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Our longtime Swedish reader and commenter Da Capo sent the following message via the comments, and I am reproducing it here at his request. A longer post on Roland Huntford will have to wait, but in the meantime, here is Da Capo’s outline:

Allow me to suggest — on the occasion of 2015 standing on the threshold — that you write a small back story to Roland Huntford (born 1927) and his book “The New Totalitarians” with its absolutely true description of the Swedes and their rulers 45 years ago. The book is unchanged in its relevance today — although the Swedish reality is sevenfold worse. 58 hits

At the same time, notify your readers that the book is downloadable as PDF file from this link.

The Swedish translation “Det blinda Sverige” (= Blind Sweden) seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. Have all residual copies, also at all antiquarian bookshops been bought up by the “power elite”?

The “sleeping people” (so called by Reinfeldt) must go on sleeping, and lose their country while asleep. And — fait accompli — wake up in 2022 or 2026 being ruled by sharia.

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  1. Economically Europe has little time left before their socialist policies blow up in their face and cause their people to awaken from their socialist induced slumber. I wouldn’t want to be the elites when the people get angry.

    You can see it coming with the collapsing oil prices along with other commodities, this is demand destruction. Contrary to the happy talking BS artists on TV it’s not good news. Because behind every unit of GDP is a unit of energy being used. Energy not being consumed and declining commodity prices = equal nasty recession or worse given how badly the banks are leveraged in the speculative markets.

    All this will effect Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

  2. And so, modern Sweden [in the 1970s] has fulfilled Huxley’s specifications for the new totalitarianism. A centralized administration rules people who love their servitude, so that technology may be efficiently exploited. Mentality has been guided to follow change and avoid conflict. It has all been achieved with means known to the West. Nothing that the Swedes have done is, in itself, original; their originality lies in the application. Personality has been suppressed, the collective worshipped at the expense of the individual. Given the European ethos, this might be expected to arouse rebellion. But not among the Swedes. They love their servitude.

    The Swedish experience suggests that the choice before us is between technological perfection and personal liberty. The Swedes have chosen perfection. But it would be wrong to suppose that only they would do so. It is wrong to be deceived by their historical peculiarities. Much of what they have done is different only in degree from what has happened in the West. Others can be similarly moulded, if with somewhat more trouble.

    The Swedes have demonstrated how present techniques can be applied in ideal conditions. Sweden is a control experiment on an isolated and sterilized subject. Pioneers in the new totalitarianism, the Swedes are a warning of what probably lies in store for the rest of us, unless we take care to resist control and centralization, and unless we remember that politics are not to be delegated, but are the concern of the individual.

    The new totalitarians, dealing in persuasion and manipulation, must be more efficient than the old, who depended upon force. And it is straining optimism to the limit to suppose that other men will necessarily choose freedom simply because, unlike the Swedes, they are still taught to admire it. ‘Liberty,’ says Don Juan in Man and Superman, ‘will not be Catholic enough: Men will die for human perfection, to which they will sacrifice their liberty gladly.’

  3. dole commented, ‘The Swedes have demonstrated how present techniques can be applied in ideal conditions’.

    Yes indeed, and when those conditions become less than ideal and completely collapse economically, the socialists version of utopia will be over and the bill will then become due.

  4. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Ulla Lindström (1909 -1999), well known Swedish Socialdemocratic Politician, journalist, Development Minister 1954-1966

    – 1955 said:

    It would be most pleasant if this country with its well-kept and slum-free cities and its unusually uniform population also in the future could be inhabited by our descendants without a too violent intermixing with elements of foreign peoples .

    [Det vore roligt om detta land med sina välskötta och slumfria städer och sin ovanligt enhetliga befolkning även i framtiden skulle kunna bebos av våra efterkommande utan alltför våldsam uppblandning av främmande folkelement.]

  5. The Migration Board’s figures for granted asylum applications in 2014.

    77% of more than 81 000 asylum seekers from MENA+subSahara have obtain a permanent residence permit, ie about 62 000. Experience in recent decades has shown that family reunification is at least twice as many, that is about 125 000. There will be a total of almost 180,000 as a result of this year’s immigration. In addition, labor migration and illegal asylum seekers who do not leave the country (see top: = 100% – 77%!?) .

    graphic: per million of inhabbitants

  6. Soviet Sweden? Model Nation Sliding to Third World.

    In all the important areas Sweden has lost its competence. The business community has lost its position. Many of our world-leading companies are now foreign-owned, we have sold out our brands. Not even when it comes to information technology and the internet are we in the game, the area in which once upon a time Ericsson was one of the world leaders. We are giving away our natural resources… We have lost our position in research. Swedish Cultural-Marxist Universities can no longer compete on the international scene. Tthe schools are a total fiasco, we are collapsing even there, shows international surveys. Only stupidity, congenital as well as acquired, is growing

    Once upon a time there was a welder at the Hägglund Defence Industries,
    He was a lousy welder so he became a LO-Union boss, Then the Social Democratic Partyy needed a chairman, there was no better to find than the welder. Later the Social Democratic Party combined with the Green Party, having the majority in the Parliament, shoul nominate a Prime minister, they
    as was the custom made their chairman Prime Minister.
    Wasn’t that a beautiful fairy tale of how a piddling welder became leader of a
    Nation. Horses for courses.

    Hellow, Mr Prime Minister:

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