The Lone Wolf Terrorizes Sydney

From an Australian reader:

If the Muslim(s) inside the coffee shop is going to harm the hostages (my bet is that he’s got explosives, perhaps even a machete in his back pack) he’ll probably do it when Europe/Syria wakes up in a few hours, maximizing the shock effect by carrying out his grizzly deeds on live TV for audiences overseas.

Maybe he’ll behead as many hostages as possible and then set off the explosives when the SWAT team/SAS team enter the premises.

I’ve been watching the rolling live TV coverage for the last couple of hours, and all the “expert commentators” keep parroting the lone wolf nonsense. Funny then that the authorities have shut down half of Sydney and increased security all over Australia.

I guess the guy must come from a pretty big pack, eh?

Also: a radio host apparently spoke with one of the hostages.

5 thoughts on “The Lone Wolf Terrorizes Sydney

  1. I agree with that commenters assessment. The ‘talking heads’ paint themselves into a corner with the ‘lone wolf’ scenario if they ever gain the courage to venture into the outcome of their own scenario setting, because they eventually come face to face with the stupidity of their own reasoning if they can take just one step closer to acknowledging what is the motivation that drives all ‘lone wolf’ actions and links them together.

    But I fancy we won’t be hearing from any ‘talking head’ who has deliberately joined the dots any time soon.

  2. Listened to BBC 5live this morning – every effort made to suggest: The man is a lone wolf, he’s probably mentally unhinged, and Australian Muslims are working hard to distance themselves from his actions. Wow, what a surprise.

  3. Right across the street from our Sidney office. All staff evacuated and working from home. Everyone traumatized. Bet it has nothing to do with Islam so they should all be feeling better soon. Agree with the comments, the city is shut down, now maybe something similar in Belgium? Lots of lone wolves apparently.

  4. Targeting Christmas

    Are we now going to see a week of intensified attacks running up to Christmas?

  5. There are 10s of thousands, 100s of thousads of Known Wolfs out there.

    The only question is, how big does the pile of bodies have to get before the Problem of Islam is addressed.

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