5 thoughts on “The ECUSA Joins the Ummah

  1. That doesn’t look like a typical house of prayer built by Muzloids… I wonder which religion was worshipped there previously??

  2. Liberal lunacy. We could easily have stopped the Nazis with love and other acaccommodations?Whats the point? Time to change the status mo.

  3. That church, despite its yearning for all religions to get along, will be one of
    the first destroyed by the future Caliphate, after the black flag of Islam is
    raised over the White House. No good deed goes unpunished.

  4. I can only imagine the nigthmare of being mauled by a muslim and pastor gang in my church. Where was that ‘love n peacemaker’ reptile priest’s loving compassionate heart? God how those Islamists looking on must have gloated. That poor lady is part of his congregation and needed to be approached, understood and comforted. Instead the lousy priest joined the savage in hand and hoofing her out. Reeducation on the history and goals of Islam is needed but I fear it is too late.

  5. Islam is a cancer within the human mind of a psychopathic, delusional people and needs to be burned out of the human record!

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