The World Turned Upside Down

Geert Wilders is a member of the Dutch Parliament and the leader of the Party for Freedom. He has been unsuccessfully prosecuted twice in the past, and the public prosecutor is conducting a new investigation with an eye towards yet another prosecution.

As Mr. Wilders notes:

“The Dutch official counter-terrorism unit said in a news interview not long ago that 80% of Dutch jihad fighters are Moroccan. So it seems to be turning the world upside down when the Public Prosecutor prosecutes someone who asked the public if they want more or fewer Moroccans. I’d say, get the terrorists and prosecute them; leave politicians alone.”

Ten years ago this month Geert Wilders was forced to live under constant security due to death threats, and has been surrounded by bodyguards 24/7 ever since.

In the following interview, Mr. Wilders discusses how it has been to live for a decade with virtually no privacy and no opportunity for spontaneity.

Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Geert Wilders is still the most controversial politician in the Netherlands.
00:04   This month he has been closely guarded for 10 years.
00:08   24-hour protection, a continuous flood of death threats … what does that feel like?
00:12   And is he still in touch with reality?
00:16   Geert Wilders, controversial, high profile,
00:20   today that’s as true as ever. The Public Prosecutor intends to interview the politician
00:24   about his “Less, Less Moroccans” statements.
00:28   Wilders feels it’s an incomprehensible decision.
00:32   – The Dutch official counter-terrorism unit
00:36   said in a news interview not long ago that 80%
00:40   of Dutch jihad fighters are Moroccan.
00:44   So it seems to be turning the world upside down
00:48   when the Public Prosecutor prosecutes someone who asked the public
00:52   if they want more or fewer Moroccans.
00:56   I’d say, get the terrorists and prosecute them; leave politicians alone.
01:00   – 10 years protection and death threats, the life of Geert
01:04   Wilders, now and then it can best be described as an exciting
01:08   film. – Of course, you can’t imagine
01:12   living in Venlo in a nice apartment with a view over the Meuse, with your parents
01:16   on the other side of the river, and suddenly
01:20   you’re in a military base with bodyguards … it’s totally impracticable.
01:24   – Geert Wilders seems to be forced to
01:28   be surrounded by bodyguards. A never-ending flood of death threats
01:32   make it impossible for the politician to take a single step without his bodyguards.
01:36   – Sometimes you’re scared, sometimes you’re not.
01:39   – Do you make allowance for the fact that you could be murdered?
01:42   – That’s possible, it could happen any day, but I don’t think about it.
01:45   – Going 10 years back in time, September 2004,
01:48   Wilders leaves the VVD party and becomes increasingly more critical
01:52   of Islam. He is also more frequently and more seriously threatened
01:56   For his safety, he is escorted to and from The Hague by bodyguards
02:01   but on Thursday evening, November 4, two days after the murder
02:05   of Theo van Gogh, things get more serious. Wilders’
02:09   house in Venlo is blocked off by bodyguards, and shortly thereafter
02:13   the politician’s life is utterly changed. – 15 minutes
02:17   after they had dropped me at home, the same people from the police
02:21   who had dropped me off were at the front door, but this time with bulletproof jackets
02:25   and automatic weapons in their hands. They said, you have to leave NOW.
02:29   We don’t know why, we’ve just been told
02:33   that you have to leave now. We’ll take the car but we don’t know where yet
02:37   I was given something like three minutes to
02:41   to grab some shirts and we left.
02:45   Then somewhere near Eindhoven we switched cars a couple of times,
02:49   because at that time they still didn’t know where we were going,
02:53   until finally, hours later, after a lot of driving around
02:57   I heard from the police that we were going to a barracks
03:01   in Bergen op Zoom, I think, we had to go there.
03:05   Since then I haven’t been back to my home.
03:09   It was a few years before I could go back there again. – The counter-terrorism agency
03:13   removed Wilders from his home because
03:17   on a computer owned by Mohammad B., Theo van Gogh’s murderer,
03:21   there were indications that there were also plans to murder Wilders.
03:25   The security means that Wilders and his wife have hardly any privacy
03:29   any longer; certainly for the first few years. The Netherlands
03:33   doesn’t have any so-called ‘safe houses’.
03:37   – There weren’t any safe houses, as now; The Netherlands wasn’t prepared
03:41   That’s not an accusation, they didn’t know. You had
03:45   to find places where you could sleep, places you could go to.
03:49   It was a few years before the safe houses were ready
03:53   so I had to wear a wig and glasses
03:57   and a fake moustache; it itched horribly,
04:00   and then at the parliament buildings I had to take the moustache off
04:03   because it was for wearing on the streets.
04:06   I had all sorts of red sores during debates from the acetone with which
04:09   you removed the glue. But you could come to the parliament buildings
04:13   while the people around you didn’t know who you were, or at least we hoped not. – During that time
04:17   Wilders and his bodyguards
04:22   are very close, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. – They sleep with you,
04:26   not in your bed, but in the next room. I remember well that
04:30   if you left the room a bell sounded. They’d built it into the floor
04:34   so that you heard “ding, dong” or something like that when you went to the toilet.
04:38   and they heard it. They were constantly present. Since then the security
04:42   situation has improved. – Wilders and his wife live in a special house
04:46   and they have a little more privacy, but normally
04:50   they don’t have any. – I remember well that when my father died,
04:54   seven or eight years ago it was,
04:58   when we were on the way to the funeral; it was an emotional occasion and
05:02   they were there in the car, too. That’s uncomfortable for everyone. You can’t
05:06   switch it off and say it is your father’s funeral.
05:10   Those are not pleasant moments, but
05:14   you can’t prevent that happening.
05:18   You see, that’s one of the most difficult things. You don’t just lose your freedom.
05:22   That’s perhaps the worst thing you can do to someone.
05:26   But you also lose your privacy. There’s not an instant of spontaneity left
05:30   You can’t say, we’re going to do this now or I’m going to do that,
05:34   You always have to consult, tell them a long time in advance
05:38   where you’re going and what you are going to do. They are always there,
05:42   even at intimate moments such as funerals,
05:46   and that isn’t always easy.
05:50   – Don’t do what you want, restriction of privacy, there are people who say
05:54   that Geert Wilders, politician,
05:58   is losing touch with reality because he leads such an abnormal life.
06:02   He no longer lives the life of a normal person. – No,
06:06   I have heard that before. It’s not serious, I don’t worry about it.
06:10   I am completely in touch with reality,
06:13   and normal life. I believe that in some polls we are even the largest
06:16   or second largest political party in the Netherlands.
06:19   – To that you could say, can you keep it under control?
06:22   – The voter is always right, whether your name is Pechtold,
06:26   Wilders, Roemer or Rutte.
06:30   If I were no longer in touch with reality,
06:34   Then I think we would then be at -20 and not 23, 24, 25 seats.
06:38   – According to Wilders, during the last ten years
06:43   he has made official complaints about thousands of threats. In recent years,
06:47   says Wilders, more and more are coming from abroad and they are more and more serious
06:51   in nature. If you have to live like that,
06:55   is it then wise to have a sticker made that says
06:59   in Arabic, Mohammad is a criminal, the Quran is
07:03   poison, Islam is a lie? – That is true. All three are the truth.
07:07   If you look at what has happened in recent years … – Is that not asking for
07:11   problems?
07:15   You mustn’t avoid speaking the truth. – You see that as a truth?
07:19   In parliament you’ve also said “head rag tax”.
07:23   Yes. … if you really want that, you could also do it otherwise, I’d say a tax
07:27   on wearing a headscarf. – You can, we can
07:31   argue about the words, I appreciate that.
07:35   But the message, whatever you call it,
07:39   the message is that the Islamisation of the Netherlands
07:43   makes us more insecure. That message, you have to be firm about it,
07:47   you mustn’t paint all Muslims with the same brush, I would never do that, and I have never done that,
07:51   but that Islam does not belong in the Netherlands is as clear as day.
07:55   We can see the truth of that every day on television.
07:59   – Geert Wilders, as you have heard, the Public Prosecutor, may prosecute Wilders
08:03   for his statements about more or fewer Moroccans.

18 thoughts on “The World Turned Upside Down

    • Ditto to that! He is the leader that the West needs at this time in our history. I cannot think of another modern politician who has his political and moral stature. We who can think are with you, Mr Wilders.

    • Not soon, eventually. My unborn grandchildren will speak of Geert as the Dutchman who saw it and called it when to do so was regarded as being a nutter. In fifty years time he will be hailed as a courageous visionary.

  1. What can one say about a man whose conviction regarding the menace that Islam brings with it to any country stupid enough to invite it into its midst, and whose tenacity in upholding that conviction is so obvious to all, while his own personal and family life must be placed on hold because Islam and its enablers are trying to stop him from uttering the truth about Islam by killing him.

    This man now leads the crusade against the Islamic Caliphate that is threatening to engulf the entire world. He is hounded by those whom he tries to protect from their own stupidity and by those who would wish him dead so as to further the advance of Islam and totalitarianism. This unassuming man is a standout character on the world stage in the fight for Western freedom from the encroachment of Communism aided by the advance of Islam. He is a true Western leader and Hero that many within politics are point blank refusing to acknowledge due to their own personal moral cowardice, political agenda’s and their self- absorbed life styles.

    Wilders is the Winston Churchill of our time. And IMO, his recognition as leader of the Free World is long overdue!

    • I think he should get a Nobel Prize for his work in attempting to uphold the sovereignty of The Netherlands. If necessary, they could remove the one they gave our faux “leader”, transfer it to Wilders, and thereby go a long way toward exorcising the karmic debt the Nobel Committee has settled on its own head by such an appalling move.

      Of course they would have to clean it first, once they’d retrieved it from our exquisitely sensitive doo-doo head President. Oops, wrong language. Make that “malign narcissist who is hiding from us his barely average intelligence”.

      Bill Whittle thinks it wasn’t the case that BHO didn’t write any papers while President of the Harvard Law Review. In Whittle’s view, BHO did write them but they were so awful that the committee who oversees such things couldn’t allow his sad attempts at writing to be published.

      So anyway, they oughta take the Great Pretender’s Nobel Prize back, whether or not they give it to an actually worthy recipient.

      • I’m 60, live in California, served in the army for 4 years, and I think Obama is a disgrace. But I don’t think he is stupid. I believe he is doing exactly what his love of Islam is requiring him to do.

      • BHO certainly comes across as not being the sharpest tool in the shed, especially when the teleprompter goes down and he is left stranded on what to blather on about. His whole demeanour goes from one of the certainly of a good actor to an actor who cannot remember his lines – he is a fraud controlled by his masters who know how to wring the most out of this their latest puppet, one Barak Hussein Obama.

        I think the Nobel Peace Prize lost much significance when those Collectivist fools gave it to BHO who had done nothing and has done nothing to deserve it.

  2. Kind and true words from Nemesis,Osprey and Dymphna.

    That’s exactly why the ruling elite wants to brand mr Wilders with their “hatemongerer” mark.

    The ruling elite can not win a fair and open debate. The the ruling elite was responsable for the climate that resulted in the murder of his predecessor mr Pim Fortuyn. Another killing will be to obvious. Lets see if we can brand mark him as a witch.

    Do i care about a conviction? Yes and No. If they convict him i will be more battle hardened. Some would could it: radicalized

    Aquited? Well. Is the earth flat? Why bother mr Wilders with the obvious.

    One of the Dutch major pc newspapers ran an article on this today and they obviously got inside information from the prosecution office. He’s going to get convincted for this. Just because they think they can do so.

    • Dutch Patriot, yes they may find time to convict him of ‘inciting hate’ or being a ‘waycist’, but that conviction will only make him a martyr to the already snowballing effect he is having, and not only on Dutch politics, but Australian politics as well – Wilders is due to launch the new political party, Australian Liberty Alliance in October, 2015, in time for our own federal election year of 2016.

      He won’t give up and neither will ‘they’ while ever ‘they’ still believe that they control the narrative which is ever so slowly slipping from their collective grasp.

  3. nasty tipo’s mr Patriot 🙂 Sorry.

    Do i look different to mrs sabaditsch-wolff after her “conviction” ? Off course not. Their laws, their system.

    The problem is that the average man in the street in Holland never heared from mrs S-Wolff. Average Joe in the West will hear about mr Wilders conviction as a racists over and over again. That’s sort of bothering me. It will leave me no room to stay in their game.

  4. In response to a recent enquiry of mine when I asked what percentage of immigrants to Britain are Muslims, my Conservative MP answered thus, “My understanding is that we do not monitor the religion of those entering the country. I sincerely hope this is the case. Other countries have thought it important to monitor religion, most notably Nazi Germany in the 1930s.”

    Nothing more.

    • Hold on… Do you actually mean to equate Nazi Germany extermination of their own people and those that they conquered with reasonable immigration policy that protects the existing population and culture?
      Please expand your thought.

      • Babs, I believe maninthepub is only exposing the illogical thinking of current politicians who take to hiding behind the dogma of multiculturalism when uncomfortable questions are asked of them, rather than confront the obvious truth to what mass immigration now brings us all.

        • I despise my (allegedly) Conservative MP and write to him regularly asking questions that I know will put him on the spot.

          GofV asked recently if any knew what percentage of immigrants to Western nations were Muslim – so I emailed my MP with the question, his reply, and it’s worth stating again, was, ““My understanding is that we do not monitor the religion of those entering the country. I sincerely hope this is the case. Other countries have thought it important to monitor religion, most notably Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Yours sincerely, etc…”

  5. I am so glad somebody fighting this pagan religion. They clam to be descenent of Abraham, but Abraham has another father as Ibrahim. I even think ,as much as the saudis pay for all the mosks, as the saudis pay for the ‘is’ as much they pay the people to come to europe,as much they pay many women to wear the veil as much as they pay politicians to deney the future problem that democracy is already going down will be banned thanks to a lot of layers who only think about money and not at all about justicia.

    • The Islamic Allah is the old Arabian Moon God. That is why Mosques display the symbol of the Crescent Moon. There is no biblical connection with that paganism, so it is has become business as usual with Islam and the Muslim to use taqiyya as a measure to undermine the Christian and the Jew into believing that Islam and Judaeo/Christianity have a common ‘father’ when nothing is further from the truth. Even now, many Islamic ‘preachers’ are trying to co-opt Jesus Christ as being a ‘prophet’ recognized by Islam to the gullible and the ‘Closet Christians’.

      Never ever trust any person who self-identifies as Muslim and treat warily those you may suspect are Muslim.

  6. Islam will rule the world, you infidels have no idea,That is the promise of our Lord and Prophet Muhammad, and is described in the hadith and the Qur’an

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