“We Are Writing History Here”

Below is a video Geert Wilders’ speech in Copenhagen yesterday.

After giving his speech, Mr. Wilders and the podium panel took questions from the audience. Other members of the panel included:

  • Kurt Westergaard, the Danish artist who created the famous “Turban Bomb” cartoon;
  • Robert Redeker, the French author who had to go into hiding after writing a negative article about Islam;
  • Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist whose drawings of the prophet as a roundabout dog brought him death threats and a firebombing attempt on his house;
  • Lars Hedegaard, the founder of the Danish Free Press Society who was intended victim of a failed assassination attempt last year; and
  • Daniel Pipes, the founder of the Middle East Forum.

The exchange between Dr. Pipes and Mr. Wilders concerning the possible emergence of a “moderate Islam” is particularly instructive:

The prepared text for Mr. Wilders’ remarks (from which he deviated slightly in his spoken words) may be read here.

9 thoughts on ““We Are Writing History Here”

  1. I am shocked to see that Daniel Pipes actually ignores the concept of abrogation in the Koran and believes that Islam might become more peaceful if more Muslims would just read it that way. He might as well be a closet Muslim practicing taqiyya.

    • If there is any reforming to be done it is in the non-muslim world – and soon if we are to survive. The Crusades got off the ground without the internet. Today anyone can find out very quickly who the muslims are, what they are up to and how to push back hard. The moderate parrott is dead. Our institutions are becoming overgrown with fifth column weeds.

  2. Further to the point you raise about Pipes, he uses the same selective quote about “no compulsion in religion” as any Islamic apologist uses, avoiding the entire context of the quote that it comes as a warning to the Jews not to interfere with Muslims and their beliefs.

    Pipes does touch on the act that WILL cause Islam to change, but still splits hairs and keeps for himself the theoretical, and thus his core belief, alive. He mentions the Nazis but avoids the Japanese.

    One day, after expelling all Muslims (quit with the fairytales of moderation), we [intemperate suggestion redacted]. The entire Muslim supremacist belief will be shattered and Islam will no longer have a claim to supremacy. Only then, will Islam “change” in the same way Shinto imperialism “changed.”

  3. ‘Moderate Muslims’ are actually unaware Muslims or they are Muslims who are losing their faith.

    No one (who isn’t a psychopath or a hardened criminal) can admire the Mohammed we read about in the Sira and hadiths. ‘Moderate Muslims’ make so many excuses for Mohammed and the evils he inspired in Islamic history that they are obviously no longer even Muslims. They are totally confused and living a pretense every day.

    • An example of your point: Several years ago, I found myself in a gathering of Muslims and one other infidel (long story, but there I was). A young Muslim man was getting married soon, and everyone else was invited to offer advice. One person eagerly suggested that he follow the example of the “Prophet” and things would be fine; there was nodding around the room in the spirit of “Oh yes, that’s the best possible advice!”

      I wondered: How much do they really know about that example? Do they mean multiple wives? Child brides? Etc.?

  4. I wonder how many pundits and quislings opined that there were many moderate nazis and that fascism can be benign?

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