“An Intellectual and Moral Disgrace on a Massive Scale”

Dr. Andrew Bostom has written a scholarly analysis of some of the wonderful “ecumenical” themes featured during the last Friday’s Islamic prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral. The following article was originally published at Dr. Bostom’s website.

Dr. Bostom sends his thanks to ritamalik, who did the initial analysis of the Arabic-language content of the service, and compared it with portions of the supposed English translations.

Keynote Muslim Sermon Recites Koranic Themes of Conquering and Condemning Christians and Jews at National Cathedral “Ecumenical” Event

by Andrew G. Bostom

This past Thursday (11/3/14) in anticipation of a midday Friday Islamic service, to be held, November 14th in the National Cathedral I noted the willful obliviousness to a grim centennial remembrance: November 11, 1914, when the Ottoman Sheikh ul-Islam (supreme Muslim religious authority) issued fatwas (religious edicts) declaring a jihad against non-Muslim state enemies of the last Muslim “Caliphate.”

Subsequent Ottoman Muslim fatwas (see here; here) promulgated during the World War I era would target Christian minorities, under Sharia-based Ottoman Muslim rule, for genocidal jihadism against these hapless non-Muslim victims. The Ottoman jihad ravages were as barbaric and depraved as the recent horrific spate of ISIS atrocities in Iraq and Syria, and far more extensive. Occurring, largely between 1915-16 (continuing through at least 1918), some one million Armenian, and 250,000 Assyro-Chaldean and Syrian Orthodox Christians were brutally slaughtered, or starved to death during forced deportations orchestrated by their Ottoman Muslim rulers, through arid wastelands.

Following the Friday November 14th event (which can be viewed in its entirety, here; or here; see also this useful written summary account ), Dean of the National Cathedral, Gary Hall, when questioned about this cruelly ironic timing, conceded, “I did not know that it was that anniversary” — but then segued into an unconscionable immoral equivalence defending the “ecumenical” Muslim prayer service.

But knowing it now, it actually seems to be more appropriate to have an event that is on an anniversary of a hard time… There have been atrocities on both sides. There have been extremists on both sides.

After viewing Friday’s ostensible exercise in “ecumenism” at The National Cathedral, it is impossible for me to discern whether the Christian event organizers are more ethically, or intellectually cretinous. Consider the main khutbah (or sermon) delivered by Muslim South African Ambassador to the U.S. (and champion of the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood), Ebrahim Rasool.

Extolling his National Cathedral Christian hosts, the good ambassador Rasool quoted (video here; hat tip Ken Sikorski) — in deliberately truncated fashion — only the latter portion of Koran 5:82 (equivalent to this: “…and you will find the nearest in love to the believers (Muslims) those who say: ‘We are Christians.’ That is because amongst them are priests and monks, and they are not proud.”) What Mr. Rasool omitted is the virulently Jew- and “pagan”-hating, opening half of verse 5:82: “Verily, you will find the strongest among men in enmity to the believers (Muslims) the Jews and those who are Al-Mushrikun (i.e., “idolatrous” Hindus, Buddhists, and Animists).” The Jew-hating nature of this verse — well-established by classical Koranic commentaries, spanning over a millennium — was re-affirmed by Sunni Islam’s most prestigious center of religious education, Al-Azhar University, and its current leading cleric, Grand Imam, Ahmed al-Tayeb. During an interview with Al-Tayeb, which aired on Channel 1, Egyptian TV, October 25, 2013, Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam gave a brief explanation of the ongoing relevance of verse 5:82 which has been invoked — “successfully” — to inspire Muslim hatred of Jews since the advent of Islam:

A verse in the Koran explains the Muslims’ relations with the Jews…This is an historical perspective, which has not changed to this day. See how we suffer today from global Zionism and JudaismSince the inception of Islam 1,400 years ago, we have been suffering from Jewish and Zionist interference in Muslim affairs. This is a cause of great distress for the Muslims. The Koran said it and history has proven it: “You shall find the strongest among men in enmity to the believers to be the Jews…”

Not long afterward, and clearly unnoticed by his witless hosts, Rasool invoked (video here) the Koran’s vitriol towards Christian societies (and indeed all non-Muslim civilizations who refuse to submit to a Sharia [Islamic Law]-based Muslim order), quoting Koran 3:26 (“Say (O Muhammad SAW): ‘O Allah! Possessor of the kingdom, You give the kingdom to whom You will, and You take the kingdom from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your Hand is the good. Verily, You are Able to do all things.’”) Authoritative classical and modern glosses on this anodyne-sounding verse reveal its inherent threat of violent jihad conquest by Muslims — past Byzantine (and Zoroastrian Persian) historical experiences as prologue. Two classical Koranic commentaries, and a renowned modern gloss, underscore the consistency of this mainstream, authoritative interpretation of Koran 3:26, spanning 600-years, till now.

Ibn Kathir (d. 1373) was one of the best-known historians and traditionalists of Syria during the reign of the Bahri Mamluks, compiling an important history of Islam, as well as a Koranic commentary, still widely referenced at present. His gloss on Koran 3:26 states:

This Ayah [verse] encourages thanking Allah for the favors He granted His Messenger [Muhammad] and his Ummah [the Muslim community]. Allah transferred the prophethood from the Children of Israel to the Arab, Qurayshi [Muhammad’s Arab tribe], Meccan, unlettered Prophet, the Final and Last of all Prophets…Hereafter, Allah allowed Muhammad’s Ummah to reach the eastern and western parts of the world and gave dominance to his religion [Islam] and Law [Sharia] over all other religions and laws.

Al-Suyuti (1445 — 1505) is recognized as the most prolific author in the realm of Islamic literature. A brilliant multidisciplinary scholar, al-Suyuti was a learned jurist, historian, and biographer. Among his many scholarly contributions are about twenty works of Koranic studies, including seminal Koranic commentaries (tafsir), such as Tafsir al-Jalalayn. The great contemporary Dutch Islamologist Johannes J.G. Jansen notes in his treatise “The Interpretation of the Koran in Modern Egypt”, Tafsir al-Jalalayn remains one of the most popular as well as the most authoritative Koranic commentaries in Egypt. Suyti’s gloss on Koran 3:26 reiterates the earlier interpretation of Ibn Kathir, maintaining:

This [Koran 3:26] was revealed when the Messenger of Allah [Muhammad] promised his Community [the Muslims] sovereignty over Persia and Byzantium and the hypocrites said, “How unlikely!”
Lastly, Maulana Muhammad Shafi (1898-1976), a former grand mufti of India (prior to the August, 1947 partition), was the author of Maariful Qur’an, which remains the best-known Koranic commentary in Urdu. He also wrote more than three hundred books, and in addition to these literary works, broadcasted his Koranic commentary on Radio Pakistan for a number of years. Mufti Shafi’s modern gloss on Koran 3:26 establishes a 600-year consensus of opinion, adding ominous, threatening contemporary overtones of ongoing Islamic conquests, in our era:

Appearing in the form of a prayer, this verse so eloquently brings into focus the most perfect power of Allah as it manifests itself in the rise and fall of nations and in the revolutions that rock countries. At the same time it gives a hint that the prophecy made by the Holy Prophet [Muhammad] will come to pass and Persia and Byzantium will fall to Muslims. Here, enemies of Islam have been warned that they have not learned their lesson from the rise and fall of past wielders of power for they judge events and personalities from the material angle while the truth is that all powers and governments of the world are in the hands of the most pristine power of Allah, the one in whose hands lies all honor and disgrace.

Following Ambassador Rasool’s sermon, at least one iteration of Sura 1, verse 7, from the Koran’s short opening chapter of 7 verses, the Fatiha, was recited (see video during 44:24-38).

The Qur’an: An Encyclopedia” is a modern authoritative compendium of analyses written by 43 Muslim and non-Muslim mainstream academic experts, edited by Oliver Leaman, and published by Routledge, New York, 2006. These extracts from p. 614 serve as an irrefragable “final summary verdict” — consistent with over a millennium of authoritative Muslim exegeses on this verse — about how Muslims and non-Muslims alike are to understand Koran 1:7, the Fatiha’s (sura 1’s) last verse:

…[T]he phrase in the daily prescribed prayers” Guide us to the straight path, to the path of those you have blessed, not of those who incurred [Your] wrath, nor of the misguided (al-Fatiha, 1:5-7.)…mention two groups of people but do not say who they are. The Prophet [Muhammad] interpreted those who incurred God’s wrath as the Jews and the misguided as the Christians.

The Jews, we are told [i.e., in both the Koran, and hadith] killed many of their prophets, and through their character and materialistic tendencies have contributed much to moral corruption, social upheaval and sedition in the world…[T]hey were readily misled and incurred both God’s wrath and ignominy. As for the Christians…over time they succumbed to the influence of those who had already deviated from the chosen path. By the time Christianity came to be accepted as the official religion of the Roman Empire, many Christians had long gone astray and had been deprived of their original scripture…By interpreting the phrase “not of those who incurred [Your] wrath, nor of the misguided” the Prophet identified them and clarified in what way and by what beliefs and deeds a man incurs God’s wrath. This is a warning for the Muslims not to follow in the footsteps of the Jews and Christians.

Perhaps a sympathetic understanding of the National Cathedral’s submissive — and dangerously misguided — behavior can be found in the work of Father Michel Hayek (1928-2005). Hayek was a Lebanese Maronite scholar who produced a corpus of work that included over forty published books, scores of treatises, and innumerable articles. His 1959 book Le Christ de L’Islam has been re-published in two revised editions, and remains an important reference work. Following its initial publication in 1959 — reflecting the profundity of his understanding — Father Hayek became a widely sought after lecturer for talks and conferences on Muslim-Christian relations.

During a lecture entitled ‘Nouvelles approches de l’islam,’ given on March 6, 1967, (recorded in Les Conférences du Cénacle, Beirut, 1968, Nos. 9-10, XXII année, p. 11, as quoted in Bat Ye’or, Juifs et Chrétiens, p. 309, n. 45 [English trans.].), Father Hayek, spoke plainly about the enduring historical impact of the continuum of Islamic depredations upon Christians and Christianity.

Why not admit it clearly, so as to break a taboo and a political interdict, which is felt in the flesh and the Christian conscience — that Islam has been the most appalling torment that ever struck the Church. Christian sensibility has remained traumatized until now.

Far less generously, the historian Robert Conquest identified a salient feature of the delusive mindset of apologists for Soviet era Communist totalitarianism shared by today’s useful idiots for totalitarian Islam, such as the National Cathedral leadership — willing intellectual and ethical blindness.

[A] con job needs a con man and a sucker. In their case many suckers even managed not to take in what they saw with their own eyes, or rather somehow to process unpleasantness mentally into something acceptable…Mindset seems too strong a word: these were minds like jelly, ready for the master’s imprint…[T]his was an intellectual and moral disgrace on a massive scale.

Pronouncements of (and behaviors by) National Cathedral officials, vis-à-vis their so-called “ecumenical” Muslim prayer service exercise, similarly constitute an “intellectual and moral disgrace on a massive scale.”

20 thoughts on ““An Intellectual and Moral Disgrace on a Massive Scale”

  1. It is one thing to make a building available for everyone to come and pray to God in, it is quite another to make the building available to those whose use and whose ‘prayers’ blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Mohamet succumbed to the polytheistic heresy of his day. Just as we are persona, expression and spirit, So is Yah, in Whose image we are made. There is God the Father (persona), God the Son, Jesus Christ, the Word of God(expression), and God the Holy Spirit (the spirit). Mohamet even says as much in his Suras. We have God’s Word on our Salvation, despite the Muslim’s blasphemy of it. My prayers go out to those who attended Friday’s ‘service’ in the National Cathedral.

    • The Christian think that must are another branche of Abrahamitic belief. The muslim religion is the strange foster child. Remember that this belief was only made up by mohammed. He said his religion was from Abraham. And what we know of this evil men, is that he lied and agreed of lying, and killing to get results. The Christians see islam as just another religion, but its the traitor murder they invite, how wants to convert Christians.
      And because of the victim role muslims play, Christians are drawn to them.

    • The is event is something a president invites when he has his own agenda against American and against Judeo-Christian mores. He invites people to come to the heart of our capital, espouse hate against our beliefs and espouse 1400 year old ideology. What is happening in America is like a bad dream.

      • Surely you mean a nightmare. Its like living in a 1950s black and white move where the Zombies are taking over. Unless masses of absolutely incorruptible God fearing men and women start calling Muslims on their big lie we may not recover.

  2. The muzzies running the prayer service in the NC said unkind things about Jews and Christians. No surprise. Stupid liberal extremists giving the farm away.

  3. There is a saying: People follow their government’s idol”. Or something to that effect.

    In other words Whatever governments believe in, people will believe in, too. If they don’t govs. have the power to impose its will on its people by sheer force: You must believe in diversity, you must believe in multiculti, in the religion of peace, in rejecting Christianity and Judaism, in gay and Lesbian vales, in shedding all traditional values, and believe in the manufactured truths by the Ministry of Truth, you must believe in separation of Church and State but in mixing Mosque, allah and State.

    That was the reason mohamat blended both policies and muhamadanism. That’s why western “democracies” are in shambles and disarray and confused. Islam has faith, determination, purpose, blacks and whites ( i.e. halal and haram). Islam tries to lift muslims to a sublime conditions. Not all humanity, but muslims only.

    Democracies bombard its sheep subjects by ads to spend more, to eat more, to buy more, dragging them from a lofty condition to a low, unthinking witless creature in order to steal his / I should not forget and her money while playing on his empty pride.

    Today Christianity whether Catholicism or all other protestant and Jewish denominations have no chance of standing their ground lest they be accused of bigotry and worse.

    For the last 200 years western literature, poetry, poets, historians, philosophers, writers, thinkers have turned Christianity and Judaism into pulp. Who’d dare say “I am Christian in public” A politician would put infinite distance between him and Christianity to get elected. But he is proud to announce “today I appointed Muhamat bin Ahmed, who is a devout muslim, as my personal advisor on islam. He will advise me how we facilitate the surrender of our “democracies” to Dar al-islam in a stealthy, subtle way without anyone noticing.
    If a dictatorship convinces itself and its sheep of being democracy, then it is democracy.

    • Education might be the base of this. People are not learn to think for themselves, but are getting brainwashed.

  4. That verse about the Christians is booth licking for Christians, but also portraits there weakness. The Christians are sheep to the slaughterhouse, the jews and other non-christians will fight. Ohh, how I hate the passive aggressive nature of Christianity. The dhimmitude, the slaves of islam they will become. Even if their own prophet said unto them: There will be no other prophet after me, they will be false prophets.
    As an Atheist I rather stand with the jews (who have no heaven) of the heathens. But not the Christians, they will turn the other cheek and dream of heaven, like the muslims. I do want to join people who always prepare for Holiday, with no return ticket. How can people be so fooled.

  5. Those who cowtow to and enable the savages should be held equally responsible for their atrocities.

  6. I think the Dean of the National Cathedral is either a fool or plain evil to deny what most international experts and historians describe as the one of the largest genocides in world history. The Armenians, Assyrians and the Greek people are still suffering from a sense of incomplete mourning due to the Turkish refusal to recognize the genocide .

    • So we have it, Mr Gary Hall, the Dean of the National Episcopalian Cathedral who allowed this travesty to take place states:

      1. “I did not know that it was that anniversary” reveals himself to be an ignorant dupe. One has to ask: how on earth did such a gullible dimwit ever rise to such a prominent and responsible position? Did he not have the basic intelligence to query Rasool’s selection of that particular date? Google it? It beggars belief. By contrast, the Roman Catholic Cardinal of Sydney, Australia, George Pell, was once invited to participate in prayers at Sydney’s Great Synagogue. On the “bima” or altar the Chief Rabbi stood next to him at the lectern reading aloud a Jewish text with a pointer, the Rabbi paused for a moment and the Cardinal, to the congregation’s astonishment, continued reading aloud from the Hebrew script! It transpired that he’s fully fluent in Hebrew and Aramaic! One can guarantee that Mr Hall does not possess an iota of such learnedness and erudition. Or even a basic understanding of 20th century history (see next).

      2. “But knowing it now, it actually seems to be more appropriate to have an event that is on an anniversary of a hard time… There have been atrocities on both sides. There have been extremists on both sides.”

      What on earth are you talking about Mr Hall? Where were the Armenian on Turk, or Greek on Turk or Assyrian on Turk atrocities in 1914 or in preceding years? There were any. Identify for us if you will the Armenian “extremists” in 1914 who, by your reasoning brought the Armenian Genocide upon themselves. Ditto Greek “extremists”. Ditto Assyrian “extremists”.

      If I were Armenian my blood would boil (even more than it does now) at this asinine, profoundly stupid, utterance of Mr Hall. Plainly Mr Hall takes a “kindergarten teacher” view of the world: all the children are equally good little tykes, some of them just behave a little naughtily at times, but no matter: if we are nice to them and show empathy, understanding, tolerance and inclusiveness they will be less naughty.

      The trouble is, Mr Hall, the world is not like, and cannot be treated as, a kindergarten class in a school in the middle class suburbs of Dubuque, Iowa. It has lots of bad people following poisonous ideologies in it.

  7. Gary Hall – former comedy writer for Steve Allen, admits he’s not even a theist and politically he seems to be left of Obama. He’s pro-gay marriage, considers “homophobia” a sin(apparently that and owning guns are about the only things he views as bad). He’s all about moving with the times. All in all a typical modernist and relativist.

    He could easily be a staff writer for Salon or Huffpost with his hip views.

    You cannot appeal to these people on the basis of facts, morality or Christian faith, because it irrelevant to them. They do not care to hear of Islamic atrocities against Christians, or it’s persecution of gays, women and atheists. Or the fact that the Koran demands war against unbelievers.

    In a earlier time he would have been one of the cool East Coast intellectuals who thought Communist Russia was worthy of being emulated even after being told of the Gulags.

    • This take on Gary Halls puts me in mind of the response of the first ever Green Party member of Australia’s Federal House of Representatives (lower chamber of Parliament), Adam Bandt when asked what his policy priorities were. He mentioned only two: gay marriage and gay adoption! Somewhat surprising paramount policy issues for the representative of an environmental party. More so when he’s not gay himself. I’ve no doubt that Mr Bandt, like Mr Hall, would rate tackling “homophobia” (and equally certainly) “Islamophobia” as critical tasks.

        • That’s not self-flagellation. It’s what happened.

          In my youth I was a kamikaze social liberal. Then I grew up and became an economic conservative. While I still believe those precepts, I notice the ones who run on them and get elected are in fact crony capitalists.

          So now I’m merely a populist-anarchist who has figured out what sin is.

          • Anarchist, eh? The 1975 “Illuminatus” trilogy of novels, by Americans Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, in which the anarchists were the heroes, was dramatised in the UK by Ken Campbell’s “Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool”; I saw it at the National in London (it went on all day, and there was much nudity and simulated sex).

            The anarchists, or “Legion of Dynamic Discord”, had a slogan, I think not in the novel: “We discordians must stick apart!” Entirely irrelevant, but I thought people might enjoy it.

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