The Political Risks

Based on the latest online poll from De Telegraaf, prosecuting Geert Wilders for his “discrimination” against Moroccans will not be without its political risks.

79% of respondents answered “no” to the question “Do you agree with the prosecution of Geert Wilders for his statement about ‘fewer Moroccans’?”, while 76% answered yes to the question “Wilders claims that he says what ‘millions of Dutchmen’ think. Does he also speak on your behalf?”

An English-language version of the same graphic:

A caveat: this is an online survey, which means the respondents are self-selected, rather than a random sample representative of all Dutch citizens.

22 thoughts on “The Political Risks

  1. [machine translation:

    we Dutch are deemed not to {naughty plural noun redacted} in public or to discriminate.
    we prefer to do behind your back, secretly underhanded or heavy reformed sorry
    Now I discriminate another group. but if it works here in the lowlands.
    join in keeping with the huige boot or your face .. navigates should know this anyway !!!]

  2. Did you know that in that same country its statelaw is trampled by feet by the minister president and that the Netherlands is no longer a real democratie ?

    Well that not only happened again today but is going on since the liberal VVD came into power and Mark Rutte became president.

    You have to know that Geert Wilders was once a member of that same VVD (the party of the mp) and that Wilders did not agree at all with the thieving kind Mark Rutte was and so he separated and started a political party on his own merite.

    Since then Geert said he would speak the truth about all and verything and he would not shut up uncovering what is going on in the Netherland, an offcourse since that day het had gathered him a ne group off enemys, namely Mark Rutte and all of his friends an co politicians (by now almost all I regretably say)

    In the mean time Geert got the people on his hands just because the statistics give him credit for what he says, it fully true that almost 95% of the crimes in our country are commited by non dutch native people (excuus me for the phrase) and that almost 95% of the inmates are moroccan by birth, reason for that is (and studies prove it) that these group of people will never integrate and have and will alwys resist against any law exept the sharia, a law not fitted for western culture.

    In the past the muslims (most moroccans are) and especially the moroccans have demanden that the sharia must be adapted in the Netherlands as a second law, the moroccans even demanded that their bible, the Koran, should stand next to our Bible of god on the table of the chairperson of the political second chamber (house of representatives)

    Geert does fight these and all kind of demands by these people and therefore he is not only a peoples hero but also a fighter for justice as we always have known it.

    On teh opposite the other representatives only care for profit and welth and need the growing group of muslims for their profit, and therefore Geert is an obstacle that needs to be taken out ASAP.

    More reasen lie behind this but the main reason is that little child Mark Rutte can’t cope with the fact that Geert dissed him end now is telling the people what really goes on in the chambers of representatives, so in fact he should be honored instead of proscecuted.

  3. So over three quarters of the Dutch, albeit a self-selected sample, support Geert Wilders’ position on the Moroccan presence. Imagine if the Dutch government held a referendum on these two questions with voting by secret ballot. I doubt the percentages would be too much lower; which is why the Dutch government will never conduct such a referendum.

  4. Compared to EU leaders Adolf Hitler was honest, he told the world in his book Mein Kampf what he was going to do, and then he did it. The EU, and the political elites of the member countries are following Nazi policies, but are deceitful about it, so now we are to have another ‘show trial’ where another opponent is to be hung out to dry.

    Well maybe Delft has to follow Dresden, the ‘Haig’ needs to be bottled up, Amstel dammed and maybe the Rotters can be damned too – Skol!

  5. I don’t know the Dutch personality but it will be interesting to keep an eye out for (we would all hope) accurate polls as the trial moves forward. I don’t believe in his other trials that Mr. Wilders’ popularity was field tested as the trial progressed. Since we are certainly not going to get any of this from virtually any other source I will keep an especial eye on GOV for this.

    This trial could be a shot against the elitist EU types. Perhaps they will find they have boxed themselves into a corner they will come to wish they shouldn’t have!

    • Dutch character is a very contradictory one. The best description I can imagine is that they are basically a society of open-minded, tolerant and good-hearted [orifices]. Most european countries have a clear archetype (german : rules oriented mind, french : chauvinist, swiss : boring and over-organized, finnish : shy, irish : sarcastic, italian : chaotic, spanish : friendly, polish : hardworkers, russiann : crazy, belgium : mmm… not very smart), but dutch have some kind of unpredictable character. You never know what they´re gonna do. They have one thing in common with Israel: being proud of being a small country struggling to survive surrounded by non very pacific big neighbours. And they managed to do it very well, but to accomplish it, they learnt to adapt and change when necessary.

      • The Danes got most of their Jews out to Sweden; what did the Dutch do? Not necessarily criticising (Britain’s record is hardly exemplary), just curious.

        • Don’t know what happened there, but the above is from yours truly, Mark H. I see there’s more on the subject below.

        • The family of Anne Frank was hidden by a dutch family, and that was not the only case. There’s no special antisemitism in The Nederlands, even though they’re a germanic country.

          However, Duth are complicated. They hated to be under german rule in WW2. But what they hated the more, far more than nazi stuff, was to lose their independence. Since they won their independence agains spanish empire, they’re fiercely proud of it. They have a love/hate relationship with Germany. They feel closer from Germany than from any other country (but flemish), but they make very clear that they’re not part of it. Anne Frank is a national symbol, and for them it’s a way to show that they’re NOT germans.

  6. Wilders and the PVV need to form an armed defence wing for the protection and safety of their leadership, from persecution by moslems and the state. If they do not, say the PVV won an election in 5 years or so, the Dutch “justice” “system” will simply cancel the vote, and the state will assume dictatorial powers.

    If the PVV is serious about having the chance to run the country (and many Dutch seem to want that) then Wilders needs to shed his dependence on “the state” for his self-protection, and demonstrate to the Dutch people in no uncertain terms that the state has become irrelevant to his leadership, and to the aspirations of the Dutch people. The state in fact may possibly even have become illegitimate.

    Otherwise, I predict at some point in the near future, the PVV and Wilders will simply be banned outright by the EU types.

    Europe is heading in a very, very dangerous direction. Civil War in every EU country within 10 years.

  7. I am mad. Those who have no opinion, and those who agree with the prosecutor …. where are they from? Where are they living? Do they have eyes, ears and brains? Do they know where Australia is? Have they heard about Haron?

    Dare I say : When Christian faith is cast from brains Islam and satan reside there?

    • Of course it does. An individual is a donkey, and its rider is either Satan or Christ.
      Where Christ does not reign, Satan swoops in to destroy man, God’s highest creation. Islam is Satan’s useful tool, not the only one by any means, but the one which in our time is most prolific for its record of satanic murder, rape, and enslavement.
      In Pershing Square, Los Angeles, I remember growing up in the late fifties and early sixties, where street preachers proclaimed: Repent, for the end is near. When will Europe repent?

  8. Bloody Leftwing traitors. These people are disgusting. Nurenburg Time I think! Arrest the lot of them and demand Capital punishment. Communism has killed 150,000,000 since its inception. Communism has nothing to do with wealth redistribution and equality but about a bunch of greedy psychopaths having access to property of others and stealing power and authority from the People.

    I would not hesitate to hang them. Pure evil! Go Geert and may God protect you!

    • Communism has nothing to do with wealth redistribution and equality but about a bunch of greedy psychopaths having access to property of others and stealing power and authority from the People.

      In recent times conceding social conscience to the left and being happy to play the role of self-consuming capitalist has been the biggest political own goal in history.

  9. Don’t you think that deep down everyone agrees with Geert? How can any modern human believe that you should take a woman, bury her in sand up to her neck, and throw rocks at her head? …no matter what she has done?

    The Dutch have the right to incarcerate anyone who believes this as criminally insane.

  10. I am immigrant but I fully support Mr. Wilders. My question is why the West want to destroy their own country? Why they are determined to forfeit their own identity? Why they want their children face bloody war with Islam on their cities streets and corners tomorrow? Today the West is helping Islam to establish itself freely in free societies of Western nations but tomorrow, Islam will demand all of us to covert to Islam believe it or not. Look at the nations over run by Islam in the last 14 centuries. Past performances best demonstrate future performance! Got it?

    • It is indeed hard to fathom, isn’t it? What combination of blindness and treachery and misplaced societal guilt has led to the nasty pass?

    • These are all excellent and highly pertinent questions. Whilst Soma is an immigrant, he/she is from Earth. Imagine how gobsmacked a Martian would be if they witnessed what has been happening in the West for the past 40 odd years.

  11. Now’s a good time for this government to pose the exact same question to the people of the Netherlands..I’m sure there’s even some Moroccans that are sick of Moroccans..Or are they afraid of what they might find out?..That Geert is right! Bastards..

  12. Prosecution of Mr Wilders shows once again that modern Western societies that claim to be ‘democratic’ and ‘free’ are nothing of the sort.

  13. I hope those bad ol’ Muslims are not taking advantage of our generosity and open borders to smuggle in experienced, hard core fanatical “fighters” from and through the Balkans to stash in just about everywhere. The man in the street seems so indifferent that I swear to God if an armed Muslim militia marched down the high street they would be ignored – the armed Muslim militia that is. (Mind you I am only imagining here.)

  14. As an american with european roots, it makes me angry what has happened to europe. Someday, Mr. Wilders will be viewed rightfully as the hero he is. I wish we had such politicians here. When will the Civilized world wake up ? When is it too late : when music is banned ? When we must pay jizya ? When your daughter is raped ? When your son is kneeling before a blade ? It’s getting late now.

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