4 thoughts on “How to Rule the Streets

  1. Well, with the Muslim’s street blocking mass prayer thing, one could approach with a truck that can spray some sort of pig juice (perhaps using a sprinkler), and tell them they have 1 minute to clear out. And then start the spraying gradually moving the affected area forward towards them – they may pick up and clear the street very readily. Some problems have cheap, easily-managed solutions. Of course they’d seek other outlets for provocation/accusation, but not putting up with this would disembolden them, which is perhaps the main thing we need to do.

    Of course that exact strategy doesn’t apply for disemboldening the transgender extremists from street stoppage, but a little police firmness would probably do it. They are ultimately a less serious a problem, being fewer and much more a fringe.

  2. A farmer just 5 miles from me did exactly that. Disgruntled with his treatment by the bank he drove by with his crop sprayer on a hot summer day and sprayed the whole bank with pig slurry. Unfortunately he was prosecuted.

  3. Nice safe slaps for laughs like these I don’t think is the ammo it will take to strike fear, surrender and retreat into the rabid beneath the surface every day Muslim.

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