An Opportunity for Cultural Dialogue in Mönchengladbach

Four out of the five culture-enrichers who disturbed a Christmas Eve service in Mönchengladbach, near Düsseldorf, were not even “youths” — they were little boys.

The priest at least saw fit to call the police. However, his proposed solution to the problem was tiresomely predictable: “dialogue”. Right. That’s bound to fix everything.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this news article from the Rheinische Post:

Priest Sees Complaint to Police as a “Signal”

Mönchengladbach. Children and one youth, evidently Muslim, disturbed the crèche ceremony in Rheydt’s St. Mary’s church and insulted members of the congregation. The priest has already spoken to two of the five. Saturday, he will make contact with the parents.

Eyewitnesses report that a group of apparently Muslim children and youths stormed into the church on Christmas Eve and allegedly shouted “S–t Christians.” The sexton was able to catch two of the five interlopers. Manfred Riethdorf, the priest at Rheydt, has already questioned these two. “I explained to them how you are supposed to act in a church. Probably tomorrow, I will contact their parents to discuss the incident with them and the young people,” Riethdorf told us on Friday.

Police were informed of the incident just before 3:20 PM. The police took custody of the two children in the parking lot of a McDonald’s and delivered them to their parents.

Talking with the parents of the two children, the officers were able to identify the three other interlopers. There were two children and a fourteen-year-old. The police made no statement on the religious affiliation of the five.

The police had no comment on whether the incident was an action intended to disturb the religious ceremony on Christmas Eve or just a rash children’s prank.

The priest made a criminal complaint because of the disturbance of the religious ceremony. This applies primarily to the fourteen-year-old, since all the others are not of criminally liable age.

The seventy-year-old priest spent thirty years as a secondary school teacher at the Gladbach high school, and wants the criminal complaint to be understood as a “signal.” “We should regard this incident as challenging us to begin a culture of dialogue.”

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14 thoughts on “An Opportunity for Cultural Dialogue in Mönchengladbach

  1. About the future kaliphate of Kretinostan

    Swedish Immigration Office attacked for not permitting even more asylum seekers from MENA and subSahara into the country soon not any longer belonging to the native Swedes.änsterattack-mot-Migrationsverket.jpg

    When the grown ups of thr current generations of present 7 million indigenious Swedes, recently declared obsolate by former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, in some 60 years all are dead, the today 2+ and then some 6++ million muslim newcomers shall take over former Sweden for good. Sic transit gloria mundi!

    Have the Bilderbergs ordered this transfer of populations / intrution?

  2. And so the ‘dialogue’ phase continues……….. We seem unable to move forward from dialogue.
    Just ask the Israelis how dialogue is working out with the paleo-stinians! They’ve come a long way in 70 years, haven’t they?

    • “Dialogue” = hudna

      “Dialogue” is a way of tying us up, setting back and delaying our minds, and moves, so as to not being capable of preparing for the next advance from “the other side”…

      “Dialogue” is a military strategy, although a word which in our culture, originally has a positive meaning, like so many other well sounding words in our culture that are being turned against us, filling our minds with good associations, when, on the contrary, we should be on the highest alert!

      “Dialogue” is the green relaxant pill that is being given to the paralyzed West, on a regular basis, as soon as it shows a sign of waking up

  3. “Dialogue.” Where they get everything they want and you feel good about being sensitive.

  4. Chances are the parents think their children did nothing wrong. They certainly aren’t going to take behavioral instruction from a Christian priest.

  5. When the muslims hit the proverbial very controlled efficient and deadly for Islam eurorage blast back all these politicians will be reduced to the ranks of grave diggers and serfs.

  6. I watch a lot of German TV online re islamification. They just love to talk, talk, talk. It’s good for my German, but I’m not sure all the talk is helping Germany much. Well, at least the topic is out there, I guess…

    My family lived in Germany when I was a kid in the 70s. I learned German within months (my parents made this a priority), I fitted in at school, made lots of German friends and a Turkish one. My parents both worked, fitted in, spoke decent German, had lots of friends.

    My Turkish friend, on the other hand, had to do so many chores and submit to her brothers’ wishes at home, that she had no chance of doing well at school. Her mother spoke hardly any German. My friend had to wear thick trousers and a dress over them, while we were all skipping around in little summer dresses. This was the usual way Turkish girls seemed to dress (not headscarves then, but this total, unattractive cover-up, much too hot for summer). The whole situation absolutely STANK. And then she had to escape her family to live in a home for girls when she was 15 or 16, because they were trying to send her to Turkey to marry her off!! Another contact with the Turkish kids was when I visited a teen centre (pool table, etc). A Turkish boy I’d never met (probably born in Germany) immediately asked me to be his girlfriend. When I refused, he told his friends that I was ‘arrogant’. It all seemed to be about macho, honour, all that crap. Needless to say, I never went back there. German boys were much more polite and fun, not macho, just self-confident in the right way.

    So that’s the generation of Turkish kids that brought on this situation in Germany. The girls didn’t seem to have a chance. The boys seemed to be totally out of control. For instance: my friend described horrible animal porn her brothers were watching at home, in front of her.

    I lost contact with my Turkish friend. By now she is probably a mother, perhaps grandmother. I hope she got to choose her own partner and her kids (2nd, 3rd generation) really feel that they are Germans first, not ummah!

    • Erdogan was in Germany a few years ago, speaking to the colony of Turks in the country, in Turkish, telling them NOT to assimilate, and keep speaking Turkish – in Germany.

  7. The depressing reality is that we’ve all let it go too far. And now the futures of all of our cultures that aren’t based on death, rape, torture, mayhem and destruction very much hang in the balance. This really is gonna come down to good vs. evil. Does anyone see any other solution? We’ve been pushed incrementally into a very bloody end. It’s terrifying and scary…but can any rational person see any other way out? If so, explain to me. For in the deepest core of my being which is eternally hopeful…I think not. And I am tortured for feeling this way, but my mind is very rooted in reality. I’m sad, and determined at the same time. And I always believe good will win.

    • Pray that very competent powerful and rational leaders are meeting secretly at secure country houses to plan and prepare to execute on getting rid of this Islamic tyrant once and for all. It is coming down to choices between an Islamic bloodbath being visited upon the Christians and Jews – or not.

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