Counterterrorism in Quebec

The following video report features an RCMP counterterrorism workshop in Quebec. The overall JIM score for the event is very low:

Jihad: 0
Islam: 1
Muslim: 0

It’s all “terrorism” and “radicalization”. There’s no willingness to unmask the Great Jihad that is the single common factor behind all the planned and executed attacks.

After all, if even bikers can grow beards, how can we detect these violent extremists in advance? They have nothing in common with each other! It makes the job of enlightened, tolerant, multicultural-minded law enforcement officers that much more difficult…

Many thanks to Point De Bascule for the transcript, to CB Sashenka for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Read the accompanying translated article at Vlad Tepes.


00:07   St-Jean sur Richelieu, Ottawa, two attacks that the authorities could not have predicted.
00:14   Difficult for the police to track an enemy that they’re incapable of defining.
00:18   Since 2010 the RCMP offered training sessions to police forces across the country
00:20   to help in the fight against terrorism.
00:25   We had exclusive access to one of those sessions.
00:28   Here is the report that I prepared:
00:33   A terrorist never comes with a flashing sign on the head.
00:39   He doesn’t tell you, “You-hoo, I came to commit an attack!”
00:45   It’s not our 9 mm.
00:47   It’s not our bullet-proof vests.
00:49   It’s not our nice cars.
00:51   That’s not what’s going to fight terrorism.
00:53   It’s intelligence.
00:58   Then the… that was what?
01:00   In search of the typical profile of a terrorist.
01:03   It’s important to understand that what happens elsewhere affects me here.
01:08   Remember that sentence.
01:10   Police from all over Quebec get together to understand this enemy that is difficult to identify.
01:16   Denis-Marc Pelletier,
01:18   Not Mohammed Abdul Jabar.
01:22   Because the face of terrorism has nothing to do with stereotypes.
01:27   (Sgt Hakim Bellal, head of RCMP National Security Outreach program) There is no typical case, no profile.
01:31   The beard says nothing.
01:32   There are bikers who have beards.
01:34   No clear portrait, no structure either
01:38   In St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, as in Ottawa,
01:40   the perpetrators of the attacks acted alone.
01:43   (RCMP Inspector Martine Fontaine, Head of National Security for RCMP in Quebec) The individuals who act alone
01:46   are much more difficult to detect
01:49   because it’s done in the privacy of their homes
01:53   or in cafés, on the Internet.
01:56   You need to know that these people are in the process of
02:00   taking steps to self-radicalize to violence, and to self-indoctrinate.
02:04   We see after each attack, if you go on their Facebook page
02:06   There are plenty of clues there,
02:10   And no one raised a flag .
02:12   Since 2010, the RCMP, the Quebec Provincial Police, and the Montreal Police Force
02:17   offered training workshops to police forces for all of Quebec.
02:20   (Inspector Pierre Allaire – Security Intelligence Service for Quebec Provincial Police) It’s training in the context of a prevention program that can
02:24   anticipate certain movements and provide tools
02:28   for our first responders,
02:30   who are patrol officers and investigators,
02:33   on the circumstances that we can find…
02:36   pertaining to extremist threats in Quebec.
02:38   Be a hunter and not a fisherman.
02:41   Be alert.
02:42   Monitor every detail
02:44   in every circumstance.
02:46   Go to the information, and don’t wait for the information to come to you.
02:50   Dig to find information.
02:53   Today it’s not a checklist, it’s not according to criteria
02:55   that render someone a terrorist threat,
03:00   but it’s a whole set of signs that gives us a clue.
03:05   As we patrol, we can find those signs
03:08   in any intervention, on any day.
03:09   We meet people who come from homes,
03:10   (Participant: Hugues Beauchemin Lemyre)
03:13   citizens, and it’s at this point that the people with whom we interact…
03:20   The other essential step, to establish and maintain
03:24   links with the community.
03:26   If I have a wall that separates me from my community
03:30   I can’t see how I can help them.
03:34   So they really need
03:36   the community, parents, friends,
03:40   brothers, sisters
03:43   Isolation, change of friends,
03:46   more music, they don’t want to drink in the house.
03:50   It doesn’t matter when talking about the part of
03:54   Islamic radicalization, radical.
03:58   So there is behavior
04:00   that parents can detect and report
04:04   so that we can intervene
04:08   before criminal acts are committed.
04:09   People like me, that is, religious leaders,
04:14   Collaboration is at different levels.
04:16   They become the eyes and ears of the police on the ground,
04:20   often the first witnesses when a member of the community
04:24   shows signs of radicalization.
04:26   I once had a person
04:30   with no logic, was a graduate of
04:36   Civil Engineering,
04:40   specializing in explosive demolition.
04:44   And we were in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.
04:48   What do we do when this happens?
04:50   In these cases we contact the authorities.
04:52   They (the authorities) did the work, there was nothing more to worry about?
04:56   And as they (authorities) prepare to return to their community,
05:00   there is some encouragement, there’s a mission.
05:04   It is expected that the people who came to the workshops
05:08   on terrorist threats are spokespersons in their
05:12   respective police forces,
05:14   to spread and have the multiplier effect
05:18   for people to be on the lookout for incidents, indicators.
05:23   There is always someone out there who saw something
05:26   Ensure that the information gleaned on the ground
05:30   does not remain stuck in the agent’s log book.
05:34   (Carl Hudon, participant) This is the sinews of war, that the intelligence is shared,
05:38   then it must be distributed to the right people so that it gets to the right place.
05:40   That’s the only way for the police to hope to stay ahead of the threat.

6 thoughts on “Counterterrorism in Quebec

  1. This terrorism training tips by the Quebec RCMP seems to mirror what we are told about the FBI in terms of how they are more concerned with what they cannot look at in terms of the indicators than what they can.

    In both cases the likelihood is that these agencies have been infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood groups who set the parameters for terror training in order to render them infective. is likely to have an explanation for exactly which groups, which individuals and how this was done up on its site now or very soon if they do not now.

    • I think it is very dangerous to rely on our own eyes and ears and investigations and decide who is our enemy.
      The most perfect system of government is “democracy”. The elected know better. Otherwise what good is democracy for?
      We have to listen to them and believe them. . . the elected that is.
      I feel good
      I feel happy.
      My elected are not crappy.
      They do the thinking
      And start winking
      When muslim are blinking
      We have democracy . . . we don’t need eyes, brains, faith, wisdom of the ages, lessons of history, or common sense.

      Ignore the slaughtered rabbis, ignore ISIS or Kobani
      Forget about the beheaded, and Mosul slaves sold for $2000 if she has green eyes,
      Just write “democracy” on a sheet of paper and stick it to the wall
      To remind you that you are living under the wonderful democracy, that Cuba, Russia, China, Egypt, cannot apply for the cells of their brains are not developed to handle such a sublime concept.

      Egypt : Oooops. We wanted to give them something better than democracy. We wanted to give them Muslim Brotherhood and $8b. With a b.
      Stupid Egypt they rejected the Muslim Brotherhood.
      Bad boys in Iran, Afghanistan. Iraq, Libya, Tunisia. We bombed them into democracy and they rejected it.

  2. Ooh ooh, I found it. 3:54. They actually said Islamic radicalization! So many words, so many useless words, I expect better from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Not these nicey, nicely, sweetie words about the Muslim community, there I said it. What a load of silly words avoiding the elephant in the room. The two murderers radical Muslims, were on the watch list and two proud Canadian soldiers were murdered in cold blood. Something else must be done and it will not be done with these ridiculous politically correct blabfests. Who exactly was in charge of this patheticism, I’d dearly like to know.

  3. I wasn’t around for WW2. The Muslim attitude in the western territories seems to be that they have already won and feel quite certain that sooner or later the kafirs will settle down and except their faith. With the many millions
    of casualties in any war it makes sense to buy time. Hopefully there is muslim free planning and preparation for the worst case scenarios? Is that even possible anymore?

  4. Profiling is outlawed throughout the West, unless of course you happen to be white and Christian. Israel has proven the effectiveness of profiling at all their airports where they don’t use body scanners and other personally invasive ‘search techniques’.

    Profiling is an effective tool in combatting crime of any description and profiling was brought into an art form by the FBI who are now hampered in their investigations of the would be Jihadist by not being allowed to employ it.

    Profiling has been banned because profiling for ‘terrorists’ would inevitably and nearly always produce the Jihadist from the ‘religion of peace’ that so many of the elite would rather hide the evidence of, than expose the connection.

    The other aspect to this stupidity in wilfully not wanting to identify the obvious through profiling, is the word ‘terrorist’ which identifies only an act of violence carried out by non-identified individual or individuals who are rarely exposed on their background for who they are and why they would do such a thing by the collectivist controlled media.

    Those who can read between the lines know that the word ‘terrorist’ is really a cover for the fundamentalist Jihadist prepared to carry out Mohammed’s (peace be not upon him, in fact I hope he is roasting in Hell) will, and that Islam is the rallying point for those who choose to take up the Jihad.

    But of course, our security services are not allowed to think like that!

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