Hide That Flag!

The presumed reasoning:

Xenophobia is evil.
Therefore nationalism is evil.
Therefore the flag is evil.

Recommended action: Hide the flag!

The footage below is from last Saturday’s anti-Salafist rally in Hannover. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   … Down with the flag, please…
00:04   Flag down, please. We do not want to provoke anyone.
00:08   What kind of country is this where the German flag
00:12   provokes? Are we in a foreign country here?
00:16   That’s insane; did you hear “down with the flag”?
00:20   Preferably hide (the flag) under your coat
00:24   like Mrs. Merkel. Yes, exactly: away with the flag.
00:28   We don’t seem to be in Germany any longer.
00:32   Those who feel “provoked” by the German flag
00:36   should leave Germany as soon as possible.
00:40   They once swore an oath to Germany… yes…

12 thoughts on “Hide That Flag!

  1. The phenomenon has spread to Australia, apparently our national flag is associated with ‘Islamophobia’ and other unsavoury attitudes. Let’s be realistic, anything that isn’t Islamic provokes Muslims.

    I’ve also been ‘provoked’, I’m going to buy a large flag and perhaps some t-shirts.

  2. If the presumed reasoning is

    Xenophobia is evil.
    Therefore nationalism is evil.
    Therefore the flag is evil.

    Then all flags for Palestine, alQaeda, IS is also EVIL by definition-without question

  3. I see the Germans are still retreating from Stalingrad. It’s beginning to look as though our high water mark was The Gulf War. (The first one)

    • Amazing. Sometimes I wonder who fought WWI and WWII?
      Are there still creatures in Europe with a banana in their pants?
      Does the west know what honor, and courage are? and why they are important?
      How could “Christian” Europe be so courageous on each other and the Jews and the gypsies, but so abjectly cowardly , chickenhearted, in dealing with muslims?
      Is the west tired of peace? Who is confusing them to get wars?

      • Dilution across the board. Should hit bottom sometime soon. Watch the Muslim barometer.

  4. I’d have more respect for the law if they said, “Look, we agree with you, but we are scared [excrement-free] by the Muslims.” You know, the Religion of Peace that will chop off your head if you don’t say Islam is the religion of peace.
    We are truly living in Bizarro World these days.

    • The trouble is their refusal to state the truth: they know it but they are indeed scared excrement-free. One can see in hindsight that the threshold moment was when the West was challenged in 1989 by the Iranian theocrat Ayatollah Khomeini’s issuing a fatwa against Salman Rushie for writing the “Satanic Verses”. The West’s failure to take a strong stand, including hunting down the people who killed the translators and publishers of that book, was taken as a green flag by the Islamic world and its all been downhill since.

    • But why are they afraid of Islam? Is it because Islam or rather the addressing of the issue of Islam has the potential to upset the multiculti applecart?

      • The muslim fifth column believes that it can weaken the system thru the resource demands of lawsuit jehad? Does anyone have a guess what it would take for this tunneling pipeline of negstive citizens to do to start stopping? 911 and the muslim brothehood and cair throughout the system including the White House and Michele’s bed chamber doesn’t seem to even raise eyebrows anymore. Importing more crime could bring the dread to a head?

  5. A couple of German cuties in the police escort. Long hair, most female cops on the U.S. are more butch. But they look like they won’t be very useful in a riot.

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