Teaching the Islamic Faith in a Public School

Here’s another news report about parents who became alarmed when a public school began teaching their child the Islamic religion, rather than just the history of Islam. The school refused to change its policy, and the parents yanked their child from the course:

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16 thoughts on “Teaching the Islamic Faith in a Public School

  1. Here are a few course questions that are not likely included in this curriculum:

    1) How many Jews did Mohammad the founder of Islam personally behead?

    2) According to Islam is it okay to assassinate poets who make fun of your “prophet” with satirical verses?

    3) Infidels [non-Muslims] are considered by Muslims to be as “unclean” as:
    A) feces; b) urine; c) dogs D) all of the above

    -etc., etc., etc.

    Islamic apologist have cornered the global market on whitewash.

    Invest in it now.

  2. A non muslim population educated on muslim propaganda and outright lies specifically designed to confuse and mislead is a seriously exposed population. To allow this to be perpetuated on vulnerable children has a dept of malice and ignorance that has echoes of North Korea. With strategies like this we can consider whatever game is being played – lost. Know where your offspring are after school. This has the feel of phase one of a very radical agenda.

  3. Why is it wrong to teach the content of a subject — such as the theory of phlogiston — rather than just preach that “it’s wrong”? Every student of Islam should be able to define the terms “shahada, salat, zakat, sawm, hajj”, which are taught in this course Islam #1. This like learning the meaning of the terms “ngram, Thetans, Xenu” in their Scientology #1 class. Later, in their Islam #2 class, they will learn more-advanced terms such as “rajm, Quran 9:29, milk al-yamin, thighing, taqqiya”. It’s all part of a substantive, well-rounded education.
    — Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY, under 57 inches of snow)

    • Well apart from the fact that the subject of Islam being taught in public schools is unconstitutional – you do realize that don’t you? Those terms you suggest should be taught can just as easily be picked up from anyone who has a working knowledge of Islam – knowledge that would come without the indoctrination into the dogma.

      • I forgot to add – temps hitting 100 F + today and for the next five days along with all the boom crash opera background that generally accompanies that kind of weather. So while you’re shovelling that snow I’ll be sitting back enjoying the air-con but on the alert for ever present danger of bush fires.

    • It’s wrong because an inherently dangerous, seditious, evil and unjust ideology should never be taught & couched in neutral (leaning to favorable) terms. All we have to do is substitute Nazism for Islam in the equation, and it becomes clear. No decent person would support public schools teaching (about) Nazism in neutral terms that imply respect. Then we add to this the knowledge that Islam is far worse, and infinitely more dangerous, than Nazism.

    • It’s wrong when no other religion is taught in the same way, and when Islam is presented in a more favorable light than any other religion. It’s wrong when students do not learn that the heart and soul of Islam is the command to subjugate the whole world by force and fraud.

      • Hello Nemesis, Hesperado, and Radegunda,
        There is nothing wrong with teaching a faith in a school. Is there some confusion about what “teaching the faith” means? It means teaching the content of the faith, not teaching that the content is true. Should children reach adulthood without knowing what various religions teach, and what terms like Incarnation, taqiyya, and Dianetics mean? As far as I can tell from this cursory TV report, this course Islam #1 conveys the same information that is conveyed by, say,
        — Mark Spahn (digging out in West Seneca, NY)

        • Good point Mark! The problem as I see it though is this; religious instruction of any kind should never be permitted in state educational systems by government paid teachers who tend to exert political thinking into the subjects – as I hope you are fully aware of that problem today. Political interference must be forced out from the school curriculum and curriculums not be subject to government agendas that make religious instruction of any faith, compulsory.

          Religious instruction should be an elective subject, but more preferably, taken by individuals away from the school system.

          The American and Australian Constitutions ban government from legislating for any religion – yet it occurs regularly to the point that the contravening of the Constitution is now quite open and blatant in presentation.

          This needs to be short circuited and stopped.

  4. Parents are trying to get this issue on the School Board agenda for their next meeting on December 10. Members of the public who want to learn more or who want to get involved in the protest against this violation of the First Amendment should contact CounterJihadCoalition@gmail.com for more information. A more complete statement of the perils of teaching Islamic dogma without putting it into context can be read at: http://annaqed.com/en/islam-under-the-microscope/teaching-islam-without-warning-labels

    • The article by Annaqed linked above is good, but has one error: a Muslim did not assassinate Bobby Kennedy in 1968 — it was a Dhimmi Christian, Sirhan Sirhan, whose heart and mind had become deformed by Islam (hence, his dhimmitude). He shot Bobby Kennedy because in his Islam-diseased mind he was “defending ‘Palestinians’ ” (Kennedy was staunchly pro-Israel and on his way to becoming President).

  5. You know if a school were to teach the Christian religion instead of Christian history, every liberal and secularist across the country would blow a artery and then sue the school into oblivion.

    But since it’s Islam(the only politically correct and acceptable religion to follow according to white liberals), the mandarins running the school proceeded to teach it. It’s not the first time either, I remember cases going back almost a decade.

    All concerned parents can do is pull their kids out, since the schools won’t change short of a barrage of lawsuits against them. Which most concerned parents can’t bring due to costs and time. And the ACLU won’t lift a finger because Islam is involved.

  6. Wheres the ACLU and the FFRF and the rest of those [self-abusers] who object to prayer in schools?

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