“You Have Caused a Catastrophe for Sweden”

On November 12, 2014 Kent Ekeroth, an MP for the Sweden Democrats, gave the following speech about Multiculturalism and Islamization at the Swedish Parliament.

Many thanks to Alfred Fredriksson for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:07   Mr. Speaker,
00:09   An air castle can be defined as fantastic and grandiose dreams without any basis in reality,
00:16   and this describes well the entire political establishment, partly represented here in front of me,
00:21   who have created the multicultural mass-immigration society, and I think that deep down
00:28   most of you realize that this air castle has collapsed, and that you have caused a catastrophe for Sweden.
00:33   We can see this in our municipalities if nothing else. Sure, you stick to your nice buzzwords about
00:38   “everybody’s equal worth”, which has nothing to do with what kind of immigration policies we should pursue,
00:44   and sure, you want to keep your well-paid jobs, your fancy titles and your social lives.
00:51   And sure, for decades now you have painted yourselves into a corner which will be hard to escape.
00:56   But I think many of you realize what you have actually done.
01:01   And when [former prime minister] Reinfeldt was forced to admit to the enormous costs of mass immigration, it was only the tip of the iceberg.
01:08   Probably even more important in the long term is that mass immigration and multiculturalism destroy that which holds society together,
01:16   social capital and social trust. Countries with high social trust usually have a stable democracy,
01:24   a strong economy, good public health, low corruption, low crime and a high level of equality.
01:32   In the Nordic countries this social trust is very high. We have excelled at this compared to other countries.
01:38   Professor Lars Trägårdh has spent a lot of time researching Swedish and Nordic social trust.
01:47   He says that Swedish social trust was possible because the population was homogeneous.
01:53   I know that you don’t like to hear this, but that doesn’t make it any less true.
01:57   And my recommendation is to accept this fact instead of denying it ad absurdum like you do with everything else.
02:03   The research rapport “The Frosty Swedish Trust” shows that municipalities with the least trust in the local community
02:12   have large economic gaps and a large number of foreigners.
02:16   And I quote “our results show that individuals who live in areas with diversity have less trust in their local communities.
02:24   This connection is very strong even when taking account to socioeconomic status.”
02:32   Swedish social trust is not something that came about as a result of the welfare society and the Social Democrats, if that’s what you think.
02:39   It has been intact for a thousand years,
02:41   and you have in one generation begun to dismantle it according to research which shows that social trust is decreasing.
02:47   International research shows the exact same pattern if you had cared enough to read it.
02:53   Robert Putnam’s conclusion was that people “turn into turtles” in multicultural societies;
02:58   the common trust, the sense of community, the solidarity and citizens engagement in society declines.
03:03   A research rapport by Jorddahl and Gustavsson shows a clear connection between multiculturalism and decreased social trust in Sweden.
03:12   Professor Vernon Bogdanor writes that the sense of community is dependent on how homogeneous the country is.
03:18   Professor Costa has written a meta-analysis that summarizes fifteen research reports, all of which reached the conclusion
03:25   that more homogeneous societies provide higher levels of social capital, which is what binds a community together;
03:30   it is what makes people willing to pay taxes to help others.
02:33   As if it weren’t enough that you waste enormous amounts of money on mass immigration, which means cuts in other areas of the budget,
03:39   at the same time you dismantle a extremely fragile and thousand-year-old Swedish culture
03:45   which was the basis for the fantastic and successful Sweden,
03:50   The Swedes’ social trust, their sense of community, the social capital,
03:54   and history will judge you all extremely harshly for this.
04:00   Speaker: Thank you.
04:04   [Lawen Redar, member of parliament for the Social Democrats wants to ask a question]
04:12   Islamophobia [Speaker interrupts reminding her to address him] Mr. Speaker, Islamophobia is a term which
04:17   includes hate, racism and stereotypes directed at Muslims. In its worst form this manifests in hate crimes,
04:25   religious persecution, discrimination, but also in culturally racist generalizations
04:29   regarding Muslim culture’s features, as you call it.
04:33   But for a party that has declared that they have zero tolerance towards racism,
04:38   I am very interested to hear what kind of anti-racist policies the Sweden Democrats have,
04:43   and what you want to do to combat Islamophobia in society.
04:48   We don’t see “Islamophobia” as a phobia, as it is called, because a phobia is an irrational fear of something;
04:53   we don’t see this as a big problem in society today. A big problem, which is growing rapidly, is
04:57   the hostility towards Swedes which has been established in our schools and even all the way up to the government.
05:02   Mona Sahlin, Fredrik Reinfeldt and others have described Swedish culture as barbaric,
05:06   and Mona Sahlin taunts Swedish culture and says that it is stupid and silly.
05:11   In our schools, which I visited during the election and where I have studied, it is the widespread hostility towards Swedes
05:18   which is the single largest problem, when people are victimized in their own country
05:22   because they are Swedes by immigrant groups. There are
05:26   already countless anti-racist and anti-Islamophobia programs in this country.
05:32   If there anything that needs to be done, it is to make an effort against hostility towards Swedes
05:37   and against these immigrant groups who come here with a hatred for the country they have migrated to
05:41   and the people who created it. That is where we need to focus on.

46 thoughts on ““You Have Caused a Catastrophe for Sweden”

  1. Downloaded. To be kept for several decades down the line, when the truth of what Mr Ekeroth has to say becomes clear for all to see. And when Sweden turns into a third world country, then all those who called him a “fascist” and other dirty words can hear again his words, and reflect on what they helped accomplish…

  2. Too simple, blaming the lack of trust on the lack of a homogeneous population. In NZ we have many Asian immigrants (real Asians from China and Korea, not what the UK calls ‘Asian’) and also many Indians. I have found them to be trustworthy, polite, kind, hardworking and far more education and achievement oriented for their children than many Caucasians. Within a generation, many Chinese and Koreans have perfect English, the highest grades in schools, and are the greatest achievers in classical music in NZ.

    I accept that Sweden, with a totally different history and former homogeneous population, has somewhat different issues, but the right immigrants who maintain some of their cultural attributes (eg. our Asian immigrants’ attitude to achievement and respect for elders) and also excel at Western ideals of education, make a good contribution to our country.

    The only threat from these immigrants is that they are such high achievers that Caucasians had better make more of an effort!

    • The right immigrants, you say. Not do disagree with anything you say, but would you care to identify the wrong immigrants?

      • Yes, ones who don’t have qualifications and experience that help them contribute to the society. Ones who aren’t prepared to accept the laws of the country, eg. the equal rights for men and women. Ones who want their culture or religion to dominate and can’t be bothered learning the language and fitting in with the local culture, or at least ensuring that the next generation does these things.

    • True – the “real Asians” are mostly polite and hardworking. But do many of them also not have something against whites- due to which they’ll be ready to ally with the Religion of Peace worshippers against the natives? And do they care about protecting western values of free speech and democracy, or only to prosper and excel? One does not need to be in a democracy to be prosperous – indeed, citizens of dictatorships like Qatar, Dubai, Bahrain etc are far more prosperous than most of us.

      • Too many of ‘our’ Chinese in Australia are from Malaysia, where the Muslim Malays have discriminated against them–which is one reason why they are here. Also, I recall not all that long ago stories of Muslims in Indonesia rioting against the Chinese (many of whom are Christian), and hideous tales of them raping the Chinese girls crying ‘Allahu akhbar’ all the while. There are indeed tales of Chinese pupils in schools speaking of Chinese intellectual superiority, but in general the East Asians in particular, as well as the Indians, simply want to get on in society and to have a society worth getting on in. The homogeneity of Sweden and other Nordic countries arises from centuries of very limited immigration from warmer climes, even in Europe. These are countries with languages unique to them. Transport Sweden into the South Pacific, or Africa, and you’d hear the do-gooders screaming ‘we can’t destroy this unique language and culture by letting just anyone in’.

    • The brightness of Asians (chinese or Indians) are over the top. They are also very anti-white and anti-west. Why not keep Europe white?

    • Sounds good. But here is some food for thought on immigrants when the numbers of any immigrants from the same culture are permitted to grow unhindered without any form of check and balance by the host.

      Fiji is a case in point. Indians by their thousands were imported into Fiji as being more articulate and adept than the Fijian at business and professional levels. The Indians eventually took over government and legal institutions to the detriment of the Fijian who became second class citizens in their own land. Hence that military coup some years back to wrest control from the Indian hegemony.

      What is in place to prevent the same occurrence throughout the West? Answer = nothing!

      • I’m no authority on Australia, know it only as a short-term visitor in the 1990s, but I’ve been told that Chinese immigrants in Australia are gradually “taking-over” too. They work harder, are more ambitious, have less testosterone to distract them (no joke, medical research), and let’s not forget that 5-7 pt. average IQ difference. And so, the law biz, medicine, high government posts etc. go to them — as they should in a meritocracy.

        But is it to the benefit of the host country, of its founding population? Based on what I see in the US, I daresay no. The indubitably bright Chinese, Indians, Koreans and Japanese who have made it to the highest echelons of the government, the legislatures, and the soft academic fields are invariably against the white majority and its ethos, and pro all the dystopian, centrifugal destuctive things like divesity, tolerance, “civil rights,” fighting “racism,” lawfare and on and on. I know of at least 50 relevant names and among them only two half-exceptions, Bobby Jindal and Dinesh deSouza (why only half is too much to expound here).

        • Takuan, I have pondered what you have expressed in your comment for some years now. Going on my own personal experience I have found Asians in general to be less of a problem than the Muslims – but hey, they are truly their own worst enemy – while those of Chinese and Afghan ancestry whose ancestors came here soon after its founding can only be described as dinky di Aussies.

          But where the problems appear is with the advent of MC/PC way of doing things which has taken the emphasis of assimilation into the host culture off the board in favor of the immigrant arrivals since 1975 to retain pretty much their own way of doing things providing they adhere to Australian Law.

          And that is where the whole thing begins to break down.

          Lower courts do not enforce Australian Law onto those whose previous lifestyle in their place of birth, and for which they continue to practice in this country, eventually lands them before the courts on criminal matters. Inevitably, their cultural background is always used as a mitigating factor in their sentencing for which there is now in place an unofficial three tier system of so called justice, one for the Australian Aborigines, one for Australian natives, and another for the immigrants. For example; I once attended a Korean household in which the drunken son of the owner/occupier committed an offence that required his arrest. His father began peeling off a number of 50 dollar notes from a wad he produced from his pocket as a bribe to us police officers to let his boy go! The father should have been arrested along with his son for attempting to bribe a police officer, but my experience of the judicial system at that time left me in no doubt that the magistrate the father would have faced at court would find no offence committed due to his cultural background. I have no doubt that if the father had been an Australian native, he would have faced a criminal conviction. As for the son, after I had interviewed him I issued him a fine rather than have him face court where there was a strong possibility he would have got off on cultural grounds.

          And because assimilation is not enforced there is no national rallying point for new immigrants to aspire to a national identity and so therefore, we have really become a country inhabited by tribes of various cultures who have their own best interest at heart and above that of the country as a whole.

    • New Zealand has never had this kind of unity in society, since it’s a country made up of many different groups. Even these good immigrants will destroy the unity of a homogeneous counry if they come in big enough numbers.

  3. News Release
    Fomer Swedish Minister of Finance, Anders Borg, has fled the place of his crime to Lead New Forum Initiative on the Future of the Global Financial System


    The maxi traiter, former Prime Minister, Reinfeldt, has not yet changed saddle.

  4. In Sweden an ongoing slow and purposeful genocide of the white population is taking place initiated and administrated by the power elite and caused by its mass importation of muslim Arabs, Negroes, Kurds and individuals of other, also in all respects, alien folk groups, who, all of them among other things through their higher fertility rate, eventually will physically but not least psychologically and religiously supplant the secular and for its survival not ‘ready to fight’ indigenous population – which even before the inevitable future demographic and economic collapse, will be forced into exile – internal or external.
    [Bad URL redacted]

    • If you make this about melanin levels, you will lose, as it will always be seen as racist. If we make it about culture and religion, we have a chance. I don’t care what colour someone is. I care a lot about their values.

      • Why not talk about melamine? Racist? I don’t mind. I rather save my race and be called a racist.

        • Melamine is unbreakable crockery, Fury. Not being pernickety, just wanted to share the chuckle; hope you’re not offended.

      • Color is a good indicator of values. Not always, not perfectly, but it is not entirely without value as you appear to suggest. If I drive into an area in the U.S. that is majority black, I have an excellent clue that that is an area from which I need to depart.

        Albany, Ga., Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Buffalo, Camden, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Clayton County, Ga., Columbia, Compton, Columbus, Ga., Dallas, Detroit , Flint, MI (rated America’s most dangerous metropolitan area), Gary, Ind., Indianapolis, Jackson, Jacksonville, Macon, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Montgomery (Ala.), New Orleans, Newark, Oakland, Orlando, Paterson, Philadelphia, Rochester, Rockford, Savannah, St. Louis, Stockton, Trenton, Tulsa, and Wilmington are cities with black areas or that are majority black.

        I don’t need to write a term paper about the “values” of the people who live in black areas. In fact, I can pay no attention to their values. Because, based on the skin color I know that those black areas are decaying, crime-ridden wastelands.

        End of analysis.

        • Indeed Colonel, the wary traveller knows where he can and can’t go. Only fifty years ago nearly all Western countries were safe to travel in, that is now no longer the case.

  5. I don’t like what you say, so ready, aim, fire. And islamophobang! Well, too bad, it seems some people are developing an immunity to this kind of paralyzing bullets. Incidentally, I like the contrast between the acid, rough tone of the woman asking the question and the calm, concise answer Mr Ekeroth returned.

  6. This should send them home!

    Scientist predicts earth is heading for another Ice Age | Tech …
    http://www.express.co.uk › Life & Style › Tech
    29 Mar 2013 – Scientist predicts earth is heading for another Ice Age … could be the prelude to a new Ice Age that will begin next year and last for 200 years.

    • Well, if they’re returning to a currently warm environment, maybe those new-age Vikings will accompany them. The men, anyway.

      Swedish women claim they don’t need men, so the coming Ice Age will separate the girls from the grown-ups.

  7. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a few Congressmen in the USA who were as eloquent, well-informed and straight-talking as this young Swedish MP?

    As benox says above, Ekeroth’s measured response to the questioner was a thing of beauty. What a contrast: Ekeroth gives a clear, substantial, sensible reply to a question that was comprised of PC clichés. Supporters of Multiculturalism hardly ever express anything except false clichés. And yet so many politicians are terrified of saying anything that might appear to question the validity of PC and MC dogma.

    • We do indeed have eloquent, well-informed and straight-talking office holders in this country. But if you depend on the MSM to broadcast their speeches, you’ll never hear them.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if we had people who understand that the eloquent, etc., are often driven from office due to the RNC withholding campaign funds?

      Here’s one of my favorite take-downs of the Senate by a libertarian senator:


      • Agreed, Dymphna, that we do have some good Congressmen. I was exaggerating a bit. But we don’t yet have a “critical mass” of politicians who speak frankly and intelligently, and who are willing to act decisively against PC and Multiculturalism. We desperately need that critical mass. Maybe with the positive results of the last election we will see more movement in that direction. The Tea Party was also a great start, but there is a long ways to go. The GOP is still run by political hacks who bow to the media, and the Democrats are pretty much beyond redemption. And with the interest-group politics that are still being successfully pushed by the Left, time is quickly running out.

        And yes, one of the major political problems in this country is media bias. It is often hard to get our message out beyond preaching to a small choir on the Internet. I don’t know what will be needed to get more Americans to wake up. Maybe ISIS suicide-bombers in shopping malls, or massive Ferguson-style riots that are glorified again by the mainstream media, or another economic Great Depression? Hopefully those won’t happen, but for a long time now we’ve had too many Americans who are satisfied as long as they can view their NFL games and their porn, and follow the Kardashians. And so many politicians and pundits, including several “conservative” ones, live in gated-community-private-school bubbles. The awfulness of Obama seems to have shaken some of the complacent ones, but I think that many of those people who do feel unease have no clue about where the dangers are coming from, which is basically the New Left in action.

        And–sorry for my continuing rant, but I think its all closely related–for a long time now, a disastrous mistake of “conservative” politicians and pundits has been to surrender in the “Culture Wars.” They thought that PC only consisted of some wacky professors in ivory towers who we could safely ignore. Supposedly, as long as we got tax cuts and free trade, and as long as parents pushed their kids into STEM fields, then everything would be just fine. This attitude is quite prevalent amongst libertarians. Well, the way that has actually worked out is the New Left just continues to get more entrenched throughout our culture.

  8. Here in America we always hear about “white racism” but for some reason it doesn’t seem to have affected the Asians. It seems for the most part, people of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and others have been very successful. But then, again for the most part, they have intact families and believe in education. And they don’t say to each other “you’re acting white” when they do achieve highly in school.

  9. Mr. Ekeroth criticizes the political establishment for having created the disaster of mass immigration of different races into Sweden. The Social Democrat’s response is to ask what Swedish Democrats are going to do to deal with the problem of racism that comes from mixing different races in a previously mono-racial culture.

    Or to state it even more simply, the speaker wants to stop immigration. The Social Democrat wants Swedes to adapt to the disaster that has resulted from immigration.

  10. A very good and sharp pleading by Kent Ekeroth – he is so rude and uneducated, so he can allow himself to confront his not physically present opponents with the worst of the worst – the very truth!
    However, about melanin and IQ he is prevented from being sincere – that would probably have resulted in 1/2 to one year in jail.

    se also:
    http://youtu.be/wOffPkCHElA — more naked truths
    resulting in

  11. I am so impressed with this young man! The critical mass will follow shortly. This is certain. So many are closet anti-immigrationists, the truth will emerge swiftly and the downfall of the elite of the EU with their agenda to wipe out the christian europeans is on its way. This is certain.

    • Thank you for your encouraging comments Lea. I might get a bit too pessimistic at times. I think you’re right that there are still a lot of quiet, sensible people in Europe and America who know that this PC/MC, anti-western agenda is bad. I think that many want to do something about it, but don’t know what to do. And for a long time they’ve been bullied into staying quiet. But some just punishment might be coming soon for the bullies. Let’s hope and pray that it will.

  12. Great speech. My only quibble is that while it is undoubtedly true that Sweden has been able to make notable social progress based on her traditional ethnic homogeneity and family-like composition, it is not necessarily the case that ethnic heterogeneity would destroy that progress as long as the added ethnic groups accepted the same moral standards as native Swedes. That is obviously not the case when it comes to Islamic supremacism and its associated hatreds and warped ethos. I just wish that distinction could have made clearer.
    I liked how Ekeroth pointed out that hatred of Swedes was a problem with Islamic immigrants and that there were no special programs to combat that. It’s a leftist conceit that only Westerners can be bigots.

  13. It must have been a trip to walk the Gestapo and SS free streets of Paris or Oslo or Prague or Warsaw or Calais and other places again – in 1946. Europe doesn’t stay dominatd too long.

  14. http://swedenreport.org/

    Sweden is often used as an example that a heavy dose of socialism can indeed be combined with a capitalist market. The result, it is said, is a wealthy society with personal freedom, rock-solid democracy and extensive safety nets for those who become sick, unemployed, or otherwise down on their luck.

    As an American citizen currently living in Sweden, I find that the simplistic view outlined above is rather outdated.

    The purpose of this blog is to highlight some of the news stories that don’t show up under the International News-section of your newspaper, yet might be of interest for your investment decisions, understanding of politics in the Nordic region, or perhaps just your vacation plans.

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    I am not affiliated with any political party in either country. I hold a B.S. in Finance and an A.S. in Accounting from Excelsior College, New York.

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