Stop Taking us for Dummies!

In the wake of the recent “Allahu Akhbar” attacks in two French cities — with a knife in Tours, and with a car in Dijon — Marine Le Pen was interviewed yesterday on ITELE, a French TV channel.

Despite Ms. Le Pen’s concern that she might face legal action if she said what she really thought, she managed to convey in no uncertain terms her deep disgust and contempt for the authorities in their response to “lone wolf” jihad.

Many thanks to Carolus for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

On a similar note, Dymphna just tweeted the following:

     Q:   Why do so many lunatics keep trying to kill people while screaming Allahu Akhbar?
     A:   Only crazy people think Allah is Great.


00:00   The president of the Front National is visiting the Christmas market on the Champs-Elysées
00:04   in Paris, and she’s live with us on I-TELE:
00:08   Hi, Marine LePen, thanks for joining us. First question:
00:12   on the news, of course in relation to the Joué-les-Tours tragedies,
00:16   Stéphane Le Foll wanted to reassure people; he appealed to
00:20   an extreme vigilance on the part of the State. Do you think this will be enough?
00:28   No, of course it won’t be enough. I think that we must
00:32   now take into consideration, at a high political level, the danger
00:36   coming from the proliferation of this individual terrorism,
00:40   from these Islamic fundamentalists on the one hand,
00:44   and of those of weak mind who might be swayed by,
00:48   and even recruited by, the same Islamic fundamentalists,
00:52   who commit acts increasingly horrific on our territory.
00:56   I have a thought, of course, a few days before Christmas, for all
01:00   the victims, for their families, and for
01:04   the concern of the French people, who see
01:08   that their leaders seem to do all they can to downplay the problem
01:12   instead of tackling the problem directly and putting into place
01:16   means of fighting it efficiently, and at the same time
01:20   without any weakness acting against the development of Islamic fundamentalism in our country.
01:24   You say that the government is downplaying the tragedy,
01:28   but however from the psychological profile of the 20-year old attacker,
01:32   we seem to be in presence of an isolated, self-radicalized case.
01:36   I don’t know what “self-radicalized” means.
01:40   I’m sorry, but to succeed in saying such things just a few hours after
01:44   the events appears to be to be effectively a campaign of
01:48   misinformation much more than to be a search for the truth – that is as simple as this.
01:52   What I see is that each time, the attacks were made while screaming “Allahu Akbar”,
01:56   and so that people come to explain that this has nothing to do with religion.
02:00   I am not saying I know for sure, but perhaps it is high time to cease to take us for dummies. That is the first thing.
02:04   Secondly, if political leaders downplay the facts to such an extent,
02:08   it means that they are not ready to take the steps
02:12   and to diagnose properly the true danger that is developing
02:16   throughout our territory, and that is WHAT is worrying the French people the most.
02:20   [you say that] The government is not ready to take steps – what steps would you support
02:24   yourself, Marine LePen?
02:28   There are an enormous number of steps to take. Ship back the radical Imams
02:32   from our territory, stop making the UOIF [Union of Islamic Organizations of France]
02:36   the primary spokesperson with which the State should talk,
02:40   when in fact it [UOIF] is supporting Islamic fundamentalism.
02:44   Also, we ought to stop financing associations that, with respect to Islamic fundamentalism,
02:48   have some understanding and even some indulgence.
02:52   Also, strip those with dual citizenship of their French nationality,
02:56   who have either left, or are preparing to leave to pursue Jihad.
03:00   There are tens of measures that we could take in order to
03:04   at least limit
03:08   the consequences of the development of Islamic fundamentalism on our territory,
03:12   and the first such measure, allow me to say, would be to stop immigration.
03:16   [interviewer] Immigration would therefore be responsible for…
03:20   [LePen] Just like Éric Zemmour, I am going to get sued… I have the right…
03:24   [interviewer] No no, you only speak for yourself…[LePen] I’m cautious now that I know that…
03:28   I know that on ITELE, we don’t have the right to speak our minds.
03:32   Now that I know that on ITELE, we don’t have the right to speak our minds, I’m extremely cautious
03:36   with respect to what I say, since I don’t want to be the future victim of the censorship
03:40   that is performed on your channel.
03:44   Listen, you are live and under no duress – you can speak freely
03:48   and you speak only for yourself. Last question, Marine LePen, the tragedies —
03:52   you speak about the Dijon tragedy, but however it seems to be the act of a madman,
03:56   a person who had psychiatric troubles, I repeat …[LePen] There are only madmen now!
04:00   [LePen] Tough luck! [interviewer] but in this case, there are proofs – he was just out of
04:04   a psychiatric hospital… [LePen] There are only madmen! [interviewer] Is it not yielding to fear,
04:08   play into the hands of the jihadists, as the government says [LePen] Madam. Madam.
04:12   Madam. Islamic fundamentalism
04:16   will also take control over weak minds,
04:20   of course, [Islamic fundamentalism’s] rhetoric is also made to sway weak minds,
04:24   but when this gentleman attacks while screaming “Allahu Akbar”,
04:28   when we know that
04:32   ISIS videos are proliferating – to call to crush the
04:36   unfaithful with cars, to, how should I say,
04:40   to attack them with knives, allow me to say that we are seeing a correlation
04:44   with what happened in the last two days, and
04:48   the exhortations of this terrorist organization.
04:52   Those who refuse to see this link, according to me, are again not
04:56   worthy to be our leaders, because they are averting their faces from,
05:00   they are hiding their eyes – hiding your eyes means taking the risk that
05:04   there will be other victims.
05:08   Marine LePen, live from the Christmas market on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, thank you
05:12   for having answered, freely I hope, our questions.

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  1. France has a chance to survive as France and not as an Islamic caliphate only if it gets rid of Islam and all its Muslim colonists. The same goes for Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, et al. It’s refreshing to hear a politician speak the truth about the peril posed by Islam and what initial steps should be taken to stop the conquest. I”m betting Le Pen has had many private conferences with Geert Wilders on the subject.

  2. That tweet was spot on, and I like Marinne focusing on the weak minded being used by Islam she should also say criminal minded too.

  3. Pinning the jihad attacks is an insult to the vast majority of those who suffer from mental illness and are NOT psychopathic mass-murders. There is already far too great a stigma attached to this array of medical conditions which affect our brain function.

    I am waiting for the various associations for the mentally ill to call out these politicians who, in their fear and cowardice to mention what is obvious, and further tarnish the mentally ill collectively. These are the other victims no one mentions. There are unintended consequences of avoiding the truth.

  4. I so much wish Marine Le Pen was not the daughter of Le Pen and had formed a new party. The associations are not worthy of the solid and non-racist work she is doing.

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