A Grotesque Prosecution

Yesterday, December 18, 2014, the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s office (OM) announced that Geert Wilders he would be prosecuted for the questions he asked of PVV supporters about “fewer Moroccans” in The Netherlands.

In the following video, Mr. Wilders speaks to the press just after OM’s decision was announced. Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   I find it impossible to comprehend.
00:08   It’s a mockery for the Public Prosecution Service, for the second time
00:13   to prosecute a politician who has said what millions of people in the Netherlands think.
00:17   The PVV is the largest party in the polls and the elite apparently don’t like that.
00:21   I would say: OM, go and prosecute jihadis,
00:25   catch them, expel them or imprison them,
00:29   and leave me alone. But apparently they have decided otherwise. I repeat; I’ve said what millions
00:34   of people in the Netherlands think, believe.
00:38   Prosecuted for a second time, I think it’s grotesque,
00:42   and … [Reporter] Is it a politically motivated decision?
00:46   It’s not a coincidence that it was announced that the government is teetering on the brink,
00:50   and furthermore, the PVV is the largest party in the polls,
00:55   and of course they don’t like that at the Public Prosecution Service, and the cabinet doesn’t like it either
00:59   but that can never be an excuse for prosecution.
01:03   I repeat: I spoke the truth. I wish there were more people in the Netherlands who dared to say what the PVV says.
01:08   To be prosecuted for that, while the Public Prosecution Service should really be going after criminals and jihadis —
01:12   I’m speechless. It’s an incomprehensible decision.
01:16   But, as on the previous occasion, I will defend
01:20   myself with my head held high and a good lawyer. I have to go to the chamber now.

5 thoughts on “A Grotesque Prosecution

  1. De Ondergang van Nederland… [The Downfall of the Netherlands…], redux.

    The title of the first book banned by the press freedom-championing country of Holland {circa 1990] in modern memory.

    What did the book say?

    That the invasion by Muslims into the Low country was not such a wise thing.

    Written by a Muslim apostate. Who was prosecuted and fined and the book removed from the shelves.

    (The shameful memory of their passivity or complicity in the Nazi’s slaughter of the Jews had the Dutch writing a law which simplistically mistakes a critique of any “religious” group for a repeat of the Holocaust’s intolerance of Judaism… forgetting that the Muslims were Hitler’s allies in WW II, and are not “the modern version of the Jews”.)

    A must read book, still.

    Available online in English translation.


    I was living in The Netherlands at the time and saw the red white and blue covered book in a local shop but did not have the 20 or so guilders extra on me …and when I returned the next day to buy a copy I was told the title had been “removed”.

    After finding out “why”, I laughed in the store owner’s face and said: “I thought this was The Netherlands and not Saudi Arabia.” He blanched, but had no reply.

    Since then, after the assassinations of Pim Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh some Dutch people are a little less charmed by their “cultural enrichment”. Mostly the non-university types. Average people.

    The elites are still into globalist-socialist, multi-cultural, moral equivalency, tolerate-all, everybody-is-the-same delusional state.

    Some of them my extremely “well-educated” in-laws, who I love.

    Totally, suicidally “liberal”.

    Even if it kills them.

    “Krankzinnig”, as the Dutch say. (Utterly Nuts.)

    • A must read, not least for the author’s alarmingly frank acknowledgements of his own mistreatment of his Dutch girlfriend when a new arrival in the Netherlands. A quarter of a century later and this prescient warning to the Dutch by a man born and raised as a Muslim in Pakistan is unlikely to have been read by 5% of the Dutch.

  2. It’s not rocketscience, if you do something that is or could be illegal the public proscecutor is going to proscecute you.
    For Wilders it wont’t be a real problem, since his party doesn’t mind having criminals among them.

  3. Same Inquisition in France
    going after journalist Eric Zemmour

    His book “The French Suicide” – “Le Suicide Francais” has sold 400 000 copies this far. French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve condemns Eric Zemmour, after Zemmour’s being interviewed by Italian Corriere Della Sera.

  4. But what do the powers-that-be hope to gain from this and similar prosecutions? Do they really calculate that this will lead to support for their position viz Muslims/immigrants – or are they merely engaging in rearguard actions? Let’s not forget, the establishment will do whatever it can to maintain its position of authority – even when it is on its last legs it will continue to do what it does.

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