A Non-Jihad Event in Nantes

The “truck jihad” incident in Nantes seems truly unrelated to Islam. A French contact sends this summary of the latest news on what happened on Monday in Nantes:

The perpetrator doesn’t have the convert profile: Sebastien Sarron, born in La Rochelle in October 1977, gardener, was the owner of his farm and his vehicle, smoked cannabis, and recently started burning old tires in his garden… We’d better wait until he awakes from his artificial sleep to know more.

All the other stories are Islam-related, and also the attack against a police station in Annecy where 3 policemen were hurt and the Muslim man was shot.

Below is a news video from a couple of days ago with more on the incident in Nantes. Many thanks to Robert Marchenoir for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Here is the white van which mowed down the crowd.
00:05   This picture shows the driver.
00:08   His face is bloody, his arms are apart and his chest is bare.
00:12   Onlookers seemingly wonder what happened.
00:16   Around 7 p.m., the van ploughed at high speed into the Christmas market, Place Royale.
00:22   There were dozens of people there.
00:25   At least ten people were injured, five of them seriously, the driver among them.
00:29   The woman you saw is taken care of by the emergency staff, shortly after the attack.
00:33   The van’s bonnet has been dented by the impacts.
00:37   The square has been cordoned off.
00:40   Accident? Terrorism? Act of a lunatic? It’s too early to say.
01:19   We heard a great crash. Later, we learned an driver had ploughed into the Christmas marketplace,
01:27   rammed his car into a bungalow, mowed down people
01:30   who are currently being evacuated by ambulance staff and firemen.
01:34   Panic ensued. The Christmas market was closed immediately.
01:37   The area around the bungalow was cordoned off.
01:43   The perpetrator attempted suicide inside his car after the crash.
01:48   There was much fear, panic;
01:51   we saw overturned baby strollers and the like.