Deluded and Infantile Swedish Politicians

Last Friday we posted a subtitled video of Kent Ekeroth speaking to the Swedish parliament about the horrors unleashed on Sweden by Multiculturalism and mass immigration.

The same day (November 12, 2014) Richard Jomshof, another member of the Sweden Democrats, addressed parliament about the problems associated with Islam and the Islamization of Sweden

Many thanks to Alfred Fredriksson for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Richard Jomshof, member of parliament for the Sweden Democrats in a debate on immigration.
00:08   Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Islamic State,
00:17   Jemaah Islamiyah, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban. This list can be made long, a lot longer than this.
00:25   Mr. Speaker, what these groups have in common is that they are anti-democratic, violent, Islamic terrorist organizations.
00:31   Every time they use violence as a method, every time suicide bombers blow innocent people to bits,
00:37   every time they halal-slaughter “non-believers”, they find support for this in the Quran and in Muhammad’s actions.
00:44   These organizations are so many, their activities so substantial, that one can hardly claim that this is a small minority.
00:52   The problem, however, is not only these organizations, even countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan,
01:02   Islamic countries that disregard values we take for granted; not in these cases either can one claim that it is a small minority.
01:10   Another example is Turkey, which is experiencing a rapid Islamization. Or Egypt, where almost 50% of the population
01:17   voted for the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood in the elections 2012. 25% chose to vote for the more radical Salafists.
01:27   A very large majority of those voting chose to support anti-democratic Islamists.
01:33   Don’t come here and say that it is some small minority.
01:37   Mr. Speaker, a few days ago a Christian couple in Pakistan was attacked by a lynch mob of 1500 people.
01:45   Cheered on by the local mullahs they were dragged into the street, assaulted and thrown into a brick furnace.
01:53   The woman was five months pregnant. Now, what was the crime? They were accused of desecrating the Quran.
02:00   1500 people is not what I call a small minority.
02:05   Is there anyone in this chamber who could imagine that a few hundred residents of Simrisham, cheered on by local priests,
02:15   might do something similar here in Sweden? I didn’t think so.
02:18   Christians are the world’s most discriminated-against group. It is worse in the Muslim world, where Christians are
02:24   murdered, raped, humiliated and are driven from their homes. Driven from the ancient home of Christianity.
02:30   Don’t come and say it is some small minority. There is a systematic persecution of Christians in large parts of the Muslim world.
02:39   Mr. Speaker, when Sweden and Europe accept the immigration of hundreds of thousands of people from this part of the world
02:48   it creates problems, large problems. Because there is nowhere to live, there are no jobs,
02:56   but also because medical care and schools can’t keep up. Social welfare is drained, social welfare is demolished.
03:03   But also because many of the values we see in that part of the world are now growing stronger in Europe and Sweden.
03:11   This divides society; it creates segregation, violence and unrest.
03:19   Parallel societies emerge where they separate themselves from the rest of society.
03:24   Sweden, which was once a homogeneous and safe society, segregates groups and is being torn apart.
03:30   Sweden is headed towards a systemic collapse. The blame for this falls squarely on the other seven parties.*
03:37   It falls on those politicians, even in this chamber, who represent these parties.
03:41   These infantile politicians and parties who live in some sort of delusion where they seriously believe
03:49   that the solution to these problems is more mass immigration and more Islamization.
03:55   And that holes in public welfare can be fixed with money that grows on trees or falls from the sky.
04:03   Mr. Speaker, Sweden is headed towards a systemic collapse, and the other parties unfortunately don’t have enough sanity to realize this.
04:10   Thank you.


*   Sjuklövern: seven-leaf clover, the seven-party system. All parties in Parliament, apart from the Sweden Democrats, are seen as one party when it comes to policies on mass immigration. These seven parties are the “seven sisters” or the “7-clovers”.

9 thoughts on “Deluded and Infantile Swedish Politicians

  1. In this video and its companion posted yesterday, the speakers face an empty chamber. Is it the Left’s policy here to exit the chamber when the speaker is a Swedish Democrat, in an attempt to make him appear ineffectual, isolated and ridiculous?

    • Methinks that in time the chamber will be packed with frightened concerned former “we’re all the same” representatives as the firefight for the latest muslim and convert occupied city rages outside.

    • Yes. Look at the chamber during the recent Ekeroth speech. Empty. Save for a few members. The same gum-chewing, smirking, brunette, PC nincompoop in this video was there and took the podium after Ekeroth and rather than responding to what he said asked: “What are the SD doing about racism …”. Well Madam, I’ll answer you: If the SD ever managed to obtain power and implement their policies Sweden would witness a decline in “racism”, because the principal perpetrators of it are people imported from Muslim lands who despise Europeans.

  2. The Swedish elites and their mainstream followers can only be described as diabolically naive at best. I understand them far less than Islamist rioters.

  3. Did you clock the young lassie who was busy texting & farting about while the boy was speaking. Oh let’s not bother about this “right wing” nonsense, eh … PATHETIC!

  4. Sweeden tried to disband its military a few years ago to appease the sandal wearing [REDACTED] pacifists they found out it did’nt work

    • does that mean it didn’t make the sandal-wearers happy or does it mean the military wouldn’t disband? In other words, what was it that “didn’t work”?

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