“I Don’t Want Them in my Country”

On Christmas Eve, in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, a group of teenaged culture-enrichers set upon a young Danish couple and beat them severely for no apparent reason. The young woman, Nanna Skovman, suffered serious damage to her face and head.

She decided to post the story of what happened on Facebook, and from there it made it into the newspapers and Internet news sites. The story is currently “most read” on both of the main tabloids BT and Ekstra Bladet, as well as on the TV2 news site.

Below is the Facebook entry on which the news stories are based. Many thanks to Haensel Klein for the translation:

Christmas Eve. The day which has joy, roast pork and presents at the centre. But that wasn’t to be for me and Mads. I’d like to tell you how our Christmas was turned into a nightmare.

After getting out of a taxi, we’re walking along our street when a young second-generation immigrant approaches us. He is very unappealing and clearly wants conflict. Without any reason at all, he hits Mads on the head with a bottle. Mads defends himself, but now two or three more second-generation immigrants come running towards us along with a Somali. They are coming out of the basement of a building carrying the kind of chain locks used for scooters and motorcycles. The are attacking Mads together, kicking him and hitting him with the chains. Mads screams that I must run away.

In the end they get him down on the ground, and at this point I start panicking. I believe they are really going to kill him. So, I jump in and try to drag Mads away. I shouldn’t have done that… This little creepy, cowardly boy who started it all pushes me head first into the tarmac and begin to hit me in the back of the head repeatedly with an iron chain. Then everything turns black.

As I regain consciousness I find myself in a big pool of blood. My blood. And I can feel that there is something wrong with my face, something is in the wrong place, but I don’t dare to look. Blood is running out of my mouth, from the back of my head and from other injuries.

My lip is ripped into two pieces all the way up to my nose. 16 stitches. I lost a tooth and two are rocky. I have had the back of my head glued up and there are a lot of scratches in my face.

I am dumbstruck with disbelief… Sitting back with a whole lot of questions. Why? Why us? What’s the meaning of all this extreme violence? What’s going on in the heads of these immigrants, beating up a loving couple on their way home from Christmas Eve? I am filled with hatred, frustration and sorrow. I don’t want them in my neighbourhood, in my town or in my country. I don’t want this to happen to anybody else. Ever.

The first picture is of myself right after I had the lip stitched. The second one [shown above] is how I look now. I’ll have to wear the bandage for a whole year.

News sources (Danish):

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109 thoughts on ““I Don’t Want Them in my Country”

    • Look at my country the U.S. and what we are dealing with,Muslims,blacks in their entitlements,whites are arming theirselves,some cities you wouldn’t walk down the street ever as a white( Detroit Michigan) that’s just one,blacks out of control,kill many whites,black on white rape is astronomical,keep your countries white don’t let these savages in,they will destroy you!

      • You’re a [obscene intensifier] racist [odiferous substance]. YOU are the problem with this country, America.

        Get the [obscene intensifier] out, you [less than intelligent] [despised object]!

        • lol, I love how the censorship works on this website.

          And yeah, I don’t support racism at all.. But .. I don’t understand why are there so many people of those ethnicities who are so aggressive? Yet, I know of a whole TON who aren’t like that and are completely normal, well mannered people.

          But it IS about rotten individuals.. not about rotten entire races.

    • The muslims excuse their actions against the USA as ‘revenge’. What have the Danes done to them? Nothing i guess; islam just wants to kill.

  1. We can only imagine what the – orchestrated – reaction would have been, had som mohammetan couple been attacked the same way – for no obvious reason…

    – imams
    – local muslim Brotherhood organization
    – politicians
    – MSM
    – racism groups
    – hate crime groups
    – clan and family members of the couple
    – etc

    Any coverage possible would be manifested for future records, to “prove” how the moon-god followers are being victims at all times anywhere…!

    • yes you are right, but it is going to happened a lot of us are tired at this behave and soon or later someone is going to react on this gangs of “muslims”.

      • I doubt anything will be done by the citizens against these savages because the elites support “divesrity.” So the rapes, assaults, insults, and parasitism will continue. When a nation welcomes people of an alien culture who have no respect for their hosts nor wish to aopt their culture you get this kind of result.

        • For diversity..
          How many rapes etc will the elites take when it comes to their own mothers, wifes, daughters..?

  2. Hi, I might have asked this before, and remembered you answered, but cannot find it any more:

    Where is your twitter button?

    I really think your posts should be spread as widely as possible and for lazy folk like myself, the twitter button is one of my most constant way of “taking action” .

    • Good question. I don’t understand how this platform accesses Twitter. It seems to be random. The Baron has me check to see that each tweet is generated…sometimes they are, sometimes not. This one was not so I got on Twitter and put it up myself, as this:


      Even when I’m not doing so well it remains an easy task to verify and then tweet. But I sure wish we had a REAL auto tweet.

      I realize that’s not your question. I do not know why we don’t have a banner of options: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. But we don’t. I recall that when the technogeeks were attempting to fix the various problems causing us to go down it was recognized that each of those – including the “Search This Site” that used to be on the upper right – were possible “holes” which the bad guys could use to attack. They were taken out one by one and some were added back.

      • Thank you Dymphna, perhaps Vlad would know, he’s got one and I religiously tweet everyone of his posts.

        I think on twitter one can pack a good punch: “Nasty, brutish and short ” …well, perhaps not necessarily “nasty” and not always “brutish”, but definitely “short”, and as the Germans say: “In der Kürze liegt die Würze” 😉

  3. She identifies them in her Facebook post as “second generation” immigrants. I wish Vinny or one of our medical folks will get on and give an educated guess. Judging by her own words about being beaten with chains in the back of the head and coming to consciousness in a pool of her own blood, she has probably sustained fairly severe head injuries which may be with her longer than the bandage on her face or the (no doubt) plastic surgery she’ll have to endure.

    It would appear they smashed her skull.

  4. The reason for the violence is simple:[redacted to: muslims] hate all real humans or basically everything deemed un-islamic. They are taught to hate like that from birth. Furthermore being the racists they are (islam is thoroughly racist) they also automatically hate white people. Also islam aims to destroy Western civilisation, these sudden jihad type terror attacks are one of the means employed to that end.

  5. So what did the local ‘police’ do? Seeing that she made no reference, I’m assuming NOTHING, except probably continuing to cash their paychecks.

  6. This is so terrible in itself.

    At the same time, we just know, this was not the last time it happened. Many more are going to have to deal with this kind of evil barbaric violence on their way back, or from, home, in their own neighborhood.

  7. “I am filled with hatred, frustration and sorrow. I don’t want them in my neighbourhood, in my town or in my country. I don’t want this to happen to anybody else. Ever.”

    And this is the proper reaction, I would suggest. Not something like “what are we doing wrong? How has our society failed them? Let’s study the reasons for this hostility. Etc.” When confronted with such raw, unadulterated hatred, what is the proper, even practical (in terms of self-preservation) response? Hatred. It is hatred – there are things, ideas, people that truly warrant this emotion. The ideology of Islam is one such thing.

    • There is little choice we have but to remove ourselves from Islamised areas to avoid the inevitable Islamic surges in violence pre their attempted cultural take over of European nations.

      • But, to where do you move? When you leave, they just follow. The only way to have a peaceful world is to rid it of all muslims.

      • You may not have a choice but to live in fear but I carry and plenty of spare high capacity mags. So I can walk anywhere in peace or the one who try to stop me will meet there virgins.

        • And so you and your big gun will hold off a gang of chain-wielding morons long enough to kill every member surrounding you?

          I don’t think so.

          You made an implicit but important point: they’ve often made the point that their advantage is they love death more than they love life. Thus going to meet the virgins as they die whilst whistling those chains around your body does not have the same meaning for you that it does for them.

          Unless you have some kind of machine gun one armed person will not be enough.

          • One clip of 13 in a browning high power will certainly give them pause. Just take some shooting lessons so you can make every shot count.

          • I carry a glock 19 in a shoulder holster with two spare mags. That’s 45 hollow point dum-dum bullets. If I go though all 45 of those killer rounds, i will welcome whatever they have left.

  8. I know you cannot do so in Europe, but I do not go “anywhere” with my family without being armed. I have carried for over 35 years and never had to pull, but would not hesitate to send all involved to their 72 virgins.

    • The removal of the means of self defense in Europe has made us all very vulnerable to this type of crime, it happened when nobody else was around, using improvised weapons.

      Never have Europeans been as vulnerable as they are now, the (Nazi derived) laws are such that, had the couple had the means to defend themselves, then it is they who would be in prison.

      Is this an accident of bad legislation, or is it a contrived policy to humiliate the white man? Think about it, it has to be the latter. USA, all I ask is that you hang on to your Constitution and its important amendments for as long as possible, no ‘police’ force in the world could have prevented the above, but an armed citizenry may well have been able to defend themselves.

      This couple did not stand a chance, they are the victims of the utopian politics of the leftist politico-religious maniacs as much as of the ‘religion of hate’.

      Disarming the good guys gives absolute power to the bad guys to be able to choose the time, the place and the weapon.

      • “had the couple had the means to defend themselves, then it is they who would be in prison.”

        Not necessarily. Had they shot the bastards and kept walking, they may have gotten away and put the fear of God into the second-generation immigrant community.

        I’ve never had to shoot anyone on the street, but if I ever do, I plan to keep walking. Bad guy got what he deserved, and I didn’t have to deal with police. At that point, they see it as a crime which demands an arrest and a conviction.

        No thank you. If you want to arrest someone, do some real police work and figure it out. I’m not going to make your job easy for you.

        I’ll give you my lawyer’s number and you can talk to him about it.

      • A common thread in the diabolical plague that is socialism is that they cannot allow any of their future victims to be armed. Genocide is much harder when the intended targets can and will shoot back.
        Which is why a critical thing that every pocket of civilization that we can maintain or reestablish must do is criminalize any and all opposition to private firearms ownership.

      • If you begin to see the US Gov. try to disarm the people of America, I believe you will in short order see the early stages of a new civil war. I for one will not give up my means of defense for my family. I will not fire the first shot, but I will fire back! III

        • Careful now. That sounds like you would give up as long as they don’t shoot. There is so little protest in the US that one wonders what would really happen if ALL arms were called in. I want to be believe the people would resist – just not so sure anymore.

          • In Connecticut, thousands lined up to allow Big Brother to have his way with them, complying with an unconstitutional law. I’m not sure that today’s Americans have the stomach for a rebellion to restore The Constitution.

          • I believe people are beginning to wake up to what is happening. Gun sales are off the charts in the last 3-4 years. Google state of Conn. concerning registration of so called assault rifles. Over one million people refused to comply, and the state has not tried to enforce the law as of yet. Also folks are ignoring the new transfer law in Washington state with even county sheriffs vocally stating they will not enforce the law.

          • Ed, I wouldn’t be too quick to put up as fact what you have commented on. There may have been many hundreds of gunphobic folks at that rally you present as a Big Brother issue, but when it comes down to the entire population of Connecticut, do a few hundred gunphobic nuts really matter?

    • I am with you brother. If Europe wants to survive the coming war with Islam, they must rearm themselves, push the immigrants out and stop further immigration. Since the odds of this happening (rearming & fighting) bye, bye Europe.

    • The good thing is that the promise of 72 virgins did no specify if they would be men or women. These muslim terrorists may be in for a horrible surprise!

      • Having made myself aware of the typical Islamic male sexual preference I do believe that they wouldn’t care what gender was awaiting their perverted pleasure.

  9. We in South Africa could have told you long ago that trying to mix European culture with 3rd world cultures doesn’t work.

    • Well, AM, you might have had a stronger case if European culture hadn’t been imposed on the black South Africans without their consent- it was their country.

      The manager of the charity/thrift shop where I work is a black South African, educated in the UK, and one of the most decent people I know. She’s an evangelical Christian, and we fundamentally disagree over the truths of the Bible, especially Genesis and evolution, but I’d much sooner deal with her than the bigoted Afrikaners whose ancestors left Europe before the Enlightenment, so were taught by their “church” that blacks were inferior.

      • Hahaha – I knew I would get a predictable knee-jerk reaction by mentioning South Africa! I agree that colonialism is a bad idea and it would have been better if throughout history people stayed within their own territories. However, the validity of the ‘culture clash” still stands regardless of whether Europeans did the colonizing in the 3rd world or whether Europe is being colonized by the 3rd world. But Europe could learn some lessons from South Africa. I would recommend you visit SA to learn more about it, as it is a very complicated country. I will share a few details which the biased media never reports on.

        The indigenous people of South Africa are the Khoi and San. They were displaced by Black tribes from northern parts of Africa and by European settlers – these groups of settlers arrived in South Africa at approximately the same time. The Khoi and San are now almost extinct.

        As for the Afrikaners – they have been demonized as a group but they are not all the racists they are made out to be – although it is true that the Dutch Reformed Church adopted racist views. Many White South Africans nowadays were children during apartheid or not even born yet. During the early 90’s the majority of White South Africans voted in a referendum to end apartheid, and by that time a lot of the apartheid legislation had already been dismantled. Apartheid lasted approx 46years. The first democratic election was in 1994.

        In my previous comment I was referring to culture clashes. Obviously factors like level of education, socioeconomic standing, and whether a person is living a traditional rural lifestyle or is “westernized” have an impact on this. As examples of present-day culture clashes: 1. Polygamy is legal and women are paid for with cows. 2. There are many witchdoctors who still actively practice witchcraft – people are regularly murdered in order to harvest body parts for this. 3. Traditional healers tell their clients that raping virgins and White women will cure them of AIDS – SA has experienced a baby rape epidemic with babies as young as a few months old being raped. 4. Ukuthwala – the practice by African men of raping a woman whom they want to force to marry them.

        Not sure if you’re British, but if you are then you should also know that Britain’s activities in SA were not exactly benevolent either. Not only did they implement the first ever concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer war, but they also helped themselves to the country’s minerals. And no, I am neither an Afrikaans or English South African!

        • AM: Sounds just like how the muslims might eventually justify their presence and mass Armenian type removals and genocide in Europe if they ever got the upper gland. We heard all this crap back in the 70’s. Its a lie. Its over. Move on.

          • The Marxist communist ANC is re-writing South African history to further their own agenda. The truth about SA needs to be made known.

            Nowhere in my comment was I making excuses for colonialism or apartheid…

          • @ Binderdonedat:
            Please, by all means enjoy your multicultural enrichment…

            South Africa….the so-called “rainbow nation” is a sham. It is run by a racist Black nationalist government (the ANC) where minority groups are marginalized and even the original indigenous South Africans (the Khoi and San) still have no representation.

        • You neglected to mention the ubiquitous black South African “initiation into manhood” practice, a crude and radical form of circumcision that annually results in scores of deaths and hundreds of grotesque mutilations (including the surgical removal of the infected penis to save the young men’s lives).

      • Mark, one of my last jobs as a police officer was taking the fingerprints of a middle aged South African couple (white) who had been holidaying in my home state with an idea to eventually settle here.

        I got to talking with them as the fingerprinting process went on and the things they told me of and that were happening in South Africa at that time (2004) was the stuff of nightmares. Hence their reason for leaving.

        What AM has failed to mention to you is the number of white farmers and their families who have been murdered in the most brutal ways imaginable since Mandela came to power. At this time, 2014, over 3,000 farmers and their families have been slaughtered and their land confiscated in South Africa, and this is the kind of story that I was told about while fingerprinting that South African couple all those years ago.

        But being the inquisitive police officer that I was it wasn’t until I began researching South African history that the stories I was told by that middle aged couple became so very apparent. Many of those killings, at least the ones I read about, were racist in nature that harbored an intense hatred for the white man regardless of his standing within the many black communities. That the murders were racially based becomes quite apparent when reading about the murder (abattoir) scenes. Truly gruesome stuff that can only come out of the mind of a killer/s who hate with a passion.

        And I must add, that your propensity to blame the colonizing white man, some of whom, who were simply exploiters extraordinaire, for the ills of the country colonized, also fails to allow you to take in the many positives of the colonization process of those countries that seems to be always put to one side by those who believe the West has a lot to answer for as to the ways of the ‘modern’ world.

        • Mandela singing (2011)
          “..kill The Whites…”


          From South African news
          “Thought Leader” Mail&Guardian
          “If you think you’re white, liberate yourself now

          In case you were not aware, the white nation is dead in South Africa. It does not exist, not anymore.”

          “If truth be told, the Afrikaner nation is dead. It had to die for a more inclusive and all-embracing society to emerge.”

        • The farm murders are anti-white hate crimes and have been classified as genocide by Gregory Stanton from “Genocide Watch”. White South Africans are in fact at stage 6 (“preparation”) out of 8 stages of genocide…due the ongoing public anti-white racism by the ANC government as well as some other Black politicians and groups (Julius Malema; Black Panthers). White farmers and their families (including the elderly, children and babies) are tortured and murdered. They are raped, hacked with machetes, burnt with hot clothing irons, have boiling water poured down their throats, suffocated with plastic bags tied over their heads, drowned in the bath tub, shot, etc … There are approximately 2 farm attacks per week and in many instances they are reported as “robberies” by the police. The attackers usually wait for the White farmers to return home or they attack them in their sleep. If the true motive was robbery then they would break into the homes when nobody is there. Being a white farmer in SA is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. At least 3000 (probably more) white farmers have been murdered since 1994. White South Africans who speak out about this are called racists.

      • DUD. It is my understanding that most blacks in SA moved there AFTER the Europeans arrived, and that the entire country was severely underpopulated until the Europeans can.

        • Right so, what should be done about to-day’s SA then and the terrible injustices being inflicted on the poor whites? You only “own” your country as long as you are willing and able to do what is necessary for its continued existence. Defend it that is. There may be liberal amounts of truth sprinkled into your White South African history. Start a resistance movement. In the meantime there is a massive legion of evildoers mooching around Europe and America that must be reversed.

        • Well then let that be a lesson to us all. It looks like we are going out there and purposely shipping in a future Euro majority population of knuckle dragging Muslim killers and mutilators. As for SA. you had hundreds of years to figure out the way of the world and how to survive in it. It’s still not too late for Disneyland.

          • Well emigrating to Europe doesn’t seem so appealing anymore, now that the chances of ending up under Sharia law and being beheaded are increasing!

          • Well emigrating to Europe doesn’t seem that appealing anymore, now that the chances of ending up under Sharia law and being beheaded have increased!

            Good luck with the counter jihad!

  10. Two socionomes are walking the streets late an evening when they see a gruesome beaten man lying in a pool of blood. Both socionomes get upset and agree that they have to find the perpetrator immideately. “We must put together a team to help him with his anger.”

    Socionom – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A socionom (Swedish and Danish), sosionom (Norwegian) or sosionomi (Finnish ) is a person with a degree in social work from a Scandinavian university.

    Usually leftist and PK. Such is the sorry state of our education systems and politics.

    • Amen to that. There is virtually no more disgusting leftest ‘field of study’ than social work.

      If I had a child who wanted to get a degree is such a field I would lock him (or her) in their room until they came to their senses.

  11. I don’t know if hatred as such is the response. But certainly a feeling that these barbaric, wild guys should live far away from us and should not roam the sreets of our neighbourhoods is the absolute correct response. That is what I teach my 5 y.o. girl as well: “If somebody in your kindergarten is a wild and aggressive kid just stay as far away from him as you possibly can and you will most likely not even need to defend yourself from his aggression anytime soon.”

    • ritamalik, you are teaching your daughter a false philosophy. What happens when the ‘bully’ has subdued all his/her classmates except for your daughter? Do you honestly believe the bully will leave her alone because she chooses not to go near him? Do you honestly believe that Islam will leave those countries alone who choose to not speak up and act against Islam’s totalitarian and barbaric ways?

      And speaking of hate, which is an emotion that can be used to one’s advantage when dealing with an intractable enemy such as Islam, an enemy that believes Islam has more right to your possessions including your daughter, than you do, if you are not able to hate your enemy then your enemy will defeat you!

    • A normal society would ban aliens following an ideology/religion that teaches them to use barbaric violence against, and rape and kill their inhabitants!

      How have we come to accepting this barbary in our former healthy, advanced and well developed societies?

    • I understand that philosophy but what happens when there is no place to retreat to? You should also teach your daughter self defense and how to fend off someone until help can arrive. Here in the states there is an ad for rape victims that says “When your daughter is about to be raped which item is the best defense. 1. a condom. 2. a cell phone. 3. a loaded pistol. To me it is obvious and it can do what our liberal courts will not do and that is to punish the criminal. Don’t be a sheep. Be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  12. It NEVER ceases to amaze me.
    That ever-present question “WHY” asked by the victims.
    Don’t they KNOW? Really–they DO NOT KNOW?
    Wondering ‘what goes on’ in the heads of their attackers? Duuuuuuuuuuuuh?

    I hope they wake up sometime.

    • True! Trying to rationalize Islamic attacks will never, never work. The collective have taken rationalization to a whole new and unsustainable, but worse than that, a lethal level.

    • “- Why?”
      They grew up in a civilized culture where stabbing someone in the back is unheard of, fights are one on one, standing on someone’s head, kicking someone’s head is unheard of.

      I think, that in civilized cultures it takes time for the mind to comprehend the concept of violence. Secondly, you will tend to stay with civilized ways as long as possible. Naturally, you will be in denial, until you finally realize that in order to survive you will have to adjust to The Concept of Violence, while at the same time accepting that The Concept of Civilization is a bygone era.

  13. One question that comes to mind: Why are so many (a seeming majority) in the Counter-Jihad pushing against the meme of Total Deportation — rather than for it (and those in the Counter-Jihad who remain passively inert on the issue are effectively aiding and abetting the CDCJs (Counter-Deportation Counter-Jihadists)? Tentatively, that’s a rhetorical question; as I think it’s largely a matter of the retention of PC MC in the hearts & minds of those who otherwise think they have freed themselves of the influences of PC MC (which only goes to show how insidious, psycho-culturally, PC MC is).

    • I do support total deportation of Muslims from the Western nations, but people like me are in the minority. Too many anti-jihad types think this issue is merely a law enforcement one. And once we get rid of the TMOE, then we can go back to watching DWTS or American Idiot.

      That said, I remember a discussion I had with a Filipino nurse in regards to Islam and she stated Americans are too nice and won’t do whats necessary. She grew up in a region where the threat of Muzzie attacks were a reality and had first hand experience with them.

      American and European attitudes will change, but sadly I suspect it will take a series attacks that are comparable 9/11 to do it.

    • Hesperado, I guess the aspect of deportation may work with some Muslims, but the majority I believe would be opposed to such a measure and would push back against the state even harder with more ‘terrorist’ attacks, and for instance; using suicide bombers in large crowds to maximise casualties to bring about the undermining of the government’s resolve to carry out such a program.

      What Western government would be prepared to see thousands of its citizens slaughtered on the streets at home due to its own policies?

      I also believe that security agencies are aware that many Mosques are being used to store ammunition and weaponry to be used when the time suits, especially those Mosques in big cities to which the police seem powerless to even execute a search warrant on.

      Imagine some Mosques after one Friday ‘prayers’ as the ‘radicalized’ young males pour out of with their AK47 and loads of ammo and start shooting at any kuffar they come across. Imagine the chaos and devastation that no police force would be able to quell without the assistance from some kind of military intervention. Even now as I write this comment there are Muslims shooting each other up in South Western Sydney on a daily basis that has been going for years and that the current state government, and the government before it, seems unable or unwilling, to stamp out. Imagine that scenario extrapolated 20 fold or more, simply because the government decided to initiate a repatriation program for the Australian Muslim problem. And then imagine the complete shemozzle if this kind of scenario were to take place instantaneously across the country.

      Besides, what Muslim country would take in other Muslims from the world wide Ummah because an infidel country wanted to rid itself of its own Muslims?

      No, deportation won’t work because Australia is now viewed as an Islamic country by the Muslims living here and who are quite prepared to fight for what they have gained.

      • The only ones who ever got it right are the Spanish. You’ve got to give it to the vile repulsive Muslim evildoer “religion” the way they have gotten entire populations doing their bidding through local government and institutions. Obsma bums up bowing to an Arab in Saudi Arabia. It will take one of Hillary’s villages?

        • No, the ones that got it right are the Japanese. They absolutely forbid any muslim from becoming a permanent resident and do not allow any of their evil mosques. If you work for a muslim owned company in Japan you can go to Japan only on a work visa. If that is so bad then why doesn’t the world condemn Japan? I think its because they are jealous.

          • Maybe they teach history in Japan, too. Just guessing…Since the Japanese are intelligent, they may have been teaching history for a long time, even..

            On the other hand, how much islam history do you need to know, to get it?

      • Nemesis,

        “I guess the aspect of deportation may work with some Muslims, but the majority I believe would be opposed to such a measure and would push back against the state even harder with more ‘terrorist’ attacks, and for instance”

        This assumes that Muslims are a static problem and are not going to metastasize in the coming years — unless we take action against them. This is, under another form (seemingly more robust and less PC MC), essentially the same perspective that rules the PC MC mainstream.

        • No, what I am suggesting is that no amount of wishful thinking – deporting Muslims- will work in our favor because history has established what the Muslim will do when his goals are exposed and cut off from being attainable. So therefore we must brace ourselves for the eventual civil disturbances (war?) that will, I have no doubt erupt, when whatever fed government is in power chooses to clamp down on, 1: Muslim immigration and 2: Muslim welfare payments.

          It has to happen otherwise the country will be made ungovernable by the now so very concerned majority of voting Aussies.

          • It’s looks like war and bloody mayhem and genocide is the Muslim game plan. We are acting a bit like those unfortunate well meaning Jewish people who stood in obediently waiting for Nazi transport. This is all going to unfold very quickly – at some point somewhere

    • Hesperado – I’d go one step further. The problem isn’t so much Islam as Muslims – since Islam is an expression of the Muslim soul. The bottom line is that this is racial – culture (of which religion is merely a facet) is a manifestation of race. This is the ultimate opposition to PC.

    • The difference? Muslim hatred of others is approved by maybe a billion other Muslims and 1400 years of history. It is establised, written and taught.

      White supremacist hatred against blacks is approved by tiny percentages of the above. It is here and there, not established, written or taught.

      • True, Bill. Muslims have been the enemy of ALL non-muslims for their entire 1400+ year history, and they are OUR lethal enemy.

        And the ‘leaders’ of every country in the western world are welcoming the enemy into our countries, giving them free housing, benefits, treating them like VIP’s.

        For some insane reason our leaders seem to hate us; is it just cowardice?

        • I guess Kruscheve of the former Soviet Onion was right about the west’s obsession with giving out hanging rope.

        • “treating them like VIP’s”

          “welcoming the enemy into our countries, giving them free housing, benefits”

          That’s the jizya part.. combined with adopting the second class citizen “islam”/submitting/”peace” role part.

    • Yes Mark, I’m with you on that. Jo’berg, a nice Afrikaner sounding name, is adjusting to the collapse of apartheid and the police state. Ah the good ol’ days. One man’s dream is another mans nightmare. As any South Afrikaner will assure you the Swedes would just love the new apartheid?

  14. I feel terribly sorry for this couple and rage at the scum who did it, but as time goes on Western Europeans will have to be increasingly careful as to their movements in areas containing Muslims; due to the sheer risk of death or serious physical injury. There is the additional problem that if you were to retaliate successfully, the police (certainly in the U.K.) will diligently pursue a prosecution against you. In Britain, if the injured party can claim a racial element to the crime: the penalties are doubled, as it is a “hate crime”. They know this and so will play that card if it is anyway possible. The police love to do this if they can, as it makes them look wonderfully PC by cracking down on the “white racists”
    The best solution, is to steer well clear. I keep out of British cities as much as I can and would not go to one at night.
    The future certainly isn’t rosy in urban Blighty.

  15. Now, the couple – victims of raw barbaric violence – are being accused of racism…! Being Danish, in Denmark, you are doomed. Of course, being Danish in itself is racist, so you must be attacked violently, and not dare mention it later. Only suffer and fade into extinction.

    This Evil has a name, but we are manipulated into believing the crocodile won’t eat us, if we just keep feeding it.

  16. A man welcomed a visitor, little did he know that this was no ordinary Visitor . After some time , he started telling his host to change the color of his living room.The host thought that it was funny.Gradually,the visitor became more bold.This time he told him how to behave or else.The host still took good care of him.Sensing that he had no backbone,he took over his bedroom.Yet still he did nothing.Finally he kicked the host out of his home.The visitor bragged and thanked allah.,

    • Although I totally agree with most of the above I think that muslim influence from the past still affects some non-muslim communities. A divorced neighbour went on holiday to the Greek islands. She did a sort of Shirley Valentine and became involved with a Greek bar owner roughly her own age. She visited him a few times and then he came over to stay with her for a couple of months. Within a week he was instructing her on where she could go and when; who she could and couldn’t talk to (not to me her next door neighbour because I was a man even though a married one); what she could do or not do in her own house. Much more. She packed him off home within 2 weeks. There’s a lesson there for us all.

      • You are correct and it is amazing to me that so many women are on the side of “Live and Let live” when they will be the first to become second class citizens. I received a set of photos recently chowing different regions from the ’70’s to present. One was the University of Turkey. In the early photo ALL of the female students had long hair showing. In the recent one they ALL had scarves on. In Iran they were dancing and playing a radio on the beach with the girls wearing bathing suits. In the recent one they were wearing burqas.

  17. Without exception every young Scandinavian couple or single I have met in recent years, always tertiary educated, have expressed doctrinaire Multiculti/PC views. One young Swedish man (of an obviously privileged background) from Malmo, asserted that he wouldn’t hesitate to walk the streets of Rosengard alone at night, implying that the violent reputation of this culturally enriched Malmo neighbourhood was entirely bogus.

    I truly hope that Mads and Anna did not subscribe to Multiculti/ PC views prior to the assault upon them. I truly hope that they will now become vocal activists for the Counter-Jihad.

    • While I agree with your wish for this young couple, unfortunately the Danes along with most Eurabians are becoming inured to the creeping cancer in their countries, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.
      På gjensyn, Danmark! [Good bye, Denmark! — in Norwegian]

      • The Danes though have shown some enlightenment by banning halal slaughter. Here in the UK it is almost impossible to buy non halal meat and none of it is labelled as halal.

  18. “Don’t they KNOW? Really–they DO NOT KNOW?”

    Really, many of them do not know. I’ve had a well-meaning, intelligent woman say to me, “But *Mohammed* wasn’t like that.” I had to disillusion her. After I explained to her the religious ideology of supremicism and conquest and Islam’s plans for the West, she said “But that would be horrible!” I’m sure she dismissed what I said from her mind as soon as she could. And there is no one else around her who could reinforce what I told her so she is likely to forget it.

    “American and European attitudes will change, but sadly I suspect it will take a series attacks that are comparable 9/11 to do it.”

    I used to think that those 3,000 Americans who were murdered on 9/11 would not have died in vain if that horrible day awakened us to the danger of resurgent Islam before it was too late.

    But after 9/11, we heard George Bush repeat the “religion of peace” meme and Westerners have been subjected to an intense and intensifying barrage of pro-Islam propaganda and lies. I suspect that the Muslim Brotherhood is not happy with the tactics of ISIS because it makes the Western sheep begin to question the “religion of peace meme” as well as the ideology of Islam. I think that the MB would rather conquer Europe “through the wombs of our women” and begin the conquest of the United States through the stealthy infiltration and subversion of our laws, our government and even some of our established religions.

    The frog is being boiled. It may not take a series of attacks comparable to 9/11 in order to accustom Westerners to their new Masters.

    Although, if such attacks occur (horrible thought), I agree that it just might wake us up–for awhile. I hate to be so pessimistic. After all we have the truth on our side.

    Europe is “ahead” of us and perhaps we will wake up when what is transpiring there becomes known–it is almost not covered at all by the mainstream media. Hardly at all! There will be a time, hopefully soon, when it will have to be covered, however begrudgingly.

    We have the truth on our side, but the evil ones (I never thought I would use that word but it is most apt) have the mainstream media. This is the problem.

    • George Bush and the entire Bush family is bought and paid for by the Arabs. We have another Bush up for president. I imagine to reassure money bags that they will be the number one priority.

  19. Where exactly do the remaining indigenous Nordic Danes plan to move 10-15 years from now once they are in the minority and no longer welcome in their own country?

  20. Should go to prison for a long time.
    As for the translation its realy [of inferior quality] and done by a 3rd grade [person whose characteristics I hold in low esteem]. Dont publish if you cant get it right.

  21. A person of any political persuasion could argue that such violence occurs in many criminal acts. The difference here though is that this is unprovoked racism against the indigenous people of a nation who have taken in immigrants from less developed nations to help them.

    Which we clearly should not have done and should now stop when the culture they are from is Islam; a culture and ideology which is at odds with our own and always will be until it takes over – as is the nature and consistent historical precedent of Islam.

    • You are so right but in the minds of Western educated people we have factored out all of the really evil people in our history classes and most modern people can just not imagine the depth of inhumane treatment that muslims will descend to within their so called religion. Most women just cannot come to terms that muslims will kill because you do not believe in their form of cultism. We are not like them and never will be. Here in the US our Constitution will prevent us from throwing them out. I simply do not know the answer but I am armed.

  22. Understand this one thing:

    Radical muslims want to kill you.
    Moderate muslims want the radical muslims to kill you.

  23. Again, our main problem is that the multi-culti left owns most education and owns mainstream media. This is the problem.

  24. P.S. The above statement is pretty obvious and I don’t have a solution. But I think we should be thinking along the lines of finding solutions.

    • I agree with you summation of the main problem. And one solution would be home schooling. However, as soon as enough parents do that, the government will outlaw that escape from the indoctrination.

      Look for this flameduck president to move those things – media and education – even more to the Left. He will do it because he can, because no one can bar him from his determined race to the cliff. When he falls over that cliff, many of us will be pulled down also.

      Think of the next two years as a sucking dark hole…

  25. Americans hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal (no royal blood, no master race) and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Americans unite to defend each person’s life, liberty, and property. That is the reason for the right to bear arms.

    Americans have a can-do attitude.

    Americans are diligent.

    Americans are always learning.

    Americans are trustworthy.

    Anyone can aspire to be an American.

  26. These occurrences are escalating throughout the “free” world, and will overtake the republics with their treachery and vicious methods that are constantly mouthed by the hate-filled lies of the “religious” leaders of these scum. It is time to remove this type of agenda from our communities, and each day that we delay will cause greater harm to all people of good will.

  27. How is home schooling going to minimize horrific terror attacks by Muslims against us in the coming years, decades; Muslims we cannot sufficiently distinguish from their larger demographic of seemingly harmless co-religionists; terror attacks which the murderous Mohammedans will use their ingenuity to make varied (biological, or chemical, or suitcase nuke, or any number of other ways to create mass mayhem)?

  28. And people wonder why Americans want to preserve their right to protection via firearms. When seconds count and the police are minutes away (to file a report)….

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