Mumbai on the Thames

Today is the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the terrorist attacks that paralyzed Mumbai for three days and killed more than 160 people. So it’s interesting to see the following report pop up in The Daily Mail:

Police are taking to railway stations to tell passengers what to do in the event of a Mumbai-style terrorist attack at one of Britain’s busy terminals.

After government warnings that the threat to Britain from Islamist fanatics is ‘greater than ever’, officers handed out leaflets telling the public to ‘run, hide and tell’ if they are caught up in an attack.

How can this be? After all, Prime Minister David Cameron reassured the British public just a few weeks ago that

Islam is a religion observed peacefully and devoutly by over 1 billion people. It is a source of spiritual guidance which daily inspires millions to countless acts of kindness.

We know Mr. Cameron is an acknowledged expert on the Islamic faith. So Britons have nothing to fear from “terrorism”.

Hat tip: Nick.

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  1. So when the bombs start going off regularly in England, me thinks that tourism will take a big hit. I’m glad I visited there in 1976 before the political class decided that England had to commit suicide in the interest of “multi-culturalism.”

  2. Protocol of Cowardice (PC): “Run, Hide and Tell”

    The most pathetic/ironic aspect of this is that the person to whom you “tell” will respond
    by obeying the same PC protocol: they, too, will Run, Hide and Tell. Eventually, in this “Tell-ephone” game, the warning will reach some gutless Gorgon-masked politician who will assure all that no danger or enemy is present and perpetual multicultural and universal peace is imminent–if only we’d abandon our prejudices and fears.

    • If only-unfortunately most appear blind to the creeping cancer of evil that is invading Western Europe. Slow but determined pressure will gradually enslave all to the mercy of a despotic, political, ideology.

  3. There is no doubt in my mind that our Traitor Class intend us to become an Islamic country. I first learned of this in 1996. How? A current politician, then a Postgrad srudent like myself at UCL brazenly told me when drunk in the Student Bar. We had been accosted by a group of Moslems handing out leaflets outside the college. They had been banned from the campus and we all know why.

    My colleague commented “In 20 years that lot will control England because they have gen on the people in power!” “Gen” means information. So to use a Yankee phrase
    “Go figure!”

    • Free Scotland and then pass it over to muslimkas.
      Free Quebec then offer it to muslimkas on a silver plate.

      • Free Scotland – Not Scottish passports but British passports served up on gold plates to the exotic commonwealth cousins.

      • Arriving at London Heathrow from West Berlin in the early nineteen eighties, at passport control mistakenly stood in the non-British passport holders queue as the British passport holders queue was confusingly and overwhelmingly culturally enriched.

  4. It looks like a very successfull case of actually brainwashing an entire society. I visited London for the first time since the 70s and it seemed like thrre were just caricatures all round. Stiff as board’s. The lip has spread to the entire body. Very racy talk and behavior from some Muslims was disconcerting. The cops really are not your friend. Looks like there is and will be a huge need for pc cult deprogrsmmers from now on if we are not all to go completely insane – I imagine.

  5. A couple of week or so I emailed my Conservative MP: “What is the current estimate of the per annum number of immigrants entering the country and what proportion of that number are Muslim?”

    He replied: “Thank you for your email and my apologies for the delay in responding.
    My understanding is that we do not monitor the religion of those entering the country. I sincerely hope this is the case. Other countries have thought it important to monitor religion, most notably Nazi Germany in the 1930s.”

    I responded: “If I’d been asked to anticipate the substance of your reply I’d have come up with something similar to the multicultural dogma you offered; get your head out of the sand you disgrace to British manhood. What an utterly gutless creature you are; a pathetic time-server like the rest of the traitors in the House of Commons. Precisely what is it you Conservatives are supposed to be conserving? You’re as nauseatingly PC as the Libs and Labs – little wonder you’re hemorraging votes to UKIP.

    We have Islamic inspired violence on our streets, Muslim Patrols to enforce Sharia Law in East London, huge numbers of under aged English girls groomed for sex by Pakistani Muslims, Islamic no-go areas in most cities in the land, the schools trojan-horse scandal, and yet you have the damned temerity to start talking about the Nazis in response to my perfectly reasonable query about Muslim immigrants. People like you are worse than the Nazis – at least they put their own people first, you don’t even recognise that you have an ‘own people’. You sick [offspring of unwed parents].

    It really is time to drag you and your ilk from your ivory tower and [engage in intemperately-worded retributive action].”

    His response: “Thank you for your email. It’s difficult to gauge whether you’re just unpleasant or unpleasant and mentally imbalanced.”

    I replied: “Of course – I must be ‘unhinged’! Isn’t that what the commie dictators in the USSR said about their dissidents? I suppose it saved them from having to explain themselves – as you employ it to avoid having to explain yourself.

    You overstep the mark. You serve me, I don’t serve you. When I ask you for an explanation of your/the Conservatives’ decision making processes, it is your responsibility to provide me with a resoned and logical argument that justifies what has been done and why. I don’t expect to be patronised with statements that are designed to obfuscate rather than communicate or brushed off with juvenile references to Nazism. Grow up for [expletive]’s sake.

    In our exchanges you’ve shown yourself to be a moral and intellectual coward. And seeing you at the head of this year’s Remembrance Day Parade made me want to puke. You hypocrite.

    My 90 years old father served in France Holland and Germany during the latter months of WWII. His opinion on the Britain that people like you have created: It could not possibly be worse in Britain than it is now had Germany won the War.

    How are you going to dismiss him? Maybe you could call him a Nazi.

    Day after day it’s terrorism, genital mutilation, forced marriages, honour killings, the burkah, the Islamic State, beheadings, no go areas, Sharia law, mosques, Muslim schools, paedophile rape gangs, and every day I am reminded of your head in the clouds, idiotic, cowardly, patronising, self deluding, naive, dishonest, incorrect, contemptuous statement that, “Taking everything into consideration immigration has been beneficial to Britain.”

    You are a complete and utter disgrace.”

    His reply: “Thanks very much for your email. I still can’t decide.”

    • I do just lurrrve the way the PC-MC apologists always rest the moral underpinnings of whatever they are doing or not doing on the all-purpose bogeyman of Nazi Germany; a regime that was extinguished in 1945, ie 69 years ago.

      Setting aside those British citizens who lived during the period 1940-1990 and have passed away, maybe Britain would be in a relatively better way and the lives of British citizenry since 1990 would be better than it is now if a Nazi regime had been installed in 1940 and had endured to the present.

      I know one day somebody will cite the foregoing against me and call me pro-Nazi, but in any fair and honest examination of Britain could anybody contend that it would, now, be worse off under the descendant of a Nazi regime?

      • I don’t think ruminating about alternative outcomes to history’s turning points thereby make one a believer in what one describes. I have wondered sometimes what would have happened…I think it is almost certain Hitler would have been assassinated and the German people would have set about moving out of the nightmare.

        Would the Jews have been entirely exterminated? I don’t think so. For one thing, no matter what accommodation the U.S. leaders would have been required to make, it would have certainly forestalled the descent of the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. Or maybe Stalin, making his separate peace…?

        Does anyone know if this eventuality has been described in fictional accounts??

      • Well, I’d be much the poorer, Julius; minus three friends, two former girlfriends and a brother-in-law who are wholly or partly Jewish. That’s apart from the cultural and scientific benefits Jews- many of them refugees- have brought us all.

  6. I never tire of watching and lamenting the dark, dreary, bleak, red, fate of the west. The following video sheds a light of the course taken by the Traitor Class.

    This shows the disease of the Traitors and we can’t cure it, without using a scalpel.

    This shows a real conversation between a real, clever, conscientious, of high values Tareq Fatah, and a weasel, cowardly cad called senator, who works in a “democracy” as a role model.
    I can forgive those who put Galileo Galilei in a dark damp prison for telling a scientific truth, which he had just discovered, and was above everyone’s mental capacity of the time of un-enlightenment.

    Today every cowardly Traitor is a kangaroo Inquisition in his own right.

    After casting Christianity its hypocrisy, and all its ailments,
    After listening and doing to what all modern philosophers and psychologists have said and written,
    we find ourselves surrounded by stinky, cowards who, without shame tell lies and they want us to believe them.

    Today is the day of “enlightenment and a NEW Renaissance, which first started in the very advanced Scandinavian Cpuntries, especially, in Malmo. . .

    So in this bright age the senator has no excuse to show us what he is made of by emanating from his stinky head those stinky ideas.
    Who will help the west from perdition?

  7. Run, hide and tell? Really?

    Try that [odiferous material] in Texas or any other open or CC state.

    We will bury you.

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