Malmö Bombed Again

A series of bombs has exploded in Malmö over the past few days. As most readers know, Malmö is the most culturally enriched city in Sweden, although Gothenburg and the suburbs of Stockholm are rapidly catching up. Malmö is also the largest city in Skåne (southern Sweden), and lies just across the Öresund from Copenhagen. For all I know, the recent bomb blasts may have disturbed the citizens of eastern Copenhagen, if they were not too deeply asleep at the time.

Our Swedish correspondent Alfred Fredriksson has translated a video and provided other translated material about recent events in Malmö. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this Swedish news report:

Alfred Fredriksson sends two informative graphs, with accompanying background information:

The first image (translated from the Swedish original) shows the demographics of Malmö for the last eight years, along with a prognosis:

The second image (also translated) shows asylum seekers per million inhabitants in Europe, with Sweden in uncontested first place:

These images may provide a clear explanation as to why we now have bombs exploding, skyrocketing crime, riots, segregation, etc. Not that we didn’t already know why…

By the way — the first graph is for 2006 to 2013. It is important to note that the number of asylum seekers has increased by 30% from 55 000 in 2013 to the prognosis of 79,000 in 2014 (Department of immigration statistics).

When taking into account the new level, the process will go even faster, and there is no sign that immigration won’t continue to increase. And, considering these numbers, Swedes may expect many more bomb blasts in the future.

Below are excerpts from two English-language articles about the recent bombings in Malmö. From Sveriges Radio:

Still No Suspects in Malmö Bomb Blasts

Malmö police have confirmed that bombs were the cause of two large explosions in the Rosengård district of the city last night.

No-one was hurt in the blasts, and police do not yet have any suspects. One car exploded and the other blast was targeted an office.

“Our bomb technicians say the explosive devices at both places were pretty big. We have found pieces of tyre fifty metres away from the site of the car bomb. That’s a sign of a pretty big device detonating”, Linda Pleym from the local police in Malmö tells Swedish Radio in the city.

Police say they do not yet know if the two explosions are linked, and have not yet located any witnesses.

Also from Sveriges Radio:

Malmö Office Hit by Second Bomb in Two Days

A second bomb exploded outside a housing office in the Malmö district of Rosengård Saturday night. It had already been targeted by another bomb the previous night.

“Some windows have been broken. Both in the office which belongs to an estate agent and in an apartment next door”, Skåne police chief Magnus Lefèvre told Swedish Radio News Malmö.

This is the third bomb in the same area in just two days, a car bomb also detonated in the area Friday night. Police say they cannot yet confirm if the blasts were linked.

Video transcript:

00:00   It blew up near this window. Inside the building there is damage.
00:07   Then there is glass and a wooden fence that was blown away.
00:11   The explosion occurred on Ramels väg in Rosengård just after four o’clock this morning,
00:16   and woke up residents in a large area around the blast.
00:19   Several windows in the area were damaged by the shock wave.
00:23   The bomb was placed outside an office building belonging to a real estate company.
00:28   The same company that fell victim to the bomb attack last night.
00:31   Police do not want to discuss if there is a threat to the company,
00:35   but according to Sydsvenskan (newspaper) the company recently evicted several criminals from their rental apartments.
00:40   The police see a connection between the attacks.
00:43   We know in this case that because it is the same office that has been attacked twice
00:47   it is very likely that they are connected.
00:51   Technicians have examined the scene, and parts of the bomb will be sent to the state’s technical laboratory for analysis.

Hat tip for the articles: Fjordman.

11 thoughts on “Malmö Bombed Again

  1. Years ago Sweden was homogeneous. Now it is diverse. Yay!

    Swedes can now study — right in their own homeland — intact buildings and as well as buildings that have been damaged by explosives. Before it was the same old same old: intact buildings as far as you could throw a Sweden Democrat.

    The effects of explosives are pretty interesting (unless you happen to be too close when they are detonated). So this shows the Swedish establishment are correct. Diversity is educational and it does make for a much more exciting society. Kebabs, rape, Semtex — all very stimulating. No more boring, boring, boring Sweden.

    • Col B –

      I’m not up for much lately. A bad case of the whim-whams. However, the B puts me to use in composing tweets when Twitter’s autofeed fails, which it does frequently. I like the challenge of 140 characters.

      So here’s the one I put up for Da Bombs in Malmo:

      “Malmö Bombed Again” 3rd bombing in 2 days. Confucious say:
      Indiscriminate immigration leads to much conflagration.

  2. Perhaps Sweden is now seeing the sense introducing Sharia as soon as possible for everyone makes. It would be a very “tolerant” way to bring the future majority population within some kind of law. Just like in Malaysia and Indonesia. If we ever get out of the upcoming civil convulsions intact and muslimb free the Swedes will have a difficult time living down their part.

  3. Can anyone explain the end result the Swedish elite expect to accomplish by mass immigration of Muslims?

    Do they have an endgame?

    Is the immigration of Muslims suppose to stop at any point?

    Do Swedish mothers think it is a good idea for their daughters to be statistically the most likely young women in Europe to be raped? Do they know this?

    • Yes. In the modern Western indulgence of “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the most tolerant of them all?’, the Swedes are winning and are immensely proud of themselves for it. A “moral superpower” I believe they conceitedly regard themselves.

      The endgame is, in the infamous words of some dimwit Swedish cabinet minister ( he was blithely unaware of the immense significance of his offhand statement), that the Swedes hope the Muslim immigrants will be nice to them when the latter constitute a majority of Sweden’s population.

      What is stunning is that the Muslim immigrants are quite obviously not “being nice” to the native Swedes whilst the former constitute a smallish minority; why would they start “being nice” when they constitute a majority.

      Just across the Gulf of Bothnia is a very sensible country called Finland which historically has had a Swedish ethnic minority of roughly 10-15%. If I were a native Swede I would be dredging my genealogy for relatives who are Finnish citizens and getting out as soon as one can say Malmo on “Family Reunification” grounds. Alternatively visit Australia or New Zealand on a 3 month tourist visa and then hook up with a local under the very lax “de facto partnership” rules for obtaining permanent residency.

      • Julius, Sweden and Finland are both in the EU, so Swedes don’t need to find relatives in Finland if they want to move.

  4. I think the swedish are into suicide. They are killing their country and it will result in the suicide of what used to be a lovely country.

    Will they wake up in time? Doubtful. So suicide it will be.

    Ave, Sweden. And perhaps the rest of Europia.

  5. Maybe the Swedes will reach a point where they get so mind numbingly bored with the low return on shiek turning and brown nosing that they decide that carefully executed mayhem is a lot more fun and less sucidal. Not a bit boring.

  6. This readily leads one to think of a biblical-sounding maxim like: A person who invites termites into his house will one day find himself with no home.


    (Tonight it wa time for just a new bomb – number 4 i guess.)

    – – – –

    FredrikReinfeldt: Sweden belongs to the immigrants – not to the native Swedes.

    The Moderate’s outgoing party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt broke his silence and gave facing Christmas Eve a new leftish political statement apropos of the upcoming new election on March 22. The former prime minister now claims that Sweden’s borders are fictional and that Sweden belons to the immigrants who come here – not the indigenous Swedes.

    The statement was made in respect of the planned new elections next year and Mr Reinfeldt confirmed Mattias Karlsson’s (SD) perception that the election primarily will be about immigration.

    – There is a choice of which country Sweden shall become Mr Reinfeldt told TV4.

    – Is this a country that is owned by those who have lived here for three or four generations or is Sweden belonging to people who come here in mid-life to develop it? he asked rhetorically.

    – To me it is obvious that it should be the latter and it will become a stronger and better society if it may keep its open borders, said Mr Reinfeldt.

    In connection with TV4’s “Nyhetsmorgon” (MorningNews) early on this Christmas Eve he went even further, claiming that Sweden’s borders are only imaginary.

    – What kind of country is Sweden?
    – Is this country owned by those who have lived here for four generations or by them who draw up the borders? he asked condescendingly

    Then he said that the Swedes are uninteresting as an ethnic group and that it instead are the immigrants, those who will create the new Sweden.

    – It is what they will do of Sweden that is the true Sweden, he claimed.

    Published December 24, 2014 at 18:58
    – – – – – – – – – – –

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