“The Problem is in the Islamic Books”

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the founders of the terrorist group Hamas (which is also the official branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine, but that’s another story).

Mosab Hassan Yousef spent ten years as an undercover informant for Shin Bet, the Israeli security service, and is credited with helping to prevent a number of deadly terrorist attacks on Israel. Born and raised a Muslim in an “extremist” family, he converted to Christianity, and relocated to California as a political refugee. He eventually wrote an autobiography, Son of Hamas. A documentary film adapted from the book, entitled The Green Prince, has just been released.

Christiane Amanpour interviewed the younger Mr. Yousef on CNN. The excerpt shown below is germane to our work here. The relevant quote:

“I believe that the problem itself is in the Islamic books. And those guys are inspired by the Islamic teachings.

“If you look at the example of the Prophet of Islam — and I don’t mean to insult anybody — you know, he beheaded people. He used a sword. He launched military campaigns. And those people think by following his footsteps, they are going to establish an Islamic state and emancipate humanity, even though they’re destroying it.”

How did that segment slip past the PC scissors-men at CNN? Why didn’t it end up on the cutting room floor?

Anyway, here it is. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for excerpting this video:

Watch the entire interview on Christiane Amanpour’s blog, where you can also read a partial transcript.

One thought on ““The Problem is in the Islamic Books”

  1. Very good comment to have sneaked past and thanks for bringing to attention about the documentary film “Green Prince”. and his book “son of hamas”.

    I hope he has good comments of the application how the trilogy of those vile books are used to blind the west,

    It is why it is in line with some of earlier comments of we too, should read the koran, however with understanding of the key “ABROGATION” verses, and understanding the CHRONOLOGICAL hidden flow in that jumbled koran that is used to deceive themselves and deceive any outsiders.

    That way despite blasphemy laws, hate speech laws, that some countries have already bought in and pressure is sneaking forms of it in many other countries and states, through the human rights laws etc..

    To quote the koran with a lovey dovey verse and then with an abrogated verse, makes the koran self mock itself, when muslims complain about then the barrel of the abrogation verses.

    Example; when it suits them to blind us they can always bring up “not kill innocents” though there are many later CHRONOLOGICAL verses telling them exactly who and when to kill, rape or enslave. The ISIS live by the true islam and it is also expected that all moslems should be true to this.

    But Muslims may say it is out of context.
    If the horrifying hadith ( teachings, deeds and sayings of Muhammad) and sira (the biographies of Mohammad by his followers) can be tolerated then a “tafsir*” quote from a hadith seals the deal.
    That is how the imans and ‘Ulama’ – Islamic scholars interpret and use the koran in their mosques on their followers, and more than likely on their focus followers in small groups.
    It is also explained away to us as not essential, to know and we do not follow that (you mean at the moment) verse.

    This is what has to be exposed, the truth and very understanding on how it comes that those sword verses work.

    *(tafsir) profound and controversial influence on molding the commentaries on the koran from the hadith.

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