The Moderate Muslim Brotherhood in Canada

On November 27, 2014, the Canadian French-language television program Enquête interviewed Miloud Chennoufi, an Algerian-Canadian economist and writer. During the interview, Mr. Chennoufi talked about the “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in Canada and the “Islamophobia” of the investigative website Point de Bascule.

Many thanks to Point de Bascule for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:10   Marc Lebuis, editor of Point de Bascule, a website monitoring the world of radical Islam
00:15   Marc Lebuis, editor of the Point de Bascule website
00:18   Good morning Mr. Martineau.
00:19   Good morning.
00:20   Some media refer to Marc Lebuis and his website Point de Bascule.
00:31   Certain media see me as a reference. Others are more reluctant to tackle the subject in depth.
00:40   Since 2007, Marc Lebuis has warned about the danger of radical Islam in Canada. He says that he works with ten contributors or so.
00:48   We do not target Muslims; we do not target Islam in general. We target the organizations and their leadership. It’s very important to stress that.
00:57   The organization that concerns him most is the Muslim Brotherhood.
01:00   This religious group took power in Egypt after the demonstrations of the Arab Spring and it was later overthrown by the army.
01:09   Some claim that the Muslim Brotherhood has supporters in Canada who belong to well-structured associations.
01:17   If the current trend continues, it won’t be easy to live in Montreal in a few years.
01:22   There are people here who want to implement sharia and who openly claim,
01:26   or quote high profile scholars who declare that, at the appropriate time, when the conditions are ripe,
01:33   it is justified to resort to violence and coercion in order to advance… in order to change wrongs by force, as they say…
01:41   What do they consider wrong?
01:42   Wrong is what goes against sharia principles.
01:46   Their agenda is to implement sharia and, ultimately, to establish a caliphate governed by sharia.
01:55   Establishing a caliphate in Canada. It would be a territory led by a caliph that’s governed by Islamic law, the sharia.
02:02   That’s what the armed group Islamic State claims to have established in Iraq.
02:07   What to think of this idea of establishing a caliphate in Canada?
02:12   No, they’re unable to do so in Muslim majority countries. In Muslim majority countries, who is opposing them? Other Muslims. So, can you imagine… in Canada?
02:27   Miloud Chennoufi teaches the history of the Middle East at York University in Toronto.
02:31   He also teaches at the Canadian Forces College. He knows of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and what it does here.
02:37   The Muslim Brothers in Canada, they are the Muslim Brothers who’ve always been present in the West.
02:41   They’ve been very moderate. A moderate Muslim Brother still has conservative opinions.
02:51   But Muslims at large, how many are they in Quebec? Two percent? How many?
02:54   Three [percent].
02:55   Two, three percent, OK. Within these two, three percent, how many are Muslim Brothers?
02:59   So, we end up with less than one percent of the entire population. Far less than one percent of the population.
03:09   What is this liberal democracy that worries about the actions of less than 0.5% of its population?
03:21   Miloud Chennoufi knows both Montreal-based websites Poste de veille and Point de Bascule.
03:26   It’s clear that they have a political agenda.
03:29   Their political agenda, sometimes, is clearly Islamophobic.
03:35   Sometimes their agenda is linked to political issues that have nothing to do with Canada and Quebec.

8 thoughts on “The Moderate Muslim Brotherhood in Canada

  1. “We do not target Muslims; we do not target Islam in general. We target the organizations and their leadership.”

    That’s false. Organizations like Muslim Brotherhood ans ISIS come from muslims and are established by muslims. Wherever there are muslims there must be their mosques and their organizations. You can’t have muslims without their thorns, daggers and sword, and bombings, and murders. You can’t have crap without stink. They go together.
    Western thinking is sick and defective.

  2. Meanwhile our illustrious government has seen fit to hand over almost complete control of the customs and immigration section of Toronto International Airport to Muslims.

    My wife and I returned from the US last month, and although we had previously seen a large Muslim contingent in the customs area, we weren’t prepared for the fact that just about every customs officer in the customs area was Muslim. It seemed that for some reason there had been a concerted effort to hire Muslims in this sensitive area.

    And speaking of sensitive areas, the manager of the outgoing security section of that same airport (where you take your shoes off and submit to metal detectors), was named Mohammed, and sported a fine beard…

  3. Working in Western airports seems to be a peculiarly Muslim occupational predilection I have noticed. (In Australia it is striking just how often a Muslim criminal is described as a “baggage handler at … airport” when not described as a taxi driver. I’d like to think its because air travel represents modernity, but I very much doubt that that is the reason. The opportunities for undetectable theft from passengers’ luggage and of smuggling at airports are the stuff of legend. Fly from LA to Sydney and you learn your valuables have gone missing on arrival – how do you prove it took place at Sydney airport? You can’t.

    • Yes, I ncver considered this aspect of the problem. I was more concerned with motivations far darker, in my opinion, than theft.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if the muslim brotherhood’s master blueprint for subverting the West (aka “The Project”) encourages fellow subverters to disproportionately find employment in jobs such as this, which could provide funds for further operations of subversion or a means to smuggle things into or out of the country.

  5. If a huge massive shock n awe blowing outrage occurs the likes of which has never been experienced before (anywhere really) it can’t be said that nobody could see it coming or for that matter deny thst everything possible was not done to have the Muslims everywhere they needed to be for successful planning, preparation and execution of whatever. Post Tito Yugoslavia is a very bizarre and terrifying model choice for currently stable but denationing states to be aspiring to.

  6. “What is this liberal democracy that worries about the actions of less than 0.5% of its population?”

    That’s a very good question. We have a democracy (actually a republic) where the government is theoretically answerable to the electorate. Is it possible for a minority to not only gather intelligence, but to seize the reins of power?

    Lenin seized control of Russia with just a few hundred hard-core supporters in 1917.

    The Muslim Brotherhood membership itself is tightly controlled and highly disciplined, as you can learn by looking at the materials for the Center for Security Policy.

    Not every Muslim is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but the Muslim Brotherhood itself is tightly focused. If they wish to infiltrate an organization or government body, they can place multiple people in it.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is not the only Muslim organization devoted to Sharia takeover. But the principle remains: a small group can infiltrate its members into a pivotal organization.

    It’s rather like the Communists were. There was a small, hard-core Communist party, tightly disciplined and a large number of fellow-travelers, who supported the goals and actions of the party, but who were not disciplined, committed, or skilled enough to actually enter the inner circles. The difference was, there was an active anti-Communist philosophy, both in and out of government.

    It’s too late for the Communists, but the Islamists have taken full advantage of the “political correctness” doctrine that forbids the mention of the enemy at all. We have absolutely no defense against infiltration of our government, because the only criteria is that employees not belong to a violent group. The idea of a subversive group, dedicated to changing the nature of our society and it’s concept of liberty, is totally wiped out.

    • You describe the problem well. The Muslim Brotherhood has been in place here in the US for many decades. The link from the Center for Security Policy is well worth anyone’s time: truly basic information of the myriad of ways the MB has infiltrated at pivotal points.

      America faces in addition to the threat of violent jihad another, even more toxic danger – a stealthy and pre-violent form of warfare aimed at destroying our constitutional form of democratic government and free society. The Muslim Brotherhood is the prime-mover behind this seditious campaign, which it calls “civilization jihad.”

      Notice the words “pre-violent”. Does that mean the MB in the U.S. is further along than it is in the E.U.? Or does it mean that Europe has already become Eurabia and has moved past ‘civilization jihad’ into mayhem and death?

      Or, as is more likely, is the MB not monolithic at all but operates independently in various countries? Given what ISIS is doing in its sphere of operations – none of which could’ve happened without the massive blundering of the U.S. over there – when will such a scenario break out into the open here in the US?

      The MB began in Egypt, self-exiled to Switzerland, and spread from there. But it’s not fully in charge anywhere except perhaps in the U.S. There is now enough wide-spread unrest here to give any thoughtful American cause to consider the real state of affairs.

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