4 thoughts on “Watch Out For That Backlash!

  1. Long before Islam was on my radar – in the mid-1980s or so – I saw the first (first for me) mention in a college catalogue for a 3-hour credit course on Victimology.


  2. My favourite, if I can put it like that, was the announcement on TV that there was no connection between the two Muslim converts who had attacked and murdered people in Canada this week. No connection whatsoever … how these people stand there with a straight face and say things like that is just beyond me.

  3. Canadian Police: “I’m a bit worried that somebody might daub something on a mosque…” This response is being replicated throughout the West. In Rotherham where the systematic abuse of 1400 vulnerable white girls by Muslim Pakistani paedophile gangs took place, the police, politicians, and BBC are currently getting upset at the alleged “growth in the number of hate crimes” such as, can you believe, “taxi drivers being called ‘groomers'”.

  4. Koran is not an anagram for Rank O for nothing.

    It is a rank zero of a belief system.

    Lash it back to Mecca.

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