Fjordman: Is a Country Merely Empty Space?

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at FrontPage Mag. Some excerpts are below:

Fredrik Reinfeldt was Prime Minister of Sweden from 2006 to 2014. His center-right coalition government suffered a defeat in the general elections of September 2014. Allegedly conservative Prime Minister Reinfeldt stated that the native Swedish culture was merely barbarism; everything good was imported from abroad. He said this in 2006 following a visit to the town of Södertälje, near Stockholm.

In September 2005 a police station in Södertälje was hit by shots from an automatic weapon, following a confrontation between aggressive immigrant youths and the local police. The trouble started after a Swedish girl was called a “whore” and reacted negatively to the epithet.

If a leading politician had said that African, Asian or Islamic culture was “merely barbarism,” there would have been a huge public outcry and calls for his immediate resignation due to “racism.” His career might have been over. Yet disrespecting and mocking the traditions of Europeans is apparently no problem.

Suburbs in Stockholm and other Swedish cities were rocked by major immigrant riots in the spring of 2013. There are fears that similar riots could return at any moment. The underlying problems have not gone away. Despite this, the ruling elites stubbornly reject any suggestion that mass immigration should be curtailed.

Eleven young men and boys were detained in December 2014 after rioting in a Stockholm suburb. The police were attacked with stones and Molotov cocktails, a park was vandalized and several cars were torched. The eleven are suspected of arson, vandalism, violent rioting and attempted severe assault. “They are still being questioned,” police spokeswoman Kia Samrell told news agency TT. Police spokeswoman Elisabeth Wernsten told Swedish Radio News: “A witness saw a large gathering of younger individuals who marched towards the center of Rågsved, where the school is. The witness suspected that the youths were going to smash the school up.” When the police gathered to confront them, they started throwing stones and firebombs. Another police spokeswoman, Eva Nilsson, said that the incident appears to have been premeditated. Police still had no explanation as to why they had been attacked. “This gang simply decided to get together to commit crime. There is no good reason for wanting to attack the police in this way. Nothing provoked the incident,” said Wernsten.

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6 thoughts on “Fjordman: Is a Country Merely Empty Space?

  1. “United with Israel” reports that the riot was in protest at the ten-year sentence given to a Muslim youth for his part in a murder.

  2. “There is no good reason for wanting to attack the police in this way.” No?
    The Swedish police could do with some Islam-informative training. Islam rejects secular “man-made” law: “British Police Go To Hell”, say the enrichers in Britain vocally and by placard. In their mosques the “youths” will have been instructed to assert Sharia over Danish law by force. That is what is happening. The Danish police seem to be as uninformed as the Boston police before the Marathon.

  3. The west very badly needs wild and crazy up front in your face anti Islam, anti Muslim action oriented leadership yesterday. Just a thought.

  4. The west very badly needs wild and crazy up front in your face anti Islam, anti Muslim action oriented leadership yesterday. Just a thought.

  5. May I introduce:

    Per Gustav Edvard Fridolin, formerly Fridolin Jönsson, born 1983, a Swedish Green Party politician. Since 2011 he is the mouthpiece of the Green Party together with in practice environment offender Ms Åsa Romson. Since autumn 2014, Fridolin is regarded as Education Minister in the coalition government S+MP.

    Fridolin’s small placard reads:

    We welcome all newcomers from Syria and hope
    you will enjoy your new life in beautiful Sweden

  6. In Kretinostan political insanity – (SWEBOLA) – is galloping.

    The Moderate’s (the New Wokers Party, socioconservatives) proposed next party leader Ms Anna Kinberg Batra today made it clear that she does not intend to reduce massimmigration to Sweden if she becomes the new prime minister.

    – We are one of the world’s richest countries, she told TV4-Morningnews.
    The Multi Billion investigation to increased massimmigration will not be decreased if Anna Kinberg Batra becomes the new Prime Minister in the extraordinary election on March 22. 2015.

    – I am proud, said Ms Kinberg Batra, of the high immigration – witch has got several municipalities in Sweden to financially kreep on their knees.

    – We can join in and help, for we are one of the world’s richest countries, she continued.

    For shuffling the cards. she then argued that it is not the great *migration* that is the problem but that it is the *integration* that is problematic.

    – I think we should take our responsibility, if we can, it is rather on the *integration* side, we can become better.

    – Because if you’re up here, then it is clear that one must be able to enter into society, get a roof over the head, and in this respect we have not been good enough, she said.

    To all the moderate local politicians who have called for a reduction in immigration to their municipalities, who can not cope with the invasion from Syria, MENA and subSahara , she says there will not at the moment be any reduced inflow.

    – We need to discuss *integration* and how to better get to work, how to find housing, how to cooperate better with national and local politicians, I am prepared for debate, but we must take our responsibility as the world looks like it does, she said. – We must never compromise on *everyone’s equal value*.

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