A Man of Peace

Back in 2009 Sheikh Haron, the allegedly late alleged hostage-taker in Sydney, was arrested and charged with sending hate mail to the families of deceased Australian soldiers. He was a self-declared man of peace in those days. He said, “This pen is my gun, and these words are my bullets.”

I’m sure everyone believed him back then, just as they are now expressing their solidarity with self-declared “peaceful” Muslims and warning against a “backlash”.

By the way — also in 2009, in the wake of the Fort Hood massacre, General George Casey Jr., the Army chief of staff, famously said: “It would be a shame — as great a tragedy as this was — it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.”

Some things never change.

A second hostage from the Lindt Café has reportedly died.

Hat tips: for the video, Vlad Tepes; for the article, Fjordman.

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  1. HI, glad to see you guys still around. This is the Moderator of the AmericanJihad Blog – finally went down, a victim of Google Political Corectness — Now run Illinois Social Media Law but STILL keep up the NEWS on ISLAMIC TERROR.

    Fight the Good Fight of Faith

  2. As usual Muslims will start a collective whine about an ‘ Islamophobic’ backlash, that’s a very bad idea.
    I can’t forget an image from the siege, there’s a young woman, one of the hostages who escaped, her faced contorted by terror, in the protective embrace of a heavily armed police officer. I thought that’s our future with the religion of terror.

  3. Muslims appear the only victims who matter, even when they are perpetrators not victims. The hostages were still being held at gunpoint by an armed Muslim but useful idiots felt it was more appropriate to direct sympathy at Muslims who might fear a backlash/ So the feelings of Muslims usurp those of actual victims. Even if a ‘backlash’ did occur it would be temporary and largely consist of a few insults on internet blogs, or a pigs head or two left in the car park at the mosque. Insults may be unpleasant and unfair but are hardly life threatening so why does fear of some non existent backlash receive the attention it does, and removing attention from the suffering of actual victims of Islamic based violence?

    • Who dare insult muslims in the west? allah, federal governments, professors, ministers, party leaders are all with them against their own people.

      Tigers are born to strangle their victim. Scorpions are born to sting their victim. Islam was born to first mesmerize their victim, trick, sting, bite, strangle, invade, behead, and issue a firman every 30 years to keep huffars to a bare minimum. Firman is a Turkish word means Order to Massacre.
      What is outrageous is not muslim behaviour in the west and elsewhere, which is consistent, over the last 1435 years. That’s their business. Their duty imposed on them by mo. You can’t blame them.
      What is outrageous is how the “democracies” create lies by the Ministry of Truth and forces people to think about muslims in the way they want. And by allah they succeed.
      Because whenever an atrocity like this happens, and our Daring Liars / Traitor Class, open their stinky mouth no matter which TV network you turn to coming from any western “democracy” they will tell you the same crap: Lone wolf, self-styled cleric, was known to police ( read : he was caught committing crimes and “democracies” did not dare convict him, has nothing to do with islam and Al-qaeda, he was loved by his neighbours and was nice and polite, married a convert for his unusual talents, mentally deranged, he was influenced by social media and Syrian factional wars, hurt because children were being killed in Afghanistan ( remember He is Shiite from Iran and Afghanistan are Wahhabis, but they forget their enmity and both gang against kuffars.

      Democracies also have their own ideology: the same Lies that are repeated until the cows come home, no actually until jihadis / muslim complete their invasion of the dunce countries.

      • The irrational inferior Muslims will never “complete” their invasion but they will bring about another bloodbath in which they will be the main ingredients. You can’t tell a Muslim that Obama will be gone soon and the “west” will start to reconnect the dots.

  4. You said that:
    “in the wake of the Fort Hood massacre, General George Casey Jr., the Army chief of staff, famously said: “It would be a shame — as great a tragedy as this was — it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.”
    Casey may well have said that in one of his interviews, but I actually saw him on TV (I believe it was Sky News showing it) the day after the massacre and he definitely said something even worse, namely:
    “it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity policy became another casualty”.
    And with regard to Sheikh Haron, this is how the British media is reporting the incident:

  5. Did the security services deploy too late and with too much conditioned self-restraint in the believe that the religion of peace would ultimately deliver a peaceful outcome to this siege?

  6. “I’ll ride with you” safely to work tomorrow morning. This is my ####### phone number.
    What a great nation and civilization? This happens only in “democracies”
    This is the story: In Europe and in the west in general, attacks, I mean real attacks on Jews are happening daily. And democracy oriented minds offered disproportionately to accompany Jews in their own cars to school, to work, to the gym, when jogging. Can I compare who is more civilized?

    Oh by the way, mo is laughing at you Assies who came with that perverted, abject, dhimmi, DNA-based sycophantical attitide.
    mo (sic) is laughing because it is YOU, poor moustrapped, suckered, half-asleep, lulled, comatose, creatures, who need all the help and born-again self-preserving ideas.
    Jihadis and invaders don’t need your protection, you have none.
    Can you get honey from a rock?

  7. The NATION OF ISLAM is Headquarted here in Chicago and they are VERY POWERFUL Politcally. Though small in numbers, compared to the Black Population of the city, they have TREMENDIOUS CLOUT with the Democratic Administrations here and in Springfield – the Illinois Capital.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE – the majority of the “Fruits of Islam” (that is what their trusted members and armed guards are called) are EX-CONVICTS and FORMER (some acrive) GANG MEMBERS.

    There are over 10,000 GANG Members in Chicago and many of them are GUNS FOR HIRE who will ROB,RAPE and KILL For the highest bidder.

    So when you see Calypso Louie Farrakhan, remember the ARMED ARMY OF THUGS he brings with him.

    Now that ISIS, HAMAS, and more know that the “Civil Rights” movement can be a GREAT PLACE TO RECRUIT AMERICAN TERRORISTS (and Obama’s FBI will do little to stop them) Expect a LOT MORE HOME GROWN ISLAMIC TERROR.

    • Merry Christmas, George M Weinert V! With such a glorious name, I’m sorry you didn’t leave a comment on our Bach offering for this feast of Christmas 2014 A.D.

      Not that I disagree with your sentiments or your sense of urgency, but I have a suggestion: since the USE OF CAPS suggests screaming at your interlocutor, one or two well-placed capitalized words would serve you well in making your salient points about the entwined nature of criminals, Islam, and the sad fact of the felon class of black southside Chicago. But like too much salt in the soup, LARGE BLOTS OF CAPITALIZED WORDS MAKE YOUR MESSAGE LESS EFFECTIVE. IT SHOWS A LACK OF FAITH IN THE READER TO SEE YOUR POINTS, AND THAT LACK OF FAITH IS DISAPPOINTING TO THE READER.

      not that I would wish you to write with no caps or capitalization or punctuation at all for those kinds of commenters make it difficult for us poor readers to sort out their ideas into something useable showing a basic lack of care for the welfare of the reader in other words your capital sins are more forgivable and less severe than those who refuse to bow to the least rules of grammar reader be damned

      At any rate, as I said before, Georhe M Weinert V, Merry Christmas to you.

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