We Will NOT Comply! #1

Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars is in the Belly of the Beast. He issued the following press release today from Hartford, Connecticut.

Smuggler & Advocate of Armed Civil Disobedience in Connecticut for a “Behind Enemy Lines” Tour.

Mike Vanderboegh, Second amendment activist, arms smuggler and citizen journalist who helped break the story of the Fast & Furious scandal on the Internet (See Stonewalled by Sharyl Attkisson, Chapter 2), is in Connecticut Friday, 14 November and Saturday 15 November for a “Behind Enemy Lines” tour of the most dangerous battlefield in the struggle to maintain the constitutional rights of American firearm owners.

Since the firearm and magazine registration act went into effect on 1 January 2014, state authorities have elected not to enforce the law when faced with a non-compliance rate as high as 85%. since then, Connecticut firearm owners who refuse to obey a law that they believe is tyrannical and unconstitutional have been waiting for the other jackboot to drop.

It hasn’t dropped because Governor Dannel Malloy very cynically wanted a second term. Now that he has it, the raids that his “Gun Czar” Mike Lawlor promised Ron Pinciaro and other firearm confiscationists can begin.

Mr. Vanderboegh is here to show solidarity with the Connecticut resistance and to urge them to stand fast in their promise of “We Will NOT Comply!” Armed civil disobedience, Mr. Vanderboegh believes, is the only course left open by the Governor’s insistence upon enforcing a law that the Supreme Court has not yet ruled as constitutional.

This afternoon and evening, Mr. Vanderboegh will be in the West Hartford area and tomorrow he will visit the Ye Connecticut Gun Guild’s fall gun show in Middletown.

See last weekend’s post for more about what is happening in Connecticut.

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  1. Mr. Vandenboegh is an American Patriot who is also a fine speech writer and presenter. His awareness of the current ‘tricky’ situation in both Connecticut and New York state is compelling to those with an open mind while his taunting through logic and common sense of the would be totalitarians in office, and in both states, is commendable. There can be no doubt that he realizes, that like the Bundy’s whom he actively supported when the [odious material] was about to hit, he now has a target on his back put there by those who for reasons best known to themselves can’t leave the second amendment and those who openly support it, and their inalienable rights, alone.

  2. The Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Conn. could have been prevented in one of two ways: Either Adam Lanza couldn’t get hold of a gun, or someone inside the school had a gun and got the drop on him. The first possibility is the best because it would have avoided he necessity of a shoot out.
    The problem with general gun ownership is that it forces every citizen to play Russian Roulette with gun owners, entrusting their safety to the presumed sanity and restraint of the armed. Feh!

    • I’m not sure there were only TWO choices here – i.e., that the massacre at Sandy Hook could only have been prevented by (1) denying Adam Lanza access to guns, or (2) having school admin armed. But if you are right, then I’ll go with your second choice because your first choice is unconstitutional.

      In this country, the number of guns held illegally by drug dealers, gang-bangers and other felons in the behavioral sinkholes of urban America is so large that this reality makes your #1 unthinkable. Until they can figure out a way to completely disarm the criminals, it would be cultural suicide to implement your idea.

      A better idea is to begin to figure out why so many middle class adolescent males in this country are going berserk. There has to be a better remedy than ex-post facto teddy bears and candles.

      Our young black felons and gang-bangers mostly kill one another. All the population there- gunners and innocent alike – live in a war zone and suffer from the kind of PTSD that the military sees (and all-too-often doesn’t treat).

      But the middle class boys who go to public places to randomly shoot large numbers of strangers are another story, and the etiology of their behavior is harder to understand.

      Here’s a thought:

      what if the huge amounts of estrogen being taken by women from twelve to fifty are responsible for the phenomenon of these berserkers? Before the concerted push by pharmaceutical companies, how common was the incidence of these boy shooters?
      For sure, clean municipal drinking water is more problematic now.
      Is this due at all to the excretions of people on SSRIs, birth control pills, antibiotics (over-subscribed to sick people and given to animals preventively- animals people will eat after slaughter)? The water in sewage plants is treated, but is it done sufficiently to clean out the pharmaceutical sludge?
      IOW, are people in urban and suburban areas taking in endocrine disruptors in minute amounts with their cooking, drinking, and bathing?
      Do people ever get their water at home tested?

      Your “solution” is not prevention, it is merely suppression. Suppression of any legal activity has never worked. Taking away the average person’s weapons infantilizes him or her. When you add to that insult the injury of an indifferent police system – as in the UK – you have the makings of a soviet.

      We need to get rid of those murderously pompous “gun-free zones”. They are invitations to the unstable Adam Lanzas to come on in and have at it. In Miami, they now bring in armed police to monitor the halls whenever the high schools are open. A better solution, and a less expensive one, would be to train ALL school admin in weapons use. That’s what adults would do, given that they can’t evict the killers from their schools.

      • Maybe it’s possible to check and compare the sources of the water supplies in ares where such crimes have occurred?

      • A nice thought.
        The amount of estrogen flushed into the baltic sea has altered the fish in there. They tend to grow more female, damaging reproduction, diminishing the amount of fish. It would not be a long shot to move the idea to land, since hormones take only very small amounts to work.
        But.. umm.. estrogen isn’t reported to cause aggression. Testosteron, on the other hand, does that. But varying amounts of estrogen tend to make females crazy every month, for a few days, to a varying degree.. what would that kind of cocktail do in a man?
        An interesting thought.

        • “How many women with PMT does it take to change a light bulb?” -“Six.” “Why?” -“IT JUST DOES!!!!”

    • jewdog, I believe Dymphna has given you an excellent reply that should give you food for thought and largely counters your own seeming adversity to legal gun ownership – I say seeming because you put up a similar comment on a previous article concerning firearm ownership.

      You forget that firearms are first and foremost defensive weapons to be used by the citizenry in defensive situations on the home front that anyone valuing their own life and that of their loved ones and their property, have always had a ‘right’ to possess. It is criminals that utilize illegally obtained firearms in the commission of their crimes that you should be most concerned with. Mass shootings are a recent phenomena that have occurred in many Western lands – and in lands where guns have been freely available for centuries without the kind of mass murders being committed that now seem to have become common place. So what has occurred over the past few decades that would cause generally, with rare exceptions, young white boys and men to become motivated to do such things?

      And as I tried to make apparent in that recent post concerning firearm ownership, no one is seriously investigating the root causes for why these events occur – and that should be ringing alarm bells everywhere.

      Could you honestly trust your own government to the extent that you would hand over the only effective means for your own self -defence?

      • Yes, this man never stops… Meanwhile, here in Canada we have a similar type personnage, one by the name of Dr.Charach. The “Dr.” part of his name is there because he is a pyschiatrist. Obviously a highly obsessed psychiatrist. He too can’t see that bad guys will not give up their weapons just because the law tells them it’s naughty own them. Doesn’t take much intelligence to understand such an idea, unless of course, you seriously believe that there’s goodness and understanding in even the worst thug no matter how much his (or her) actions to date mitigate against this. But that seems to be what those professing the highest morality (aka, liberals) seem to believe.

        As for not being able to protect oneself in the most befitting manner in the US, as a Canadian who visits the US often and for longish periods of time, I cannot legally possess, let alone buy, a firearm even though I am a fully licensed Canadian firearms owner (which means among other things, that I have been thoroughly checked out by our RCMP). Now I can, with the appropriate application paperwork, bring in a rifle or shotgun if my intention is to hunt… animals that is…

        In the UK, they have disarmed the population to the point where most knives have been banned as being “offensive weapons”. Let me echo what I told “jewdog” the other day: There hasn’t been a weapon of any sort that is inherently offensive. That description applies only to people. That’s where the root of the problem lies, and since most people are not inclined to be pro-actively offensive, we ought to be taking a look at what make the “others” function “offensively”. The ingestion of Estrogen may be a good start for all of this.

    • Also, it should be remembered that all these massacres were/are a criminal act, and that there are already laws enacted which make them so.

      Compliance with the law is an obligation of citizenship, and an act of terrorism such as Sandy Hook brings into doubt the ‘citizenship’ of the perp.

      What we have to ask ourselves is why does citizenship mean so little to this young man that he can defy his participation in his community in this way?

      The answer, I am sure lies in the cultural Marxism taught in schools and and all public media which seeks to undermine the Judeo-Christian identity and replace it with that of an academic ‘humanism’ with which many people just cannot relate. Hence we have a young man who ceases to identify with the norms (and laws) of his society.

      It is this which killed those children and teachers, the guns were just tools in the hands of a maniac.

      In Israel, our local terrorists have taken to using cars as murder weapons, are we therefore to ban cars? or kitchen knives, or roadsigns that can be made into rockets?

  3. Our founders kept reminding us that there is a price to pay for liberty. I think this means that occassionally people are going to die if we protect our liberty. What else could it mean? That we gain weight? That we build up a debt? That we get more caries in our teeth?

    Protecting our liberty means fending off encroachments from all sides, foreign and domestic, doesn’t it? Therefore sometimes people are going to die protecting our liberty from domestic attacks. You can stop these deaths if you would rather lose our liberty. It’s just a cost/benefite exercise.

  4. I am from India and also live there. Now India has one of the strictest gun control regimes in the world. A sad legacy of colonial rule which did its level best to keep the subject population unarmed and vulnerable to the military jackboot of the British empire. Over here you have to go through hell and high water to get a license for even a .22 handgun. You have to prove ‘a threat to life’ in order to get a license, and about 95% of the time the authorities find your proof to be inconclusive. Thus rejecting your application outright. Less than 2% of the adult Indian population have a licensed firearm regardless of contingencies.

    Now the fun part. India is simply awash with guns. As per a govt. report India is only 2nd to the USA in number of privately held firearms. It won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that 99% of these are illegal. Many of them are smuggled while a huge number is manufactured in shady little factories deep in the countryside or unsavoury areas of small towns. In many places, esp in the villages, electric lathes are powered by diesel generators for this purpose.

    This only goes to show that in unsafe times, when people need guns to protect themselves and their families, they will get them by any means. Denying them legal firearms will only lead to illegal trade and the concomitant huge problems of such trade. You ban legal guns – you open your country’s door to the gun mafia. Who will usually make a little mayhem apart from making a bit of money.

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