Eye Level

I had an appointment with the retinal specialist this afternoon for my two-month checkup. After being forced to read those horrible sets of progressively smaller letters, and then having my eyes dilated, both eyes were scanned to check the condition of my retinas (retinae?).

I’m happy to report that they both passed with flying colors, as it were. The doctor says the left eye seems to be stabilized, with no sign of further deterioration, despite its not having had an injection for several months. Its condition is so favorable that I can go three months before my next checkup.

The new scanning equipment they use is amazing. Not only is it faster and less irritating to the eyes than the earlier machines (which were amazing enough), but the digital data dumps directly into the office computer network as soon as the scan is complete. The system stores the entire history of scans, and then animates them frame-by-frame in any relevant cross-section the doctor asks for. That way he (and I) can clearly see the changes over time in the damaged part of my left eye. In this case, the successive images look all but identical, which is why the doctor has given the thumbs-up to a three-month gap before my next visit.

When I got home, my eyes were still too dilated to deal with this screen for more than a couple of minutes, and I didn’t get back up to speed until just now. There are some more posts in the pipeline, but they may be delayed until tomorrow.

Here’s looking at you, kid!

7 thoughts on “Eye Level

  1. I am so happy for you Baron and aren’t we thankful for this new technology which has helped save us from blindness, my own much less problomatic than yours. I thought you and Dymphna might also like to know that our beloved 15 year old maltipom has been undergoing treatment since August to make sure her eyes don’t explode, for a better word. Many drops, almost a full time job, but under control. She is blind and deaf but sure knows all her pathways, including 10 weird steps. Snow banks are curious for her. Does Janey have quality of life? Does she love her home, know every pathway, love her 4 year old best friend maltipom Magnus, her 18 year old Ebony cat? Does she love her walks, meeting with neighbours, must get close and see her plume tail go, does she love her home cooked food, is life still a joy for Janey? If Janey could talk I know she would say yes. She is quite the hero in our park. I often ask, if she was your gramma or a friend who went blind or deaf, would we kill her? No, cry the children. No cry the seniors, Janey is just perfect the way she is, blind and deaf and loving life every second she is given. We feel blessed for every extra minute we have been given with our Janey. I am thankful that modern medicine gave me my own eyesight back and that the Baron has had such good news for his eyes.

  2. Dear Baron – I am truly happy for you! – As someone who has been visually severely handicapped for most of my life I have now – for the first time and thanks to modern technology – 20/20 vision!
    Frohe Weihnachten to you and Dymphna from my heart

  3. Dear Baron and Dymphna,

    Congratulations! I am happy to hear about your improved condition.
    I hope you both will stay strong and healthy. We sorely need people like you.

  4. Excellent news!

    I am the only one to notice the spooky coincidence (?) of “Here’s looking at you”, and the name “Victor Laszlo” a couple of posts above?

    • I was aware that the Victor Laszlo Group video was under construction for a while before I wrote that line — so it may have been subliminally suggested by the name, for all I know.

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