“It’s Not Peaceful”

There have been at least three news stories over the past few days about the compulsory teaching of Islam in public schools. The most egregious one was from the UK, where a school sent out a letter to parents threatening to put a permanent “racist” notation on their children’s record unless the students were allowed participate in a workshop on Islam — at parents’ own expense.

Then there were the parents in California who pulled their son from a school that was teaching him about Islam — not just the history of Islam, and not even just its practices, but the normative doctrines of Islam.

The third story concerns a father who was banned from the grounds of his daughter’s high school in Maryland after he vehemently protested the content on Islam contained in the curriculum for a course she was required to take.

The following video shows an excerpt from a local TV news report about the controversy at La Plata High School. It’s from one of CAIR’s YouTube channels, and, funnily enough, it doesn’t mention that the father was banned from school grounds. I don’t know whether the TV report failed to include that fact, or whether CAIR edited out that part of the report:

Below are excerpts from a news article about the same incident:

A father of a student at La Plata High School in Maryland was banned from school grounds last week when he took issue with a lesson on the history of Islam in his daughter’s World History class.

On Wednesday evening, Kevin Wood, a former corporal with the U.S. Marine Corps, saw his daughter, a junior at the school, working on a homework assignment that examined Islam. “It’s not a religion my husband believes in,” Kevin’s wife, Melissa, tells Yahoo Parenting. “My husband’s issues, and mine too, are that they’re teaching Islam, but they are not teaching the current events on Islam. They are making Islam sound like [its followers] are peaceful people.… He is not saying all Muslims are bad.”

Melissa says she and her husband asked the school to give their daughter an alternative assignment, but were told that she either do the assignment or receive grades of zero. “That didn’t sit well with my husband,” Melissa says. “He said, ‘I will bring down a sh*t storm on the school. I’m contacting the media, the newspaper, and contacting an attorney.’ He did not say he would come to the school and create a disruption.”

Shortly after that conversation, however, the school issued Kevin a no-trespass order.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

12 thoughts on ““It’s Not Peaceful”

  1. At least Americans are standing up to this cancer, unlike the Brits.

    You give the government your guns, you give the government your [manly reproductive apparatus].

    • Where have you been? Like the USA the UK has its silent majority who I imagine will at some point soon start organizing. The same muslim war is being waged gainst the infidel in America. The strategies are playing out in US schools like evrrywhere else. Schools and colleges are rife with ISIS muslims and the poor sods who are too ignorant of the real world to know wgat to do. Jesus the country voted for Obama in the war and allows muslims to continue to flood in like a tidal wave.

  2. “Education has always been the battlefield on which culture wars are fought, and if we are to avoid a future of cultural separatism in this country [world], it is imperative that we end the systematic indoctrination of teachers and students…..”

    “A disturbing feature of culturalism in education is that it breaks down the essential distinction between local knowledge, acquired at home, and disciplinary knowledge, acquired at school.

    Disciplinary knowledge is based on objective truth and universal principles. It broadens the mind by taking students beyond themselves and beyond their immediate environment.

    The culturalist approach of making ethnicity relevant to classroom learning undermines disciplinary knowledge and cuts students off from the international community.” though I fear the international community is going to the lowest common denominator too.

    This does pick up on the comment I made on Thucydides essay of “The Delights of Faithlessness, Part 1”

    Where a teacher trainee, the only one of his year, had issues with his educators, so get the full context the link is, even though it is a different topic, the principle is the same.

    I have over the years wondered why I did not agree or seemed to be so obtuse to others, but finally using computers, the education from many other blogs and finding kindred spirits, plus the thoughtful expressions and debates from GoV, 🙂 for me has lifted the fog, to be much more sure of myself and taking on and explaining to others, if only leaving them a “sound byte” to think on.
    Thank you, simpleton

    • Your last paragraph rings a loud bell within me and, I imagine, with many others who come here. I hope that, soon, people like us will achieve some kind of ‘critical mass’ providing us with a voice that will be heard all over the world: a voice that says “It’s OK to disagree them, It’s OK to think for yourself, and it’s OK to throw the rascals out.”

  3. I would not have a problem with schools teaching about Islam, if they also teach Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and whichever others I can’t remember off the top of my head.

    Either teach it ALL, or stop it entirely. Parents need to get involved in their children’s educations, sooner rather than later. In my day (long ago) religion was not touched in public schools, unless it related to history. Nuff said. This is ridiculous.

    They won’t stop, though. It seems to be their mission in life and I wish that people would just learn to leave each other alone, but that is a fond and unrealistic dream.

    • So you would be ok with exposing your (our) children to the okness of the majority of muslim okness with paedophelia, beating up and down anything female or non muslim, slavery, lying, false pride and ego mania, blood sacrifice demanding moon gods. To mention just a few objections to any kind of acceptance at any level. That all or nothing sounds like part of the problem.

  4. Just teach them how to use a damned apostrophe!

    The schools should NOT be delving into topics of religion or sexual proclivities. Teach them their multiplication tables, log division, grammar, sentence structure, and the like.

    School should be nuts-and-bolts, functional things, and then send them on their way.

  5. If it were taught as history, with the students allowed to come up with their own topics for their papers, like:

    “Mohammad and the Sex Slave Trade in the 7th Century”


    “The Uses of Koranically-Sanctioned Beheading in Islam- Symbolism, Terrorism and Phallocentrism””

    or similarly [usually-cheered-by-liberals/Progressives/academics] critical examinations of Islam and its founder, then the course might have some use.

    Otherwise it sounds like Abu Tom Sawyer and his bucket of “Submission” whitewash once again.

  6. UKIndependent: Child abuse inquiry: Yet another expensive, time consuming and cynical strategy, Yasmin Alibhai Brown, Sunday 2 November 2014
    It could take 20 years; panel members could get too old to remember, or die

    NYT: Torrent of Rapes in Britain, An uncomfortable focus on race and ethnicity

    Maggie’sNotebook: Common Core-The Qatar Connection: A Wahhabi State Skypes With Your Children – Connect All Schools August 24, 2013
    The acronyms for America’s New World Order education are mind-numbing – all the better to keep you from connecting who is connected to who/whom/which. First, I have found one source that connects Common Core Initiative Standards (CCIS) to “Connect All Schools,” and that is on the “Connect All Schools” website page titled One World Education (OWE). Second, our Department of Defense (DOD) has partnered with the Connect All Schools program. Connect All Schools is connected to Vartan Gregorian. Gregorian is connected to Barack Obama in numerous ways, including as a member of the White House Fellowship Commission. Gregorian was born in Tabriz, Iran to Armenian parents. He came to the U.S. in 1956 to study at Stanford. He became a naturalized American citizen in about 1979. He graduated Stanford University, is currently the president of Carnegie Corporation and is a former president of Brown University in Rhode Island. Pertinent to this article is his seat on the board of The Qatar Foundation International (QFI).
    About one year ago, Qatar dedicated a new mosque. The event was widely seen as the initial steps to reviving their Wahhabi heritage. You should be concerned about Qatar’s influence in American education. Wahhabi-ists have one goal and that is the spread of Islam worldwide.
    QFI, funded by the Qatari government, explains on its website the initiative was founded in response to Obama’s call in his June 2009 speech to the Arab world in Cairo, Egypt, to “create a new online network, so a young person in Kansas can communicate instantly with a young person in Cairo.”
    QFI relates how more than 100 U.S. schools and organizations have already connected on the interactive website.

    The stated goal of the initiative is to “connect every school in the U.S. with the world by 2016.”…

    Please read the entire fully sourced link and then consider the following:

    “If Common Core is local and state-led why are they holding Common Core conferences in Dubai, including more than 20 other nations?

    Common Core was NOT created by “the Governors” as the Liberals repeatedly lie. It was not a “state-led” initiative. It began with the United Nations

    Common Core Mandated, Not Law, Not Funded, Not Evidence-Based, Not Field-Tested, No Pilot Program

    American Principles Scathing Review of Common Core

    “Public Schools Introduce Islam” In Mississippi, Common core is designed to convert students to Islam

    Mother stunned at daughter’s class assignment on Islam

    in TN Common Core Lesson Plans: A call to Jihad, Converting to Islam, 5 Pillars of Islam, submitting to the Will of Allah

    PamelaGeller: Massachusetts Public Schools Teaching the Shahada: ‘There Is No God But Allah’, October 26, 2014

    NoisyRoom: Allah in the classroom – The ABC’s of Forced Conversion, November 2, 2014

    NoisyRoom: Ties that bind Michael Bloomberg, Qatar adn radical islam – 10/27/2014

    In the UK: UKDailyMail: Children of 8 are ‘racist’ if they miss Islam trip: School’s threatening letter to parents is met with outrage – 22 November 2013

  7. I wonder if they will talk about the gates of Vienna or make the student aware of this little nugget from the period.

    Here is a letter from Mehmet IV to the people of Vienna:

    We will destroy your little country with our army. Above all we order you to wait for us at your residence in the city of Vienna so we can decapitate you. We will exterminate you and all of your followers. Children and grown-ups will be exposed to the most atrocious tortures before being put to end in the most vicious way imaginable. Your little empire I will take from you and its entire population I will sweep off the earth.
    For I declare unto you, I will make myself your master pursue you from east to west and trample under feet with my horses all that is acceptable and pleasant in your eyes. For I have resolved to ruin both you and your people and to leave your empire a commemoration of my most dreadful sword. It will be a pleasure for me to publically establish my religion and to pursue your crucified god whose wrath I fear not. Nor do I fear his coming to your assistance to deliver you out of my hand. I will, according to my good pleasure, put your sacred priests to the plow and rape your nuns. Forsake your religion or else I will give order to consume you with fire.” Sultan Mehmet IV Feb 20th 1683.

    I wonder if the students will be taught the connection between the siege of Vienna and 9/11 or that in fact the Viennese did not surrender and that this is why Modern Europe exists. And had they surrendered there may never have been a United States of America.

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