“You Will Never Be Safe”

The following video, like so many produced recently by the Islamic State and other violent Islamic organizations, serves as promotional propaganda for the Great Jihad. YouTube keeps taking down this kind of footage, even if it is non-violent, presumably because they do not want to provide any additional oxygen for the most bestial, murderous movement our time.

It’s a laudable sentiment. Vlad and I have discussed the matter at length, and we both came to the same conclusion: Despite their status as enemy propaganda, these videos need to be seen. Everyone in the West needs to understand what we are up against. ISIS propaganda is very, very effective. Frighteningly effective.

Our own governments are lying to us. We are assailed daily by official statements and media reports that insult our intelligence with their simple-minded mendacity. So the candor of the mujahideen is refreshing, in a depressing sort of way. These murderous jihadis, whatever else you may think of them, keep telling us the exact truth about what they’re doing, and what they intend to do.

This latest video message is delivered by a “Frenchman” from the Islamic State. Many thanks to CBSashenka for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:04   We are going to give a message to France about the bombings that took place in Iraq and Syria.
0:08   We were warned with the words of our sheikh
0:12   not to bomb our brothers in Iraq and Syria.
0:16   Now you have been warned, you have been warned that you are at war with Islam.
0:24   We are the people to whom victory will be granted.
0:28   And as many bombs that you have dropped on Iraq and Syria, you will have as many murders
0:32   and as many killings, like what our dear brother Mohammed Merah did.
0:38   You were afraid of one brother, there will be thousands more in the future.
0:42   So this is a message to all the Muslims of France:
0:46   Admire and look at all that is happening in the entire world; they have gathered against us.
0:50   Why? Because we are defending Islam and want to apply the law of Allah.
0:54   And because we are defending the blood of Muslims; they have gathered against us to kill us.
0:58   After you say that we are the criminals, but it is them, the cowards, who drop bombs from the sky.
1:04   We are going to raise the issue, for the sake of all the brothers and civilians who were killed,
1:10   Of how you didn’t lift a finger for Syria that is currently being massacred
1:14   for 3 years by the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad.
1:18   And you came because we defended this nation for killing the soldiers of Bashar al-Assad.
1:22   You have killed the people and you bring another war after that war.
1:28   And you think you are safe! But you will not be safe in France or in any other country.
1:35   We will issue invitations to all the brothers who live in France to kill any civilian.
1:40   So you will never be safe.
1:44   All the murders that you have committed, you will regret, you will regret.

9 thoughts on ““You Will Never Be Safe”

    • Well, seems like ISIS doesn’t need quaint French technology for mass killing. They’re doing a bang-up job following in the sandy footsteps of Islam’s origins.

    • You think? And just what has been done with the jihadis undergoing training in a French park? A sternly-worded letter to the nearest mosque?

      That’s the ticket.

  1. Do we need a democratic Iraq, where the pernicious forces which have subverted western democracies can reach in and expand their influence?

    The victory of the democracy worldwide would be the victory of pro-multiculturalist elite worldwide. The further democracy expands, the greater the number of resources at the disposal of the primary enemies of Western culture and European homogeneity.

    I have no interest in watching American drones murdering IS militants, as I know that when Europeans one day try to fend off foreign invaders by resorting to physical force, it will be those same American drones picking off European freedom fighters.

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