today because a French heart beats in your chest —
12:25   a heart that is ready to do battle for France.
12:29   And Marshal Foch said it a hundred years ago:
12:36   “To accept the idea of defeat is to be conquered.”
12:41   We have not been conquered; we do not accept defeat, because —
12:54   because our countries are waking up.
12:57   The Netherlands is awakening. France is awakening.
13:02   Greater and greater numbers of our compatriots are discovering that we tell the truth
13:08   and that we are fighting for freedom and survival of our countries.
13:17   Let me finish this speech by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
13:27   Because it will, it will in fact be a really great year, a good year
13:33   and a happy year for all patriots of Europe!
13:39   Long live the Netherlands, Vive la France!
13:44   Thank you and see you again soon!

20 thoughts on ““We Defend Our Heritage, We Defend Our Nation”

  1. Unfortunately in the UK the multicultural debate is bogged down in UKIP’s anti-EU stance. On the ground that is politically translating into anti-European peoples sentiments that the commonwealth enricher brigade have capitalized upon.

    • You say “bogged down in UKIP’s anti-EU stance.” Is
      it undemocratic to allow jobs to natives as opposed to lesser skilled non-natives?
      I ask this as our national gov’t is allowing non-legal individuals legal status in our country.
      Why minorities currently legally in the US aren’t marching in the streets is beyond me.
      I really don’t get it.

  2. It is interesting that the text of the speaker’s remarks is displayed behind him, allowing the audience to anticipate his next sentences. I have never seen this before. It is a good protection against a speaker’s foreign accent being misunderstood. That was unnecessary in this case. Had I not known who the speaker was, I would have taken him to be a Frenchman; his French accent was good enough to fool me (but probably not a Frenchman).

  3. I am proud to vote for his party which is now (in the polls) the biggest one in The Netherlands.

    He gives speeches with danger for his own life (he is being threatened daily with death and beheading by the islamists for the mere fact that he dares to protest against the immigration tsunami of islam into his country).
    He and his family have to be protected by armed police guards day and night.

    Mr.Wilders simply wants to defend Europe against the invasion of the hate culture which calls itself a religion and is infiltrating Europe by immigration and by baring numerously more children per family than the original population. I admire his courage! He is the only member of parliament in The Netherlands who dares to speak against islam. All the others are cowards and traitors of their own country and culture, (values, norms traditions etc. (and betray not only themselves but of the whole Dutch nation including their children and grand children since, if nothing changes, the majority of inhabitants in The Netherlands will circa 2025-2030 be moslims and will have top live by Sharia Laws and wear burka’s en headscarfs.

  4. If i understand correctly…. the nationalists are quite bussy creating their international movement. What a strange world we live in.

    • Petr, nationalism like patriotism has been given a bad rap by the Marxists/Communists who abhor nation states and love of country. Hitler co-opted nationalism for his own political advantage as a means to unite one people behind his socialist goals, so hence the bad rap for nationalism. There is nothing wrong with promoting one’s own country or professing a love for it – only the Marxists will tell you otherwise.

      • American patriots and Canadian patriots got along fine.
        When right between them ran Line Forty-nine.
        Long ago, the customs men, shoving,
        Told the tourists, “Keep it moving!”
        They asked “Yank or Canuck, which are you?
        If you’re either, move on through!”
        But now in this more internationalist time,
        We’ve got to wait in an uncomfortable line,
        Just to see our Quebec Cousin Sue.
        Who from Vermont lives a minute or two.

    • Maybe I don’t understand correctly… Is there something wrong with wanting to keep your own culture in your country? Are we obliged to change our culture for immigrants?

    • Yes, another irony is that the EU is uniting the European peoples – but against the EU!

  5. mark spahn: his french ( dreadful) could not fool any foreigner with a minimum of french knowledge. But never mind, you’ re not to blame.He is the greatest fighter for our cause.

  6. Thank God for Geert Wilders. Watching from Canada with great appreciation, thanks and interest.

  7. Unfortunately, the French Front national is now on Putin’s payroll. They don’t even deny it. In fact, they boast about it. And the worst thing is, it probably won’t hurt them. On the contrary.

    The Front national voters are gloating over this. They see it as a way to stick it up to the Americans. The pro-Kremlin networks are on high gear everywhere : in politics (left and right), business, academia, mainstream media and blogs. The propaganda from Moscow is taken on face value. New lies replace the old as soon as they have become too obvious. Nobody cares any more about the facts. Mentioning oppressed Russians or Ukrainians is considered impolite.

    • Well, as a former US foreign service officer, I groan when I see the power and prestige of the USA employed in bullying Uganda to take its anti-Sodomy laws off the books. It seems to me that now that a lot of southern Asia has wised up, the O’s administration wants Subsaharan Africa to become the new playground of its perv friends. I’m sure that Putin could make a lot of international hay out of something like this.

  8. Big fan of Wilders and Marine Le Pen here (from Canada). I’d like nothing more than to see them both become heads of their state. Always had a great fondness for Europe and would love to see them eliminate Islam from their midst. Here in Canada the muslim population is also growing and becoming more of a thorn in our side…not as bad as Europe yet, but we know we’re headed there. Hopefully we’ll also get our own Geert Wilders to deal with them as well. I honestly cannot wait to see what’ll happen in the next 5-10 yrs when anti-Islamic parties take power and clean up their countries…I’ll be very excited. No doubt the muslims won’t go quietly, they’ll probably go kicking and screaming, perhaps even start riots or wars before they do but they will go. I also hope all those who helped muslims become such a threat to us get what they deserve.

  9. I came accross Mr Wilders a few nights ago. When I was searching for videos on islam intollerance towards any European nation. What I saw it touched me to the bone. Islam is more danger then was ever before. And level of intollerance is beyond any recognition. Even worse is the stupidity of european leaders. With they political correctnes they forget they must serve to the natives, NOT imigrants and definatelly NOT to the barbaric muslims. This has to stop. All liberals and socialist have to go and the true patriots from all around europe need to unite and take over to clean this mess! I was very tollerant person until I came accross muslims. They don’t respect anybody and anything, all they want to take over our nations and kill or inslave us. They are using our humanism and tolletance against us and they laughing in our faces when they abuse european hospitality. I give Mr Wilders my vote and will support patriots in my own country. Europe was always catholic and we must fight against islamic invasion. STOP ISLAMISATION OF EUROPE!!!
    Mr Wilders is the true hero, not like the rest of the cowerds with Cameron, Hollande and Obama.

  10. Every country the Muslims are there is mass violence, they have ruined their own country, there is constant wars in the middle east mostly Muslim origin, they are horrible sly people who take over from within as innocent as possible until it’s too late. Then see our leader cry when they realize what they have done !!!!! This angers me so much, I am normally a tolerant person but this is something else

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