“Terrorism” in the West

Dave Petteys returns with a brief look at the Islamic doctrine of “individual Jihad”, and how it is misunderstood by the media and political leaders in Western countries.

“Terrorism” in the West

by Dave Petteys
Act for America 5280 Coalition

All the attacks in Ottawa and elsewhere are Islamic Jihad, not the work of “deranged young men who have been economically marginalized”, (as the Progressives attempt to rationalize the phenomenon). These attacks conform to the strategy first formulated by Abu Musab al-Suri[1]., an Al Qaeda member and ideologue of Jihad. He rightly recognized the ability of the security services to take down hierarchical Jihad organizations and called for the following:

  • Jihad websites and magazines to supply ideology, training, methodology and target selection.
  • To encourage and support “individual Jihad”.
  • This would be impossible for the security services to stop.

One only has to look at the online Al Qaeda magazine Inspire[2] or the ISIS Magazine Dabiq[3] and read the newspapers to see this strategy being made manifest. To term such attacks “lone wolf” is to misunderstand and ignore the Abu Musab al-Suri strategy: the attackers may be solitary, but they are not “alone”, nor are they without support.

The most bizarre aspect of all this disinformation and denial is the degree to which the government and the media try to disassociate Jihad from Islam. This catastrophic misunderstanding of Islamic doctrine, fostered by Muslim groups in the West, is the main issue. So let’s straighten this out!

The Qur’an is a collection of “recitations” of Muhammad’s revelations as taken down and recorded by his companions. The early “Meccan” Suras were conciliatory, peaceful and tolerant. They were necessarily so, owing to the fact that Muhammad’s movement was weak in those early days. After the Hijra (migration) to Medina, and the invention of Jihad, Muhammad’s movement became strong and ruled all of Arabia within ten years. His revelations became less tolerant and more violent.

The Saudis fund staff and formulate the curricula of their “Centers for Islamic Studies” at all the major Universities in the West. They would have us believe that the Meccan Suras are all there is, that the Meccan Suras are “the real Islam”. But this is a half-truth because it buries and ignores the Medinan Suras, which are just as much “the real Islam” as the Meccan ones.

This means it is madness to give the mosques and the 4200 Muslim Brotherhood jihadi front groups free rein in our society to proselytize, recruit and fundraise for Jihad in the United States. Islam is a totalitarian political movement whose ideology calls for our destruction. It is not a “religion” that deserves a free pass owing to our traditions of religious liberty. Unless we see the truth of this, we will eventually be destroyed.


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6 thoughts on ““Terrorism” in the West

  1. The article is wrong. “Meccan” suras are usually not valid anymore, since Mohammad himself said that in case of conflict between suras, the one that was said later prevailed (which means, the Medinan ones). This is called “abrogation”.

    • Yes, the crucial Islamic legal hermeneutic/exegetical practice of Nasikh!

      (I can’t believe we have come to need to know this crap!)

  2. We should be like the Japanese who consciously try to limit the presence of Muslims in their country – there are only about 10k out of 127m. I bet they save a lot of tax money from having to pursue jihadist troublemakers, and their public is a lot safer.
    The Japanese are largely irreligious, and they consider Islam to be the predilection of the unintelligent. Very smart people.

  3. I am sick of Islam. I never wanted to know anything about it and I was so happy in my ignorance. It was a bit exotic and Lawrence of Arabia made it so. But on that beautiful morning of September 11, 2001, I lost my innocence. Nothing I have learned so far makes me like it in any way shape or form. I have come to see it as the deadly enemy of civilization. I let others do the readings of the haddiths and the auras, one thing I do know for sure is that my lying eyes show me every day who our enemies are. Sad to say they are the ones we elect, and the news reporters, who will not tell the truth about our ruthless enemies who live among us, for fear of having their own head cut off. Go ahead, ask them, you will get this or a similar answer. So, I guess they won.

  4. I see the demestic terrorists group the NBPP is making that ax weilding meniac killed in New York as some great persons which proves they need to be investigated the NBPP need to be abolished

  5. I feel that all Muslims are entitled to pursue their faith as they please, but not here.

    I want all the mosques closed and the Muslims removed from the West, beginning with the American Hemisphere, from Argentina through Canada.

    I’d prefer they didn’t exist at all, for reasons of population biology, but if foregoing selective exterminations is the price we pay for being civilized, at least we can confine the Islamic rages and excesses, the paroxysms of violence and virulent enforced backwardness, and waves of preventable epidemics et cetera to an Islamic world defined by their OIC membership as harbors of hopelessly homicidal simpletonship.

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