A Hate Crime? Or Self-Porking?

An unknown person or person put pig parts on the door handle of a mosque in Austria, and a predictable rush to cry “hate crime” about the incident ensued. However, given that the recent “attacks” on mosques in Fresno, California (vandalism by paint and bleach) and Eskilstuna, Sweden (a kitchen fire) turned out to have been caused by Muslims themselves, one has to question whether the same may be true of the Austrian pig-distributor.

In his post about the incident, Vlad makes an important point:

Given that the two recent ‘attacks’ on mosques were both initially reported as hate crimes but then turned out to have been done by members of their own congregations, one in Sweden and the other in California, it does beg the question as to whether or not this was a self-porking job.

In case anyone is interested, the scientific term for self-porking is autochoirosis. Onomatopoeically speaking, of course, it’s sui generis.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this news report:


00:12   “Today” with Ulrike Dubesh
00:16   Agitation in Floritzdorf where unknown offenders put pieces of pork
00:20   at the entrance door of a mosque in the Rappgasse.
00:24   The mosque and the annex are managed
00:28   by the Turkish-Islamic Union (ATIB). The religious feelings
00:32   of members were (allegedly) deeply hurt.
00:36   Half a pig’s head and a pig’s stomach
00:40   were found on the door handles by members arriving for early prayers.
00:44   They filmed what they saw with their iPhones. The men are terrified.
00:48   I have lived for nearly forty years in Austria; I never had a problem
00:52   with police or anything … (unclear)… normal citizen… I am Muslim
00:56   I live … (unclear)… I never had problems
01:00   in Austria, but lately, I don’t know, but
01:04   I am satisfied with Austria, I have to say. The initial scepticism
01:08   from neighbours against the building of this mosques
01:13   had fully disappeared after the “open days”, we are told. We believe this
01:17   was not done by neighbours, but other bad people (German very broken).
01:21   The mosque managers refuse categorically to speculate about possible perpetrators
01:25   or political backgrounds. They’ve lodged a complaint with the police
01:29   for incitement to hatred, discrimination and offences against
01:33   religious feelings. The police are examining all circumstances.
01:37   The State Office for the Protection of the Constitution is leading the investigation.
01:41   Similar incidents have also occurred in Germany.

8 thoughts on “A Hate Crime? Or Self-Porking?

    • Why is dumping an anti Christian and Jewish beyond all measure extremely violent dangerous retrogressive, Islam and its lowlife Muslim cutthroats into Christisn society not the ultimate crime against humanity? Who cares what Muslims think beyond smashing into their savage deadheads – “You are not welcome here and we are running out of tolerance at all levels.” Withdraw.

  1. Searching on this word “autochoirosis”, I find only

    That is, this very article is the only instance this
    “doesn’t track you” search engine can find of that word.
    Let’s try Google…
    Similar results.

    Maybe looking up “self-porking” (which I also have
    never seen before) would help…
    yields the same GoV article, plus references to
    “self-parking” vehicles.
    yields references to GoV and Vlad,
    and nothing enlightening.

    Maybe the approach of looking up “porking” might work:
    says “porking = having vigorous sexual intercourse”.
    Well, finally, an explanation.

    So this refers to a mosque having vigorous sexual
    intercourse with itself? But a mosque is an inanimate
    object. So this amounts to anthropomorphization
    — or rather, γουρούνιzation — of a building.

  2. Why hasn’t this occurred to millions of others? If Muslims are so allergic to pork they should be living in their own desert areas, where there are few if any pigs. Germans, Hungarians (me) and other nationalities in Europe like pork and pork products.

    Go, Muslims! Go back to where God put you in the first place. Don’t let the door hit you in the [gluteus maximus] on your way. . .

    I never hated Muslims but I do now.

    • “Where God put you in the first place” That was under a rock in the desert that never has and never will bloom.

  3. Why is everything a hate crime if a muslim doesn’t like what is being done. Somebody left some pig innards on their door handle, whilst I agree it is not very nice, I would most likely vomit, just clean it up and get on with your life. After all can that be any more offensive than being beaten with chains (couple in Denmark) or being beheaded?

    Muslims should stop be so offended by everything and accept that not every one wants to live under the sharia, and accept that laws need to be made for everyone so we can all live in comfort and happily together, not just for people of one religion to live at the expense of everyone else.

    • The races were never meant to live together. It’s only though the transfer of wealth to the minorities that has made it even barely possible. It is not comfortable and will never be comfortable. Wake up!

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