The EU as an Accomplice to Terror

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The following essay by the prominent Austrian journalist Christian Ortner was originally published on his website. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

The EU as an Accomplice to Terror

by Christian Ortner
October 14, 2014

This past weekend the EU decided to devote half a billion euros of tax money to rebuild the Gaza Strip, which was partially destroyed during the last war. And since this money, of course, is non-existent, that much debt will accrue.

Just a reminder: This summer, the Gaza Strip was used by the governing Hamas regime as a launch pad for more than 2,000 rockets fired at Israeli schools, hospitals, a nuclear research center and other civilian targets. And because Israel had the unmitigated gall to defend itself militarily instead of peaceably observing, there is now considerable damage to buildings. Not least because Hamas is especially fond of using schools and hospitals as launching platforms; several of them in Gaza are in ruins.

If you hold your nose, you can half-heartedly argue that it is appropriate on “humanitarian grounds” for the EU to shell out for rebuilding Gaza. For now, we can ignore the fact that the population of Gaza democratically elected Hamas. The EU flushes tons of moolah down the toilet for other nonsense, including some hundreds of millions to Turkey.

And still, this promise by the EU to give Gaza a half billion leaves a taste in the mouth like fresh vomit. Because now Hamas knows that, whenever they are in the mood to shoot rockets at Israeli kindergartens, they don’t have to be afraid of economic consequences. The EU will pick up the bill for any damages from Israel’s countermeasures. The European taxpayer will be glad to take care of it, even though — to play it safe — he isn’t being asked.

And that is how the EU is making life easier for Hamas and all the other Islamic groups that are eager to carry on with Herr Eichmann’s Final Solution to the Jewish Problem, at least indirectly with the trade-craft.

So it will probably only be a matter of time until the EU also helps out the Islamic State with a few hundred million, to remedy any damages that may be expected from Allied air attacks on the off-with-his/her-head-jihadists.

And the European taxpayer will also be glad to pay for that. It’s a sure thing.

15 thoughts on “The EU as an Accomplice to Terror

  1. Sensible, but why is the EU doing this? I thought the recent EU elections brought some new blood from the more conservative parties. The whole thing just makes me think that Europe, reputed to be pro-Palestinian, is really anti-Jewish.

    • The European elections have no bearing on EU policy, the ‘parliament’ has no political power whatsoever. Political power in the EU comes from the ‘Commission’, an unelected body and the sole entity able to propose legislation which is then rubber stamped by the ‘council of ministers’. The whole shmozzle being totally unaccountable.

      There is next to no ‘democracy’ in the EUSSR!

      In essence the EU is nazism purveyed by mass indoctrination through the media rather than the traditional violence of tyranny, TV has replaced the ‘brown shirts’ and the Gestapo, so the anti-semitism is still there, but it is ‘soft’, and the violent pogroms are now carried out by (islamist) proxies…..

      • I should add here that those pogroms are now focussed on active Christianity as well as Judaism, and believing Christians have no place to run to, just like the Jews of 1933 – 45.

      • I would suggest that it is a mixture of naziism and the marxist principles of the Frankfurt School. Orwell was very prescient with Animal Farm. Barosso even looks like Napoleon.

    • Europe is anti-Jewish, anti, Christian, Anti Europe anti-logic, anti everything reasonable, anti-serbs, anti-Greece, anti-Cyprus. Pro-Ottoman, Pro Turks, Pro Azerbaijan, Pro Islam, Pro Saudi Arabia, pro Pakistan.
      Didn’t Europe collect thousands of teenage girls every six months and drive them like sheep to Istanbul for the pleasure of the Sultans.
      Europe has always been without honor.
      You don’t surrender your family to Ottomans you defend them to death. I repeat To death.

      • Europe was devastated by wars between imperialist, totalitarian, fascist, communist, and socialist powers but there stands now the EUSSR which, we are told, is “solving” the problem of the first half of the 20th c., to wit, “nationalism.”

        The dead can rest at last.

        Europe (and the U.S. and U.K.) now slide perceptibly back into the maw of statism, with vicious Swedish tyranny playing its imaginative and accomplished Waffen role.

        Europe is neither home of nor friend to decency and freedom. Is it any wonder that it seeks out the company of the human scavengers?

  2. This half billion dollars going to rebuild GAza is the Jizra the EU is payng to be left alone by the moozies

    • Except that it won’t be left alone. What you describe is a protection racket; criminal and evil to the core.

    • The wealth from Islamic nations continues to build through dawa, the mosques, Islamic centers for ‘bridge-building’, student/social/human rights groups and associations all to tie down any resistance to the Islamic invasion and subsequent shariah creep.

  3. Down’t surprise me one bit. European socialists a nd progressives sold out to the devil of diversity anc PC a long, long time ago. Great Britain needs to create as much space with the EU as possible before it is too late for them too.

  4. Paying protection money to mafia’s?
    Aiding and abetting criminals? Or is this a conspiracy to destroys civilised countries?

  5. Has Mr. Ortner forgotten that the EU plays it both ways?

    NATO, which is the EU’s military arm and the EU which is a satrap of the US, provided aid to Syrian “rebels” and unless you are actually there every day on the ground fighting, we don’t know who really the US and the EU are helping arm in the fight against Assad. Unless one gets their news from the propaganda arm of the administration, the Washington Post ,for the “real” truth.. Now, the end-users of the weapons, it´s been said, are also going to “terrorists” or ISIS, or call them whatever you want since the name may change next month. So the European tax payers are funding both Assad and Gaza/Hamas. Hamas and other groups just hoping Israel will be wiped off the map.

    Meanwhile the EU is disintegrating. It was a bad idea, a vanity project by the elite to begin with anyway.

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