Sydney Held Hostage

This is breaking news from Australia: at least two Islamic terrorists have taken hostages in a Lindt Café in Martin Place, Sydney. Twenty or more customers (some reports on social media go as high as forty, according to Vlad) are being held by the gunmen. Thirteen of them were forced to stand with their hands against the display window.

The black flag of jihad is also on display in that window.

The only demand that I have heard of so far is that the terrorists be granted a conversation with Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and that it be broadcast live on the radio.

Vlad just told me: “September: Martin Place was where Islamic terrorists planned to behead people.”

The likely outcome? The mujahideen will gin up the drama until they have maximum media attention. Then they will explain the reasons for their actions, using terms drawn from authoritative Islamic law. Then they will kill as many hostages as they can before they themselves are killed, possibly beheading some of the victims.

Australian authorities should keep this likely scenario in mind. Any demands other than those that raise the level of publicity will be bogus. Everything is designed to bring the spotlight to bear on the execution of the hostages, and then the martyrdom of the mujahideen.

Whether they are from the Islamic State or some other group, that is the only game they play.


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  1. Catallaxy Files (libertarian blog) is liveblogging.

    Sorry I can’t comment more – I’m stuck in an office in Melbournistan and don’t have unfettered net access like I have at home.

    Years ago, there was a fridge magnet campaign a la the usual hashtag activism with the phrase, “Be alert, not alarmed” about terrorism.

    I’m alert, but I’m not alarmed. I’m effing livid.

    • Me to. Lunch hour on the iPad. I think I owe the Baron and Dymphna a donation. Great work, guys!

  2. I hope many Australians are now alerted to the need to ‘de-Islamised’ Australia. Interestingly, Lindt Chocolate is one of the few companies that have resisted the push for halal certification of their products….

    • No chance what so ever, I’m sorry to say. Our demise is built into our system: we *have to* accept everyone without caring about their religion.

    • “Lindt Chocolate is one of the few companies that have resisted the push for halal certification of their products”

      Interesting. Wonder if that could have had anything to do with the choice of target?!

      • Here’s an odd coincidence: The wife of the Australian halal certification outfit happened to be right there at the time of the siege. She was even interviewed on live TV at the time, declaring herself a “moderate Muslim.” There’s been an ongoing pro-Lindt campaign to support its refusal to cave to the halal certification people. It even had its own Facebook page — since removed. But Google the cached version . . . It makes for interesting reading.

  3. Many knew this day would come. I am very upset at the police response which is a standard response to a hostage siege. This is not a straight out hostage siege in that these ‘men’ have no emotional interest in their now captives, but an interest to instil maximum terror into those who look on out of harms way and do not understand how Islam operates.

    One need only look upon those poor souls with their hands up against the café windows to understand the terror aspect in this jihadi action.

    The ignorance of the authorities in not knowing how Islam operates is a death sentence for some if not all of those hostages. I’m absolutely appalled that this has been allowed to occur in my own country because some in authority refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

    • Well said . I have cussed since late arvo . Indeed the day was imminent but the official response is mostly sickening. We are a long way off any honest response as a nation.
      In the grand scheme i ask myself : when in History did any predominately irreligious society ever show Islam the door ?
      Generations have now been educated to question, dismiss and relatavise all religious belief . Really can we be surprised by the ‘ feed the tiger in the hope that it eats us last ‘ response ?

      • Three motorcycle police turned up pronto after the alarm was raised on that siege and arrived within minutes after it was started.

        As an ex-cop, I just know I would have used the first few minutes of the disorganized situation within the café as an advantage in my favor and that of the hostages, by using surprise – the moron would not have expected lone first response officers to initiate an entry – to overcome the threat.

        There is no way as the commissioner, that I would have allowed that situation to go on for the length of time it rolled over. And forget phone calls and pandering to fundamentalist Jihadists. What kind of idiots now run the NSW Police Force?

    • Why even bring such nonsense up? Such things are and always will be completely impossible to western culture.

      • Under the extremities caused by killers we don’t know *what* the future holds. So to call what Vinny says “nonsense” is to miss the point. Perhaps you’re becoming inured to the horror??

        • Western culture and law will never allow innocent family members to be killed because of something their relatives do. Fortunately for many of us!

          • I’m as horrified by islam as anyone here, btw. Killing innocent family members will never, ever be acceptable in the West. On the other hand, not allowing islamic immigrants into our countries because of the ideology they subscribe to, should certainly be considered.

  4. Many Muslims and members of left-wing parties floated the idea that the police crackdown on September’s Martin Place beheading plan was in some way a conspiracy by Tony Abbott’s right wing government. I wonder if they still think that.

  5. The invited-in Ummah brand cuckoos eggs are starting to hatch.

    Nasty behavior they exhibit. Murderous right out of the shell.

    Aim well, SAS.

  6. “Devout” Muslims no doubt are laughing their proverbial [derrière] off at the kufar wrapped up in his own self made double bind of hypocracy that can only quicken Islams progress. We have created to Muslim’s great joy an equal an opposite response to their hatred and savagery – a dhimmituded and getting limper every response. Let’s hope we don’t have to let in the Chinese or whatever to take care of business. Just say No!

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