More on Amnesia Day in Ontario

We reported on Tuesday about an Ontario school board’s decision to exempt students from Remembrance Day activities. At the time, a school board spokesman told SUN TV that students could be given the exemption for religious reasons. The memo circulated by the board included links to Islamic sites, but not to any for other religions.

After Ezra Levant exposed the memo, the issue gained national prominence in Canada and caused an uproar in the media. Then the school board changed its story. The rest of the media came down hard on Mr. Levant and SUN TV for their alleged mistakes, without looking into the discrepancy between the school board’s earlier, on-the-record statements and what it said later.

In this follow-up summary, Ezra Levant describes what happened next:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

5 thoughts on “More on Amnesia Day in Ontario

  1. I thought I recall from the first piece that the school board mentioned school-site assemblies as well, and implied that a student exemption would be likewise appropriate in that situation. I’m not buying safety concerns as the exclusive (or primary) basis for the policy–whatever the Superintendent says! Acquiescence to Moslems: that’s the zeitgeist among school boards and all other public institutions.

  2. What an obvious lie. The original statement about who was exempt and why is quite clearly the truth.

    To compound this offence by lying about it makes it even worse. And to use a tragedy as the cover for the lie is even more disgusting.

    That woman is shameless!

    I’m not sure what the exact religious objection to remembering the fallen may be, but in London we have another lie being told about why a civic leader refused to attend a remembrance service himself.

    There is an art installation, created out of poppies, on show at the historic Tower of London at the moment.

    It has drawn tens of thousands of visitors from around the world.

    But not so the Mayor of Tower Hamlets (surrounding areas) of the Tower of London itself.

    Whilst there was a significant remembrance day service at this installation the odious mayor and ‘Muslim nationalist’ Luftur Rahman was speaking at a Muslim event hundreds of miles out of town.

    Clearly this was a calculated insult – as everybody knows the date of the remembrance ceremony – and to deliberately miss it was a clear signal to his supporters in The Islamic Foundation of Europe aka the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Rather like the liars in Canada, a transparent story was invented to cover up the fact of his refusal to attend a remembrance service in the very borough where he is (sadly) the civic ‘leader’.

    For a more honest answer as to why Muslims would not wish to attend remembrance services, and why such services are unacceptable to the enemies in our midst, the British Communist organisation “Stop the War” has an interview with a Muslim Zealot girl explaining why she is the victim and would be happier paying tribute to be extremely brutal (and war mongering) Ottoman Empire.

    “My great, great grandfather was awarded an ‘order of merit’ … However, the fact that he was probably fighting on the Mesopotamian campaign against the Muslim Ottoman empire, doesn’t exactly fill me with ecstatic pride. It actually makes me a bit nauseous …”

    So there you have it. Nauseous.

    She would rather pay tribute to an Islamic Empire rather than soldiers from the country in which he lives, who died fighting against this brutality.

    Let us not forget it was only for the actions of the British in Sudan which ended a slave trade led by the Ottoman Empire which had continued for hundreds of years and enslaved almost 160,000,000 black Africans.

    So much for stopping the war! So much for anti-racism!

    At the moment there is a campaign to try and rest power from the hands of the Islamic State in the London borough of Tower Hamlets.

    What everybody has known for many years is that Rahman has been buying votes by passing out government money to his religious base in the area.

    Minarets have been painted, mosques updated.

    There was also widespread intimidation and ballot rigging to ensure he won his 2nd Mayorship.

    The basic story was that you wouldn’t be a good Muslim or you would be racist if you didn’t vote for him.

    Just this week a crowd of 500 Bangladeshi men were whipped into a frenzy by the leaders of Stop the War, the toad George Galloway and other assorted idiots from the left, at a public meeting to oppose the investigation in to his corrupt practices.

    Threats were made to find out where the government commissioners investigating this corruption live, and to organise mobs to stand outside their homes and intimidate them.

    True thuggish Bangladeshi/Pakistani political behaviour.

    Keep at these people, they are the enemy!

    We must never forget the freedoms our soldiers fought and died for.

    Down with the liars, down with the lies. Long live liberty.

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