The Weaponized Rhetoric of Jihad

A non-Muslim who studies Islamic law in any depth soon learns that certain words have different meanings in Islam than they do in ordinary usage. Terms used in Islamic law that have specialized definitions include justice, peace, freedom, innocent, human rights, terrorism, slander, and any number of other seemingly commonplace English words and phrases.

Spokesmen for Islamic organization — and particularly those for Muslim Brotherhood front groups — rely on our ignorance about these “terms of art”. One reason that they are winning their information war with the West is that we simply do not understand what they really mean when they use these deliberately misleading words.

The following video draws on the expertise of Major (ret.) Stephen Coughlin, Dr. Bill Warner, Robert Spencer, and Clare Lopez to explain the special meanings prescribed by sharia for various crucial terms.

Many thanks to the Victor Laszlo Media Group for producing this video:

Note: Maj. Coughlin misspoke at 17:30 when he mentioned the publication date of Islam and Universal Peace by Sayyid Qutb. It was actually published in 1951.

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5 thoughts on “The Weaponized Rhetoric of Jihad

  1. Right. Like “Islam condemns the killing of innocents,” where “innocents” means Muslims acting according to Islamic law, and NO ONE ELSE!

  2. A very instructive film. The way in which words have such specific meanings in Islam, which are often the antithesis of their meaning in English; is something which needs to be much more widely known and understood. The example of the word “freedom”: in Islam this means to live “free” of unbelief; in the West it has a somewhat different definition. This duality of the meaning of words, the majority of non-Muslims are totally unaware; that really needs to change.

  3. A trivial point, but I like the name of the producers: A Victor Laszlo Production.

    Since I am a several-years-follower of Mr. Coughlin and Claire Lopez, and Dr. Bill Warner, none of this is new to me. But the insight and knowledge herein portrayed cannot be broadcast too many times; we will always have new listeners to whom such truth serves as a brightening light bulb of revelation amidst the carefully crafted darkness of our media and governing “elites.”

  4. My favorite example of Islamo-lexicography: “Oppression” means that some part of the world is not yet subdued under the jackboot of Islam.

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