Just Don’t Talk About Islam!

As reported here last month, Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, was sent back to prison for 28 days. The ostensible reason for renewing his incarceration was that he had reported via Twitter that there had been death threats against his family. Considering that his original prison sentence had been for “mortgage fraud”, jugging him again on the Twitter pretext to demonstrates the political nature of his prosecution and imprisonment.

Mr. Robinson believes that he was returned to prison to keep him for participating in a debate at the Oxford Union on October 24, at which he had been invited to speak. Now that he is out, he is preparing to take part in this month’s Oxford Union debate, despite the fact that he might be sent back to prison for doing so.

We just received this brief report from a source close to Tommy Robinson:

Tommy Robinson was released from prison (again) on Friday 14th November, and appeared in court on Monday 17th November.

After he was released, we re-arranged Tommy’s debate at the Oxford Union for the 26th November. Tommy was visited by the Probation Services and informed that if he attends this debate, he is not allowed to talk about Islam, Mohammed, or the Koran. If he does he will be recalled to prison.

Tommy is still determined to go and explain why he cannot debate certain subjects, and express his concerns that his freedom of speech is being silenced with the threat of prison when NONE of the above topics relate to his ‘mortgage fraud’. Tommy feels that this is the way they are going to handle things now to try and silence him.

Please help us make as many people as possible aware of the games that the government are playing in an attempt to keep him from speaking out.

I’m looking forward to next Wednesday — the debate at the Union may turn out to be an interesting event.

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  1. Infidels are glorious. Islam is the devil. Eat pork and teach dogs. The universe will thank you.

  2. England, the core of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, has many a blemish on its historical record, but it has bequeathed to the world, through itself and its progeny states, now known collectively as the “Anglosphere”, not merely the robust rule of law, but a rule of law that delivers as near an optimal human liberty that has ever existed on the planet. There was a reason Karl Marx elected to make London his home: so that he could write his revolutionary manifestoes/tracts unmolested by politically motivated persecution. It was the only place in the world where he was permitted, ie free, to do it.

    That England is no more.

    When a citizen of the UK is jailed for mortgage fraud and his release on parole is conditional upon him not speaking about JIM, that is a travesty of British justice of monumental historical significance. It would have been unthinkable, impossible, a mere 50 years ago. I am personally shocked that it has happened. This is not the same as the Home Secretary exercising her discretionary powers to ban Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from entering the UK or Geert Wilders from doing the same – note that the judicial system overturned the political ban on Geert Wilders.

    The injunctions upon Tommy Robinson are not tacit or implied, as used to be the case in awkward situations: they are explicit. The state is standing behind them open and unashamed. This is a development of huge significance to human liberty on this planet. A very bad one.

    • I agree with your comment. However, I believe that the ‘rot’ you speak of that is permitted to persecute the ordinary Brit for simply saying what he thinks is really confined to the more populous areas of Britain, such as London or Birmingham or Rotherham, where the Muslim figures in large numbers within the institutions, especially the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

      It is the through the CPS that imposes those conditions via the compromised court system.

      The hundreds of towns and villages that are not immediately influenced by large Muslim numbers are still ‘British’ in every sense of the word and the coming political upheaval in the 2015 general election reflects that ‘Britishness’ that is now beginning to fight back through the UKIP and other minor parties.

      If ‘Tommy’ has legal representation where is the protest at the conditions imposed which have nothing at all to do with his original ‘crime’? Is his lawyer a mute? I find it completely astounding that no-one in the media has even mentioned this state persecution of a true Briton that has implications for everyone who even thinks on speaking out on what they know is wrong.

      • It is indeed astounding. The British commentariat don’t seem to understand that the unlawful state persecution of Tommy Robinson sets a precedent; one that can and will be utilized to constrain them. One day. If they step out of line.

        For now they don’t care because TR is just a loathsome little prole with the wrong attitude towards Islam. They don’t seem to have taken Voltaire’s famous aphorism to heart. And, if they see the relevance of it at all, don’t draw the lesson from Pastor Martin Niemuller’s timeless: “First they came for the Jews, but I didn’t care because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Communists, but I didn’t care because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the…”

        Appropos the Crown Prosecution Service and Robinson’s legal defence, the former has behaved in lamentable “form”. As to the latter I simply find it incomprehensible.

  3. What Tommy needs is a ‘spokesperson. That SP can “speak” for Tommy. Such as by saying: ” well if Tommy could talk about this he’d probably say ‘……’ then look to Tommy as if to ask if he agrees.

    Tommy could just give suitably obvious concurrence by various methods or legally obscure responses.

    Plus there is allegory and obvious comparisons that can be made without directly saying “islam was started by an inbred pedophile”

  4. Tommy should attend the Union debate. When Islam is raised, he should simply say the British State has banned him from talking about Islam, Muhammed or the Koran. I imagine this might open a few eyes……

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