What Multi-Culti Isn’t

Many thanks to JLH for translating this brief essay from Politically Incorrect about Modern Multicultural Germany:

What Multi-Culti Isn’t

by Alpha Centauri

It is no secret that European and German journalists would like to make the country more “colorful.” The concept of (the German word) “bunt“ is generally associated with something positive, brightly colored and desirable. The concept unites positive aspects and automatically negates uniformity, forced conformity, sadness, death and terror — all negative aspects which have nothing in common with the concepts “bunt“ and “multikulti.”

For, you see: What our “people’s representatives,” “investigative journalists” and “associations” — more exactly our collaborators, traitors to people and country — would like to establish is not what is “colorful” but is black as death, red as flowing blood and green as the standard of the Prophet who according to today’s international law would be a mass murderer and war criminal, and no doubt was, in his own time.

They don’t want to establish a varied/colorful republic which would positively influence the country and Europe, but rather a republic that is red, black and green and brings oppression, death and ruin into human lives. If you think analytically about many political decisions and themes in everyday life, there can be no other interpretation for what they propose.

It is the same with the idea “multi-cultural.” “Multi-culti” is supposed to inspire positive associations, that people from other cultures are an enrichment for a country and a society. But is that true? Why are no distinctions made? Why are various cultures thrown into one pot, even if they don’t want to be? Why is a Turkish woman (Aydan Özoguz) the official in charge of immigration, refugees and integration? Does she represent, for instance, Greeks, Italians, Chinese, Japanese, Spaniards, Croats, Bosnians, Serbs, Slovenes, Russians, Chechens, Poles, Portuguese, French, English, Dutch, Danes, etc.? Do these people feel represented by her? Why is a Muslim in this position? Why not someone from one of the other ethnic groups?

No, Mrs. Özoguz exclusively represents her fosterlings, her Muslim co-religionists — i.e., those who are neither varied and colorful nor multicultural, and are willing to integrate little or not at all.

Her fosterlings from the East are living symbols of what is proclaimed to be “colorful” and “multi-culti.” But these cultures are no enrichment for Germany, unlike other peoples who live in Germany and Europe and really represent a positive diversity — who share the same or similar values and respect the country, and are not involved in fighting at every level of society.

Politically, “colorful” and “multi-culti” stand for oppression, destruction, moral decay, perverted values and reversion to an archaic time in which violence and might-makes-right shaped political and social life.

Anyone who clearly understands the situation rejects this form of “colorful diversity.” Anyone who seriously advocates for “colorful” and “multi-culti” in its Islamic iteration, is not only a traitor to people and country, but is mentally ill and a danger to peace in Europe.

The peoples of Europe may thank Muslims and their devoted, compliant followers in politics, the economy and the media for the fact that unrest has arrived here. If it is not stopped, Europe is facing either its destruction or a bloody civil war. Both are scenarios which no one wants.

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  1. The ruling class of the West is at war with decency, history, logic, truth, custom, tradition, economics, law, religion, science, and human nature.

    Are intellectuals more easily enamored of single ideas and do such single ideas suffuse their thinking and necessarily exclude contradictory ones?

    When a cat crosses the road it commits and runs without a sideways glance. Can a healthy curiosity that entails great focus come to exert an unhealthy control and blot out unpleasant data. I’ve seen a scientific paper where an extrapolation from experimental data points clearly had some body English on it.

    The director of the Smithsonian Institute falsely rendered an image of a creature from the Burgess shale because a certain line “had” to be there.

    In less rigorous disciplines, the latitude for slack thinking is greater. And as one drifts further and further from the dock, one is drawn more and more to reinforcing communities.

    Solzhenitsyn thought that only the “pitiless crowbar of events” would wake up Western elites. Evil is an attractive alternate theory but that theory is not a fit when deluded people are often decent people who do not consciously want civil war.

    That said, I think educated people in our time can believe the most fantastical nonsense that contradicts the iron laws of arithmetic if nothing else. Alas, the most vicious lies can be used to defend against intrusive reality. As we drift as a culture further from reality, the lies become yet more vicious.

    • Col. Bunny,
      You have listed clearly all incurable diseases of the western so-called democracies. How happy I feel when I seen my own ideas based on reality check list by another country-loyal person like:

      “The ruling class of the West is at war with decency, history, logic, truth, custom, tradition, economics, law, religion, science, and human nature.”
      Then immediately I feel a fit of sadness when I remember that our Traitor Class should carry a head filled with such type of logical thinking.
      I remember when I came across the following video:


      I remember everyone including the PM of Aussie, the decent teenager’s mothers, the stones whether “they had a Jew behind them or not” and all creatures of Aussie and even Tasmanian Devil diatribed the priest as if he had committed a deadly sin, for asking the brilliant, the unerring “teenagers” not to skate and damage the churchyard.
      Can the teenagers do that to a mosque? Could their perfect moms even open their mouth and whisper a word against the mosque and the very reverend Imam?
      NO THEY WOULDN’T DARE. From that video you will conclude that the west has no conception of what respect is unless it is expressed towards muslims.

      Lutherans, Catholics, protestants, Presby. . . etc. cannot tolerate each other even after all of them have lost their respective faith up to 98%.

      But all of them have great tolerance and respect to Muslims.

      When I saw the video and saw and heard the reactions of “the civilized” world towards the “uncivilized” priest, I felt that the west is DOOMED to perdition by the the hands of – – – – – guess it.

    • Some conservative once quipped that he’d rather be ruled by a cohort of people randomly selected from the Boston telephone book than by the editorial committee of the Harvard Law Review. A seemingly ludicrous proposition. Until you think it through.

      On one hand you have a group of Harvard Law students, (already a subset of Western humanity with a lot of personal baggage) who have self-selected themselves for a journalistic role where they get to be prominent and self-important. And steer the visible ideological current of their law school. That is preening, privileged (by family upbringing or by getting a pass into an elite unit of an elite institution) attention-seeking poseurs. Who truly believe they are ordained for greatness and form part of an illustrious and special group. The egos and smugness of this cohort would be breathtaking.

      Now with the telephone book cohort, say 12 people, some of the people , maybe a bare majority, will not have had a tertiary education, a few may be utter idiots, some of merely average intelligence, a good proportion may be wise (or at least wise-ish) people with a depth of experience of life, almost all will have worked for a living in occupations varying from the lowest to the highest.

      Any way you cut it, you are likely to get a substantial bloc of reasonably sensible people with decent values from this telephone book cohort of 12.

      The odds that you would get a similar reasonable decent bloc from the editorial committee of the Harvard Law Review are remote in the extreme.

      And it is from this conclusion that we can appreciate that “intellectuals” make poor leaders and poor opinion-shapers.

      A lesson can also be drawn from the presidency of Harry Truman. He was near universally disparaged and disdained by the East Coast establishment and “intellectuals” in particular as a Missouri bumpkin – a haberdasher for heaven’s sake (he’d actually done a lot of things for a living, but this was focussed on for maximum mockery) – who’d never attended college. Yet he proved to be a very good, if not excellent, POTUS whose reputation and record just keep gaining stature as the decades pass.

  2. About Mrs Ozoguz, the German refugee comissioner (from wikipedia):

    “Her brothers Yavuz Özoğuz and Gürhan Özoğuz, both staunch and avowed admirers of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hizballah, run the Islamist internet site Muslim-Markt.[8]”

    Naturally, their sister “distanced herself” from them (what was she meant to do, eh?). Yet seems like there were no repercussions from their side about her marrying an infidel – and she was also good enough to be on the board of a German Muslim council!!

    So, either her husband, also in the SPD, converted – or she must be doing lots of “good work”, to compensate for her unislamic deeds…

    Btw, is anyone more familiar with what her position as a refugee commissioner involves? Does she have any say in the number of reguees admitted into Germany, or which areas they’re housed in, etc??

    • Update: on the wikipedia page oof the husband of Mrs Ozoguz (Michael Neumann), it’s clearly stated:

      “Neumann ist römisch-katholisch.”

      And later, there is criticism from his fellow SPD party members. Translation: “Neumann’s anti-refugee policy could be from the CDU…”

      So, is he married to someone holding the opposite viewpoint on this key question? Or did Mrs Ozoguz get her place on the refugee council in spite of her own “anti-refugee” viewpoints, and in spite of being married to an infidel? this is all a bit confusing…

    • Further update:


      Here, Mrs Ozoguz explains that she identifies as a Muslim, thinks Turks contribute to the wonderful German diversity, and that headscarves women are OK, because they feel themselves to be German. All this, while married to someone identifying as an infidel, and practicing “anti-refugee politics”… so, is this a new Hirsi-Ali? Or more like a German Huma Abedin?

    • Khrushchev’s “When it comes time for us to hang you, your capitalists will sell us the rope.” That didn’t quite work out for the Soviet. However the caliphate is not blind to the opportunities on offer and may have better luck by partnering up with the Erdoganian Muslims and their western holiday makers.

  3. In the early days of counterjihad, perhaps 2002-3, there was an excellent article by someone somewhere linking the Red communists with the Black anarchists and the Green of Islam… I cannot find the link now… But this topic deserves deeper analysis… These are the enemies, arrayed together through a shared desire to destroy.

  4. “If it is not stopped, Europe is facing either its destruction or a bloody civil war. Both are scenarios which no one wants.”

    Actually, the Muslims want war so they can become supreme, and the control-freak political Left want war so they can sow conditions for their ‘Revolution’ overthrowing Free Society and replacing it with a dictatorship ruled by them.

    The reason Europe is facing this danger is because the “Red-Green Alliance” is DELIBERATELY pushing it this way. Hence, the last two sentences are written from the perspective of normal people, but not from the dangerous sociopaths in the Left and Islam.

  5. Islamic countries are not multicultural and no one expects them to be.

    Funny how it only works one way.

    To undermine those ‘broadminded’ and ‘liberal’enough to play along with this fatuous ‘progressive’ folly.

    Called suckers in the common parlance.

  6. Keep up this excellent website. Truth is being suppressed in Europe, where I am right now but many people are waking up. Even two priests I know here are talking openly about the coming persecution. Sadly, here in Malta, it has all been seen before. But, now we do not have the leaders, like Valletta.

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