This Is Not My Allah!

As reported by the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA), a Turkish author named Rabia Kazan is launching an international campaign calling for resistance against radical Islam. An announcement about the press conference to be held next week in New York has been posted at the the ICLA website.

Turkish journalist Rabia Kazan launches “This is not my Allah” global campaign against extremism

Press Conference
Wednesday, October 15th, 11 A.M.
The Harvard Club, New York City

October 1, 2014 (New York, NY) — Acclaimed Turkish journalist and women’s rights activist Rabia Kazan, who has lived under the threat of death for speaking out against the dangers of radical Islam, will be holding a press conference in New York City to announce the launch of her new global campaign of resistance This is Not My Allah (

Spurred by recent and much-publicized atrocities committed by ISIS in the name of Islam, Ms. Kazan hopes to ignite a worldwide resistance movement of Muslims and all people of conscience to denounce violence committed in the name of religion by such groups as ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and others. Having catapulted to worldwide prominence after interviewing Mehmet Ali Agca who attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II in 1981, she gained further notice after writing a bestselling book in 2007 called Angels of Tehran, an expose of the practice of a coercive legalized form of prostitution in Iran called “temporary marriage.” Having worked at the World Federation of United Nations Associations and currently serving as a writer and women’s rights advocate at the International Civil Liberties Association (ICLA), Ms. Kazan’s career is marked by her commitment to expose extremism within her native religion.

The press conference will take place at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, October 15th in the President Room at the Harvard Club at 35 West 44th Street. Attendance is by RSVP only to For security reasons, only those who have received clearance will be allowed into the press conference.

Joining Ms. Kazan at the press conference will be Alain Wagner, president of ICLA, an NGO based in Switzerland. ICLA is devoted to raising global awareness about the dangers of radical Islam.

Ms. Kazan intends to speak out about the specific dangers radical Islam poses for women. She also will boldly call upon Imams to promote a broad, tolerant, secularized interpretation and practice of Islam.

“As someone raised in Islam, I am horrified to my core to see killings and persecution in the name of Allah. Does Allah wish for child marriage, which is essentially rape? Does Allah want to make Muslim women into whores? Does Allah sanction the beheadings of innocents? Does Allah glory in the spilling of blood? Does Allah believe that non-Muslims are infidels? There is a dangerous perversion of an old and noble religion in our time and sadly, not enough resistance. I want to empower people to speak out against this perversion; I want to end the silence. That is where This is Not My Allah comes in,” she said.

Though This is Not My Allah is intended as a global movement for all people, Ms. Kazan hopes to attract Muslim women to help her lead this campaign. “Women are the heart of the home, the heart of the community, the heart of the world. The uncomfortable truth — which is difficult to admit publicly — is that radical Islam’s first victims are its own women. When I took off my veil, I became like a hunted animal. The only solution to me was to flee my country and my religion. This is not acceptable. So, to my sisters in Islam I say: Join me in proclaiming: This is Not My Allah!” she said.

Though heartened by the concerted military response against ISIS in Syria, Ms. Kazan is calling for a campaign of words and actions. “The first step is to end the silence. Let’s raise our voices and drown out the hatred,” she says. “What kind of God would want the barbarism that is being committed in His name? We must unite and fight this obscenity. Evil happens because of the absence of resistance from people of conscience. It is not a supernatural force. We are at a critical moment in human history. Those who do not oppose the murderous mission of Muslim extremism are passively enabling it.”

In addition to journalists, the October 15th press conference will be attended by religious leaders from Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism along with representatives from human rights organizations, writers and scholars of the Middle East. RSVPs with information about one’s affiliation should be sent to Shira Dicker at

Below, please find bios of Rabia Kazan and Alain Wagner.

For further information about Rabia Kazan or This Is Not My Allah, or to schedule an interview with Kazan ahead of the October 15th press conference at the Harvard Club in New York City, please contact Shira Dicker at Please visit for more information.

About Rabia Kazan

The creator of This is Not My Allah (, a global campaign against radical Islam, Rabia Kazan comes to her latest project following a career as an acclaimed Turkish journalist and women’s rights activist.

Spurred by recent and much-publicized atrocities committed by ISIS in the name of Islam, Ms. Kazan hopes to ignite a worldwide resistance movement of Muslims and all people of conscience to denounce violence committed in the name of religion by such groups as ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and others. Catapulted to worldwide prominence after interviewing Mehmet Ali Agca who attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II in 1981, she gained further notice after writing a bestselling book in 2007 called Angels of Tehran, an expose of the practice of a coercive legalized form of prostitution in Iran called “temporary marriage.”

Having worked at the World Federation of United Nations Associations, Ms. Kazan’s career is marked by her commitment to expose extremism within her native religion. She is a writer and women’s rights advocate at ICLA, the International Civil Liberties Alliance, based in Switzerland.

About Alain Wagner

Alain Wagner is the president of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA), a Switzerland-based NGO focused on the defense of civil rights and free speech against extremism. A French political analyst, he gives lectures all across Europe, raising awareness about philosophical, legal, institutional and social issues provoked by the recent introduction of radical regulations in western societies.

As a speaker and leader of several grassroots organizations, co-founder of Truth, Values and Democracy organization in 2007 and writer for several French Internet news sites, Mr. Wagner calls for “coherence in political thinking” and “acceptance of reality even if it’s disturbing” in our relations with Islam. Known for his aversion to political correctness (he is famous for his statement “Political Correctness is an insult to everyone’s intelligence”), Mr. Wagner is a robust advocate of truth and fact-based analysis, especially when dealing with matters related to contemporary Islam.

52 thoughts on “This Is Not My Allah!

  1. Why do you use the term “radical islam”?
    Is there also something like “radical nazism” or “radical communism”?
    Of course not.
    Islam by definition is radical. Using the term “radical islam” implies there is also a non-radical form of islam. But as we know by now there is not.

    • Go to your computer and google isis and see images , see date! After maybe u can understand why?

    • Absolutely agree with you.

      Mosab Hassan Yousef speaks out : “Allah is a terrorist.”

      Rabia Kazan is not wrong; Allah is not hers, Allah does not depend on what she thinks, Allah is as written in the Qu’ran. Allah hates non-Muslim humanity.
      If Rabia Kazan believes in a God of Love and Mercy, then she must leave Islam. She must expose Allah the impostor which is an insult to any God of Love and Mercy.

      Also, it is not possible to be both Muslim and a women’s rights activist. The law of Allah places women as sub-human being. In Islam only sharia in the law, and sharia is the destruction of Human rights. If Rabia Kazan is a real women’s rights activist then she must leave Islam because Allah hates women and enslaves them.

      I am extremely shocked by this cooperation between ICLA and such a stupid statement “This is not my Allah”. This is wrong.

  2. I wonder what keeps Ms. Karzan a Muslim. A rational person, that Ms. Karzan appears to be, would have left Islam after having experienced the real Islam and learned about it through serious reading.

    Cognitive dissonance or fear of death to apostate?

    • I agree. Although I’m a long-time atheist, I’m starting to think that conversion to Christianity is the only hope for Muslims, and it’s a great shame that the Christian churches attempt to accommodate Islam rather than offer its adherents an alternative. Most people who’re used to the spiritual sustenance of religion can’t just go cold turkey.

      Islam will become increasingly problematic for those unfortunate enough to be born into it. If they can live almost entirely amongst other Muslims, they have a moral code that’s not dissimilar to other such codes for dealing with their co-religionists. But now that they’re dealing so much more with non-Muslims, their religion’s hostility to non-Muslims and exhortations to aggression against them, suddenly become operative.

  3. Although this is hopeful, there are still some things Ms Kazan says which make me cautious:

    “This is not my Allah” – so she still believes in Allah.

    “Resistance movement of Muslims” – are those Muslims believing then in a “peaceful Islam”?

    From there on, I would be even more cautious:

    “…make Muslim women into whores?” – so is it OK for non-Muslim women to be as such?

    “…sanction the beheadings of innocents?” – so who are the “innocents”, in her eyes?

    “Non-Muslims are infidels?” – who are “infidels” in her eyes, and what should be done with them?

    And last but not least:

    “Perversion of an old and noble religion” – so essentially, Ms Kazan believes Isis & Co are not really Muslim, they’re twisting the “old & noble” Islam… which Islam does she see as old & noble? the one of Mohammed, or Abu Bakr? Or perhaps the one of the old Turkish sultans & their Jihads (against infidels) and harems (of non-Muslim “whores”)?

    A big “taqiyya alert” for this “ex-Muslim”, IMO…

    • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi holds a doctorate in Islam from Baghdad University – his Islam is by the book… Miss Kazan and all Muslims of integrity should leave Islam en bloc..

  4. It’s very simple to vet someone like Ms. Rabia Kazan: She must engage with Robert Spencer — preferrably live in a long discussion with him. Merely by watching and listening to how she responds to his points over the course of at least 30 minutes to one hour, one will know with absolute certainty whether she merits our respect and further attention. I trust that Spencer will ask most of the right questions which will reveal where she really stands on Islam.

    Nothing less than this is her obligation.

    And I’m being exceedingly generous, given the monstrosity her religion is, by even allowing her that ruthlessly minimal wiggle room to prove herself in.

  5. “Does Allah sanction the beheadings of innocents? Does Allah glory in the spilling of blood? Does Allah believe that non-Muslims are infidels? There is a dangerous perversion of an old and noble religion in our time and sadly, not enough resistance.”

    Err…well, yes he does. And there is no perversion of Islam in what IS do. They are dutifully following Allah’s instructions and copying the behaviour of Mohammad. Islam might be old but it was never a “noble religion.” Better get yourself a new one, Rabia. Islam is beyond repair.

  6. “This is not my Allah”?

    The short answer: Yes it is.

    The long answer: Yes it is. Wake the hell up.

  7. Whilst I admire the ICLA, I don’t see the point of this kind of initiative. In fact, I think it is a retrograde step. It gives false hope to the millions of scared/deceived/deluded dhimmis in the west. It makes them think that islam can be reformed, and that women like this represent the majority of muslims in the west when they don’t – if 90% of western muslims felt like this, such “moderate islam” organisations would have had conferences of 10s of thousands back in the 1990s, when it was clear after the Rushdie affair that the west faced a dangerous 5th column.

    A couple of years ago I saw Raheel Raza being touted round the UK by a supposedly “far-right libertarian” group (The Freedom Association). As I pointed out to Raheel Raza in front of a roomful of 100 educated, wealthy, libertarian non-muslims: if someone like Raza gets any traction at all in reforming islam, she will be killed and her reform group will be subject to harassment and threats and violence, just like the Ahmadis are. I pointed out that Hizb ut Tahrir was able to get 10,000 muslims to a conference in London; yet no comparable moderate muslim conference had ever occurred. What happened? The group of educated libertarians started to shout me down, saying that “Hizb ut Tahrir has been banned in the UK years ago”. Of course, it hasn’t. But that they were so misinformed, and so ready to protest against the only dissident voice in the room, shows how desperate are the western dhimmis to believe that reform is possible.

    On my return home, I looked up Raheel Raza’s book on Amazon, and compared it’s sales rank with that of books like Reliance of the Traveller: of course, as I expected, far more copies of the latter have been sold. There is virtually no market for books on islamic reform (and most of those copies sold are probably bought by desperate and scared dhimmis).

    • Joe —

      In general, I agree with you. As far as I’m concerned, the only point to an initiative such as this one is to see how many Muslims rally behind Ms. Kazan. Based on my experience, the number will be somewhere between zero and ten.

      If, contrary to my expectations, thousands of Muslims stand with her, then it will all have been worthwhile.

      If, as I expect, she gets nothing but well-meaning Westerners who are desperate to find an Islam they can co-exist with, then at best this dog-and-pony show will have been a distraction from our real work.

      So I’ll wait and see. I’ve been through this process before with people such as Zuhdi Jasser and Tarek Fatah (both of them fine fellows, the best of people), and I think I know how it will turn out.

  8. What a marvellous woman! A female Muslim who can nail the Islamic problem and be able to publicly speak out about it, is today, a not so rare woman indeed! Let us all hope that she can survive the fatwa’s against her in order to get her message across to the wider female Ummah.

    My hat goes off to her, indeed my heart goes out to her because what she is up against is like pushing the proverbial uphill! So many within Islam are so introspective, indeed cowardly, in that they do not speak up when they know they should – and I guess, that cowardice can be a little like our own situation today within the West as we are controlled in what we are able to publicly utter by the fascist MC/PC rules in place.

    Some years ago, 2008 to be precise, I hosted an American Blues singer on his ‘one night stands’ at local watering holes, Jack Smith by name, and while not a readily identifiable singer by world standards, a very good singer/song writer who now lives in Spain. BTW, when he was staying over, which was on Thanksgiving, he went out of his way to cook us a typical American Thanksgiving dinner – I supplied the Turkey and the rest of the goodies of course – which was very much appreciated by this old Aussie and his wife. And I might add, Thanksgiving turned out to be a most delicious meal!

    While he was with us we talked about many things, but the conversation that has stuck in my mind was when Jack and I conversed about the impact that Islam was then having on the world at large. His suggestion to me then now rings out and clear as I read this article, because what he suggested was that Islam would never be reformed so long as the women remained voiceless. And that recognition of voiceless women is important when one considers that Islam is such a male dominated ideology that pays absolutely no attention to its women, except for certain observances and breeding purposes. Islam is the antithesis to gender equality that is readily apparent to all who bother to enquire. Maybe that is why the feminists refuse to go there, because deep down they are also cowards.

    Bravo to that woman! And I sincerely hope that other female Muslims can take up the mantle she has so obviously thrown down to the misogynist orientated Islamic ideology in order to reform it.

  9. The thing is, lady, that IS your Allah. You may not like the rules of the Shariah, but all the things you find contemptible are found right there in the Shariah which in turn is based on express verses in your Koran.

    So if you don’t like that Allah, my suggestion would be to look for the real God. Pray. He will find you and send for you.

  10. The key question: does allah want to make nonmuslim women whores. This initiative, if it seeks justice only for Islam, is not so global after all.

  11. I applaud her and commend her (and any other muslims like her) but I just don’t get how she can be so ignorant of her own religion. Allah (through Mo) *does* tell his followers to butcher the infidel, kill those who try to leave islam, to do what you want with those “that your right hand possesses” etc. Is she willfully ignorant or being deliberately blind? If islam actually taught what she seems to believe in I don’t think many people would have a problem with it … but it would no longer be islam.

  12. But… it is her Allah, by the suras, by the example of Mohammad, this is what Allah demands, this is what he commands and every muslim is obliged to follow.

    I know she is trying to do good, but she will fail because she is lying.

  13. This is a step in the right direction. The heart of Islam is the control of women. If Muslims protest against Islamic barbarism, they ought to be encouraged as protest may lead to a revocation of the offending texts and Islam may reshape itself into something that is Islam in name only.

    The human desire for God is innate and religion is normally an accident of birth. It is the misfortune of those under Islam that their desire for God was confined within such an evil creed. Historically it in understandable, but to retain belief in barbaric dogmas ‘out of season’, is stupidity of the highest order.

    It is the tragedy of her country, Turkey, that once promised such hope of joining the modern world, is now looking backwards.

  14. I’m not sure I understand the point Rabia Kazan is making.

    Is she saying that the Islamic State’s interpretation of the Koran is wrong or is she saying that she doesn’t want to go along with it? The two are not the same. If it’s the former we need to know where IS have got it wrong, the latter is surely a renunciation of faith.

  15. “Does Allah wish for child marriage, which is essentially rape? Does Allah want to make Muslim women into whores? Does Allah sanction the beheadings of innocents? Does Allah glory in the spilling of blood? Does Allah believe that non-Muslims are infidels?”

    Obviously, she’s never read the Koran.

  16. Islam is an Arab supremacist ideology, hence a Turkish journalist has a problem with the rules of that ideology. All non-Arab followers serve the purpose of useful carnage to protect the values and morals of the immoral Allah of Arabia.

    • I always believed the same thing, that the Arabs believe that God is exactly like them.

      • Islam is an expression of the Arab soul – and the willingly adopted soul of all its many fellow travellers. Peace and islam are mutually exclusive. Why is it so difficult for our ‘leaders’ to pick up on this?

  17. “I have been made victorious through terror.”

    Thomas Jefferson went through the Bible and excised all passages about supernaturalism. When is a “moderate” Muslim going to issue a version of the Koran (and sunna and hadiths) purged of passages of violence and suppression of apostates and infidels? When is a “moderate” Muslim going to point out that Mohammed is not a worthy role model?

    If you take out this stuff, what is left? Who is her Allah if not the best deceiver?

    • Yes, this is a good idea. A Koran with all the violence and misogyny removed would have the advantage of fitting into a two-page brochure, with plenty of room left over for lavish color illustrations.

      • “A Koran with all the violence and misogyny removed would have the advantage of fitting into a two-page brochure, with plenty of room left over for lavish color illustrations.”

        It would be interesting to see the result of such editing.

  18. Ms. Kazan refers to her Allah. Does she have an Allah that is separate from the one in the Islamic texts? She does not mention Mohammed much. It is all about her Allah. But how can a Mohammedan know Allah but through Mohammed? How does she reconcile her thoughts about rape and beheading with the actions of Mohammed as described in the Islamic texts. Does she believe in her own idea of Allah without any consideration of Mohammed, by ignoring their prophet? She gives the impression of wanting to believe in the God of the Christian Bible while at the same time wanting to remain a Mohammedan without Mohammed. She is either ignorant of the texts of her religion or she is in deception mode. I really don’t see how Mohammedanism can be reformed without repudiating Mohammed.

    • Bingo. There will be no reform. Meanwhile, people like this woman reassure the West – which is so over any god stuff – that maybe there can be moderate Muslims and these MMs will leave the hedonists in peace, for heaven’s sake.

      Seriously, we post about “moderate” Islam and for a moment & it obscures our third rail Islamophobia. Therefore ppl who ordinarily avoid us suddenly come ’round to give us a pat on the back for -whew- finally getting it right. They didn’t want to leave us out there beyond the pale but what choice did they have when we continued with our hateful phobic rant?

      “So glad you finally decided to use the polite way to handle this thorny issue,” they say. And since they won’t be back again for months, we can just haul out our phobe flag from where it seemed to fall under this post and carry on as we always have: Jewphiles who’d rather read the Pentateuch than Nietzsche.

  19. I think we should give this brave woman a break. Most people’s religion, as AJ Cronin observed, is an accident of birth; to criticise its shortcomings (as a Catholic might over birth control, or the paedophile priest cover-up) is one thing, to abandon it altogether a rather greater wrench, even without the threats against apostates.

    • No, she gets no break — any more than a Nazi who came along believing that Hitler was the greatest man in history and that Nazism is okay, but “radical Nazism” is bad. Such a person we would laugh out of court. But for some strange reason, their Muslim equivalents are seriously entertained by too many in the compromised Counter-Jihad.

      • I am like stuck record, when it comes to dragging leftists by the ear to compare nazism with islam. As far as they are concerned, no Nazi can be reformed without denouncing Nazism. But the vast majority of muslims must be given the benefit of the doubt – including those muslims who have been imprisoned for islam-inspired terrorist offences, who are still not required to denounce islam but are seen as the Great White Hope, even though they avowedly subscribe to all aspects of islamic domination, now stopping short of terrorism.

      • Hesperado, although Nazism- like some other -isms we might mention- was an ersatz religion, it didn’t lay claim to people’s immortal souls. Notwithstanding my belief that the Enlightenment was the most important advance in human consciousness since Christianity (whatever my difficulties with the religious details), it did leave the door open not just for great humanist thinkers, but also for not-so-great demagogues like Hitler.

        Islam, like some Jews and Christians who remain unmoved by the revolution in thinking of the last 250 years (indeed, may resist it by moving in the opposite direction), still deals with real matters of life after death, even for women, and that’s a very long time indeed. I may not believe in eternal life, but for those who do, it’s the most important issue of all, and to risk jeopardising it would be a very grave matter.

        I’m not aware of your belief, or lack of one, but if this heathen can empathise with Rabia Kazan’s possible spiritual conflict, so should anyone else here, especially those professing a religious faith.

        • This is an important point. If one is raised from infancy to believe that the creed of one’s parents is the source and sum of all that is virtuous and the only way to escape torment in the afterlife, it can be terrifying and shattering to turn away from it.

          It’s easy to view Muslim apologies for Islam as a matter of bad faith, since we wonder how any decent person could defend such a malignant belief system; but sometimes it may be a desperate effort to hold on to the foundations of one’s being, individual and social (“Would my parents really have fed me something evil and told me it was divine?”).

  20. Even if she gets her fantasy (and it is a fantasy) and Islam gets all cleaned up… what’s to stop it from reverting a little ways down the road. The radicalism of today will not be forgotten and there will be disaffected young men who will say, “Remember the radicalism? That was great! We need to revive that!”

  21. MOPI – “My Own Private Islam”

    I think it was Hugh Fitzgerald at JihadWatch who coined the term MOPI.

    That is what Rabia Kazan is offering – her MOPI.

  22. There is no mileage in reforming Islam (other than tying up infidel management time). An Iranian who recommended that the story of the man in the whale (the Koran fails to remember his name, Jonah) should be taken symbolically rather than literally has just been executed for blasphemy.

  23. This is your god, allah the moon god, worshiped by mohammed your profit (according to him, the most perfect man ever?). He set the precedences of islam for all muslims. Disobey your god and your profit at your own persil. Renounce your faith, join the kuffar and then proclaim “Your allah is not my GOD” and live in freedom.

  24. The Christian God is more her type, I think. So why doesn’t she just convert? She’d be decapitated if she did. That’s why she has to keep agonizing over Allah.

    • The “Christian God” is more her type? Most Muslims have been raised to have a strong dislike of the Trinity, so that lets out mainline Christianity. Christian Deism might be more closely aligned to Islam’s concepts of Allah – at most he’s a static representation before and beyond words.

      There’s also not much need to believe in Islamic theology beyond “if Allah wills it”. Their emphasis is on behavior and if you’re devout, there won’t be much room for anything beyond an all encompassing scrupulosity re cleanliness and correct form for rituals. Imams are the crucial interpreters, they reassure (or not) the believer that he or she is doing it right. But the insecurity remains, of course. There is NO St. Augustine there saying, “Love and do what you will”.

      Islam is the annihilation of love and freedom.

  25. Alain Besançon’s article “What Kind of Religion is Islam” (Commentary Magazine, May 2004) is an example of French rational scholarship at its finest. He examines the question of whether Islam ought to be understood by Christians under the theological rubric of “revealed religion” or that of “natural religion.”

    He begins with the history of how “two attempts at dialogue—by Manuel II [Paleologus – yes, the Manuel Paleologus of Pope Benedict’s Regensburg address] and Nicholas of Cusa—led to a monologue. The Christian religion is indeed held to be necessarily true and certain, but Christianity itself has been knocked off-center. It is as if the effort to make themselves understood to Muslims subtly required these two fine intellects to traduce their own, thoroughly orthodox beliefs. It is now necessary to see why that is so.”

    His examination leads him to a fascinating formulation:

    “Christians are accustomed to distinguish the worship of false gods – that is, idolatry – from the worship of the true God. To treat Islam suitably, it becomes necessary to forge a new concept altogether, and one that is difficult to grasp – namely, an idolatry of the God of Israel.”

    In other words, Michael Paleologus and Nicholas of Cusa had not framed the problem properly, and thereby painted themselves into a corner. Having identified the problem, Besançon concludes:

    “Islam is not some primitive, simplistic, unworked-out religion. It is neither a “religion of camel drivers” nor a religion of soft and malleable borders. To the contrary, it is an extremely strong religion, with a specific and highly crystallized conception of the relation between man and God. That conception is no less coherent than the Jewish and Christian conceptions; but it is quite opposed to them. Although some Christians may imagine that, because Muslims worship the common God of Israel, Islam and Christianity are closer than either is to paganism, this is not the case. In fact, Christianity and Islam are paradoxically but radically separated by the same God.”

    I also commend to your attention the letters, particular that of the inimitable David Berlinsky, published in response to Besançon in September of the same year. Article and letters are behind the pay wall,

  26. “This is not my Reichsfuhrer”

    “My Adolph was a homeless man, a painter, a lover of animals and a vegetarian”.

  27. If Jesus of Nazareth had encouraged his followers to act in the same or a similar fashion to Mohamd’s behavior and exhortations, who but Satanists or cultists of the worst kind would follow Christianity? Even in those many discarded and unapproved Gospels that languish largely unread, nothing at all comparable to the mercilessness and slaughter of Islamic teaching is to be found. How can a person who follows Islam not know the contents of their sacred scriptures? This woman has to be practicing Taquia. If the Koran were structured so that Mohamd had started off as the killing machine and then he reformed only then might she have wiggle room, but the facts are the reverse, abrogation is in the Koran @2:106 . It boils down to the fact that if we know the Koran’s exhortations to massacre unbelievers etc. then she must know also. All she’s doing is putting infidels at rest while they infiltrate.

    • Fundamentally there are only two categories of muslim: the ignorant and the evil. I suggest this woman falls into the former category. Pitted in debate against the latter category, she would lose. I’ve seen it happen at a university conference which was 70% moderates (liberals and muslims) and 30% fundamentalists. At the end of 2 hours the moderates were left having lost every point; they were speechless at their inability to move the fundamentalists, simply by pleading with them to be nice to others. I was the only person in the room to call the fundamentalists out as fascists.

      • The concept of the “Ignorant Muslim” is pure speculation based on a combination of implied mind-reading and over-generous inference. Given the dangers of playing Muslim Roulette, we should not be so glib about this. A ruthlessly total suspicion of all Muslims must be de rigueur for the Counter-Jihad.

  28. Islam by definition is Godless and humanity hating? Soon I imagine there will be a large new class of refugee on the move in Europe. The multicultural true believers – absolutely shocked at how it all came to this. I mean……….

  29. When I see tens of thousands of Muslims rallying behind Rabia Kazan and protecting her from the inevitable sentence for “blasphemy” that some mullah or other will issue against her, I will slowly start changing my mind, perhaps. The burden of proof is not upon the “kafirs”. The burden of proof that Islam can be a worthwhile and above all peaceful interlocutor in any sort of debate rests squarely on the shoulders of Muslims. Show that your faith is not violent. So far, you have been massively showing the exact opposite.

  30. Rabia Kazan’s stance is quite problematic, just like that of many who are trying to dissociate Islam from what it openly and demonstrably condones and preaches. And the issues are much more fundamental than “taking off the veil”. Many died in the Civil War to address the issue of slavery. Yet now all those thousands seem to have died for nothing. This from the Twitter page of Umm Anwar / Umm Farriss, one of the four British girls married to an Islamic State fighter who has only recently been identified by researchers. “28 August 2014: 9:53 PM: Walked into a room, gave salam to everyone in the room to find out there was a yazidi slave girl there as well.. she replied to my salam :/” Question, on the same page, to Umm Anwar / Umm Farriss: “Aug. 29 from Aby Sulayman @Muhajir_Shaam: ‘@Umm Anwar: _sister, where can i buy these slaves?’ “. Note also the well-known opinions emanating from the Al-Azhar University in Cairo that slavery is fully “legal” under Islam. And we are being given public lessons about “morals” and “racism” by the apologists of a system that not only has reintroduced (or never really abolished) slavery, but deems to be religiously permitted? We are being given lessons in “morals” by those who ask: “_sister in Allah, where can I buy slaves”?

  31. Quite embarrassingly for all the apologists, including the very angry, prominent, and influential Ben Affleck, a fatwa is being issued by the equally prominent Salafi Sheikh Yasir al-‘Ajlawni, a Jordanian of origin who lived in Damascus, Syria for 17 years, legalizing within the bounds of the Shari’a the rape of non-Muslim women. This is not an issue of textual “interpretation” and similar subterfuges, as Sheikh Yasir al-‘Ajlawni made this statements in a video-clip publicly available on YouTube. The trend ste by this fatwa is supported by the fatwa of the Saudi preacher Muhammad al-Arifi regarding “intercourse marriage” with captive Syrian women, that lasts for a few hours “in order to give each fighter a turn”, by the lectures of Sheikh Ishaq Huwaini on “ghanima”, the “spoils of war,” to be distributed among the jihadis and taken to “the slave market, where slave-girls and concubines are sold.” “You go to the market and buy her, and she becomes like your legal mate—though without a contract, a guardian, or any of that stuff—and this is agreed upon by the ulema…. In other words, when I want a sex-slave, I go to the market and pick whichever female I desire and buy her.” In the explicit, documented, posted words of Kuwaiti political activist, Salwa al-Mutairi, “a Muslim state must [first] attack a Christian state—sorry, I mean any non-Muslim state—and they [the women, the future sex-slaves] must be captives of the raid. Is this forbidden? Not at all; according to Islam, sex slaves are not at all forbidden. Quite the contrary, the rules regulating sex-slaves differ from those for free women [i.e., Muslim women]: the latter’s body must be covered entirely, except for her face and hands, whereas the sex-slave is kept naked from the bellybutton on up—she is different from the free woman; the free woman has to be married properly to her husband, but the sex-slave—he just buys her and that’s that.” Further quoting directly from Salwa al-Mutairi: “For example, in the Chechnya war, surely there are female Russian captives. So go and buy those and sell them here in Kuwait; better that than have our men engage in forbidden sexual relations. I don’t see any problem in this, no problem at all.” I really do wonder what Mr. Ben Affleck’s defense of these specific and documented open statements is. Is he perhaps going to argue that Sheikh Yasir al-‘Ajlawni is not “Muslim” and therefore his statements do not count in the debate?

  32. Of course, there is really no reason for a purely feminist or women’s rights outrage here, I suppose. All of us who have followed this corner of the back-and-forth talkshop are aware of the fact that Salwa al-Mutairi is entirely gender-impartial. She also did issue a call to secure “sweet husbands” for unmarried Kuweiti women. The proposal appears to have been initially cast in the guise of the opening of offices for sex slaves in Kuwait, framing the call to purchase husbands with the understanding that they would become slaves. Subsequently the framing seems to have been modified to promote the understanding that the men would have to be Muslim (who of course cannot be legally enslaved) or would convert to Islam before marriage: “The husbands would be brought through the auspices of offices set up in Islamic countries and in Russia. The requests of Kuwaiti women would be published, on condition that the husband is Muslim, or that he converts to Islam before they get married. Then the Kuwaiti woman who wants to get married will choose her life partner from a photo album and will get to know his detailed description in order to bring him to Kuwait to marry him. He will live with her in her house after he pays her a symbolic dowry, even if it were an iron ring, as the righteous companions of the Prophet did.” Curiously enough, a sort of eugenics, if the term may be used, appeared to underpin the proposal when it was first formulated: “My goal with this proposal is to improve the offspring in Kuwait through the recruitment of white-skinned husbands. Just as I think about softening the climate through balloons, manufactured clouds and a farm with a million trees, I also think about improving the next generation of offspring.” (Sourced with full attribution and acknowledgements from; translation of original statements in Arabic by Al Mutarjim; translated from Youm 7 via Maktoob; original sourcing Maktoob, June 25, 2011). So let us acknowledge fully that the issues, in so far as they do involve the contemplation, by some, of slavery legalized by Islam, is in fact entirely color-blind. There is no “racism” involved on either side, clearly. The issues are however neither Shari’a-blind nor fatwa-blind.

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