The Euro-Islamic State

The idea for the above graphic came to me this morning. I didn’t have any particular news story or essay to accompany it; so here it is as a stand-alone.

There’s plenty of material that could go with it. Turkey has been threatening Cyprus over the offshore gas fields, and helping ISIS, and mau-mauing the Austrians and the Germans. The Islamic State has been making videos calling on its supporters in Britain, France, and other European countries to make hijra to the Caliphate and join the jihad. The earnest lemmings of Sweden are rushing headlong towards the precipice, ready to invite hundreds of thousands more Muslim immigrants into their already overburdened country.

So the Euro-Islamic state is on its way. Maybe it could abbreviated EUIS, and be pronounced “yoois” (“oyis” in German). An Arabic version might be “EU-Da’esh” (I don’t know how they’d pronounce that one).

This time around it won’t be stopping at Poitiers and the Löbel Bastion…

One thought on “The Euro-Islamic State

  1. A clever flag, which will be admired by vexillologists. What is especially clever is how Allah arranged that the Arabic phrase in the round emblem can be read in English too, as

    So this is simultaneously a celebration of whatever the Arabic slogan says, and a deprecation of the najisness of all Jews and dogs.

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