“Soon We Won’t Have Our Country Anymore”

The Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) are the only major Swedish party that dares to criticize mass immigration. For the past decade there has been a huge campaign by the government, the media, and the political elite to discredit them. Despite the demonization, SD has become increasingly popular with ordinary Swedes.

Most recently, Sverigedemokraterna received 13% of the vote in last month’s elections, and increased their number of seats from 20 to 49 in the Riksdag (parliament).

Kent Ekeroth is a member of parliament for the Sweden Democrats. A year ago today he addressed the Swedish establishment on the floor of parliament, criticizing them for their policies on mass immigration. He predicted that Sverigedemokraterna would surge during the next elections, and he was right — that was exactly what happened, almost a year later.

In the video below, pay attention to what the Communist member of the Riksdag has to say near the end of the clip. I’ll explain after you’ve finished watching it.

Many thanks to Alfred Fredriksson for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Bengt Berg, a member of the Communist Party, confronts Mr. Ekeroth with the fact that he, Mr. Berg, is a “member of the Swedish church”. To understand the significance of Mr. Berg’s remarks, you need to know a little Swedish cultural context:

1.   Under normal circumstances, no Swedish leftist — Communist, Social Democrat, Green, Feminist, or otherwise — would publicly proclaim his status as a Christian. In general, elite Swedes hold Christianity in contempt, placing it below Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, paganism, and atheism in the hierarchy of acceptable beliefs.
2.   Anyone who is born in Sweden automatically becomes a member of the Swedish church (Lutheran, formerly the state church). It’s the default faith. It’s the box that is checked if a baby’s parents don’t claim him as Catholic, Orthodox, Buddhist, Jewish or anything else.
3.   Kent Ekeroth is a Jew.

Everything else I say here is my opinion. I’ve been an interested, attentive observer of Swedish politics and culture for the past eight years, but that doesn’t mean I actually understand Sweden. It’s very hard for any non-Swede to understand Sweden.

Danes and Norwegians are better-informed than the rest of us, so they may want to weigh in and correct me.

In effect, Bengt Berg is pointing out to his elite well-born leftist native Swedish colleagues that Kent Ekeroth, who just said all those bad, bad things about well-born Swedes, is Jewish. Mr. Ekeroth, being an outsider — and a member of an ethnic group that is particularly loathed by a large number of well-born Swedes — has no right to criticize the Swedish establishment for its destructive immigration policies. Message: “We don’t have to listen to what a Jew says.”

That’s the subtext, as I understand it. Correct me if I’m wrong.


0:02   Madam Speaker,
0:04   Sweden could have been paradise on earth,
0:07   with our wonderful wildlife, with the fantastic Swedish people,
0:11   who lifted themselves from poverty to probably the most well-organized, richest and most peaceful society on earth.
0:19   For not too long ago was Sweden also one of the world’s most homogeneous nations.
0:24   Social cohesion was strong, and upon this cohesion a welfare state was built that time and time again
0:31   was shown to create the greatest happiness for its citizens.
0:35   The Swedes succeeded, a prosperous, rich and peaceful society with the world’s most beautiful wildlife.
0:41   It’s almost like a fairy tale. But then you showed up. All of you sitting here in front of me today,
0:48   with an exception for SD, and all of you who ran this country before the Sweden Democrats entered parliament.
0:53   You in sjuklövern* [the political mainstream] who for decades now have transformed the fairy tale into a nightmare for more and more citizens,
1:00   for more and more people who once upon a time built this paradise.
1:04   A few days ago I was in Gothenburg visiting a childhood friend who lives at Länsmansgården,
1:09   right in the middle of all the gang shootings that occur in the “exciting” new Sweden, as you call it.
1:15   I was sitting at his kitchen table with him, his mother and a friend of the family, a lady about 80 years old
1:23   and she told me about the development in her area, how she no longer feels at home in her Sweden.
1:28   She said to me “soon we won’t have our country anymore.”
1:34   And this wasn’t an inveterate Sweden Democrat. Not someone you in sjuklövern* [the political mainstream]
1:40   usually call “narrow-minded, racist and fascist”.
1:42   She was a completely normal Swedish woman, born and raised in HER country.
1:48   Who has lived and worked her entire life here, who was born in a poor Sweden and helped turn it into a paradise.
1:55   Who now, as a direct result of your policies, no longer feels safe and no longer feels at home.
2:01   And she isn’t alone, and this doesn’t only apply to our elderly.
2:05   Our youths are probably the ones who are most clearly affected by your madness.
2:09   While you politicians and our journalists hide in luxurious, rich and homogeneous Swedish areas,
2:16   you cram the multiculturalism on everyone else and demand that they like it.
2:22   You yourselves refuse to live in it. The hypocrisy knows no bounds.
2:26   Before the elections in 2010 I traveled around to schools and saw what you all refuse to see,
2:31   and what even I myself have experienced during my years in school.
2:34   The systematic oppression of Swedes, the bullying, the violence and sense of helplessness.
2:38   Multicultural chaos! Where the immigrant gangs tell Swedes what they are allowed to do, say and think.
2:45   Why do you think the Sweden Democrats are the third largest party in the school elections?
2:51   Why do you think we are going to beat our earlier record in the elections next year?
2:55   Is it because of your fantastic multicultural policies?
2:58   During a visit to Kiruna two years ago I met a Sami [Lapp] lady. She was born in a cottage in the northern woods.
3:06   She and her forefathers had lived there for generations and loved it passionately.
3:12   But as she got older she wanted living arrangements in Kiruna city. She couldn’t take care of herself in her cottage anymore.
3:19   And then she got an answer from YOU saying that she couldn’t get access to the new apartments being built,
3:25   and do you know why? Because you all chose to give them to a group of Somali immigrants instead.
3:32   I know that these stories don’t have an effect on you. Some of you are smiling mockingly,
3:38   telling yourselves that these are just old narrow-minded Swedes who don’t understand your multicultural paradise.
3:43   You get your backslaps at your consensus club somewhere and then you think you’ve done something good
3:47   when you return home to your homogeneous Swedish residential area.
3:51   But you should all be ashamed, and history will judge you harshly.
3:55   52.5% of those in prison for the worst crimes in Sweden are foreigners or people with foreign background.
4:05   30% of people in our prisons aren’t even Swedish citizens; they are foreigners.
4:11   This is what your multicultural paradise has resulted in.
4:16   And it is this situation that has made it possible for a 16 year-old girl to be beaten to death outside Västerås
4:22   by an immigrant Iraqi Kurd who YOU decided not to deport. One might ask why you want this murderer to remain in our country.
4:30   We had an 81-year-old woman who was beaten and robbed by an immigrant gypsy when she was getting money at the ATM. He wasn’t deported, either.
4:39   She was getting this money to pay for her dental care. You know — the dental care you offer illegal immigrants for free?
4:45   But you deny all these facts, you deny the enormous costs related to immigration,
4:50   you deny immigrant-dominated crime and you deny that Swedes no longer feel at home in their country.
4:55   You deny all of this. Instead, you blather on about challenges and how to solve them.
5:01   And claim that the problem isn’t mass immigration, but the problem is that we have to solve the problems.
5:06   But then you have to ask yourself:
5:09   what is the point of creating problems in the country that we don’t already have from the start?
5:13   Are you bored and want something to do?
5:17   If it weren’t for you we could prioritize warm food for the elderly, which has been cut.
5:22   If it weren’t for you we could have given the 1.5 billion kroner to our hospitals that they asked for.
5:28   Instead you chose to spend the money on illegal immigrants who are here in violation of Swedish law.
5:33   This is the simple truth about this society, this multicultural chaos that you have created for the last thirty years.
5:39   If it hadn’t been for you, Sweden could have been a paradise.
5:44   [Bengt Berg, a member of parliament for the Communist Party wants to ask a question.]
5:52   Thank you Madam speaker.
5:55   The Sweden Democrats’ first speaker today alluded at least a little bit to Christianity.
6:02   For simplicity’s sake, I can inform you that I am a member of the Swedish church.
6:09   I appreciate the message of love that is present in some parts of Christianity.
6:17   However, when I listen to Kent Ekeroth it is so incredibly invisible.
6:23   The love, the tolerance, the openness.
6:28   It is like Kent Ekeroth has lived in a box, opened the lid and stepped out into this warm idyll.
6:40   And this is supposed to be Sweden. There is no historical perspective. I would simply like to ask:
6:48   Is there no connection between migratory waves throughout the world in history and our own country, our own era?
7:00   Can you please stop with your buzzwords every time? You say absolutely nothing, everything you say is completely meaningless.
7:06   You really have nothing to contribute. You can’t talk about the economy; you can’t talk about crime,
7:10   because all reality is against you. So instead you come up here and talk about pink elephants, it’s ridiculous.

*   Sjuklövern: seven-leaf clover, the seven-party system. All parties in Parliament, apart from the Sweden Democrats, are seen as one party when it comes to policies on mass immigration. These seven parties are the “seven sisters” or the “7-clovers”.

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  1. 1. First, Christianity everywhere, except among the Orthodox, has turned into a suicide cult. I usually refer to all main denomination Protestant Churches as members of the “Swedish Socialist-Democratic Party.” So its does not surprise me that a reverse may occur as well: a Swedish commie claiming to be a Christian.

    2. Second, something I wrote in an article about Sweden some years ago is germane:

    “Some contest the Hitler revenge theory by pointing out that Sweden –perhaps the most self-disemboweling country in Europe — had no part in the Holocaust. But they forget that Jews were not allowed to live in Sweden before 1782, their emancipation did not arrive until 1870, widespread antisemitic sentiments were common well into mid-20th century, with the remarkable actions of Wallenberg and Bernadotte acting as a counterfoil to a popular sentiment that until the end of 1942 had closed off Sweden to Jewish refugees from Nazi persecution, produced antisemitic student protests, and gave rise to the Swedish Anti-Jewish Action League (Sveriges Antijudiska Kampförbund) founded by Einar Åberg. It’s germane that the law prohibiting “incitement against an ethnic group” under which the Swedish state prosecutes its anti-Islamization dissidents was enacted due to Åberg’s widespread antisemitic activities in the late 1940s and 1950s.
    Moreover, the term “Hitler’s revenge” is valid as a metaphor that extends far beyond the Third Reich and antisemtisim. Merely 300 years ago Sweden, for instance, expressed its multicultural affinity by charging at the foreigners at the gallop, firing a brace of pistols at close range and then skewering them with rapiers. To the student of military history, Sweden has won immortal fame for that, and not for its current wet pap circus.”

    • And don’t forget that Sweden supplied at least one, and I think it was far more than that (read about 2 or even 4), divisions of Waffen SS troops to Germany during WW2.
      They were some of the most fanatical and cruel units of an already fanatical and cruel instrument of destruction of the Nazi state.

      And after the war formed the backbone of the Swedish armed forces…

      • My father fought against those people in the forests of what is now Ukraine. They were some of the best Waffen SS units that the Germans had.

        The Nordland Panzer regiment was composed of Swedish but also Norwegian and Danish volunteers, and others were dispersed among other regiments of the SS Wiking Division. They were involved in various legitimate batles but also in genocide of Jews in the Ukraine, and in annihilation warfare against the Polish Resistance forces around Warsaw. Nordic volunteers were also in other Waffen SS Divisions, mainly
        „Nord“, „Leibstandarte“ and „Totenkopf”.

        However, the number of Swedes in the SS was quite small; probably around 1,000 (estimates range from 300 to 1,500). Both Norway and Denmark had each at least four, five times that number of SS volunteers, a tiny country like Belgium had over 20,000, and countries you’d not think of, e.g. Latvia, had perhaps as many as 150,000.

  2. So the Communist (? — I thought they were all atheists) gets up and talks about the “love” of God and claims he hears no love coming from Mr. Ekeroth’s comments. So typical of these unbelievers to appeal to “God” when they can’t think of anything else with which to attack the truth.

    He doesn’t know his Bible very well, does he?

    Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed.
    The entire population of the world destroyed except for the 8 on Noah’s Ark.
    And that’s just a tiny sip of the wrath poured out by God on unrepentant and evil people, whose hearts are “desperately wicked and deceitful above all things.” (Jeremiah)
    And he hasn’t been reading Chapter 1 of Romans lately either, has he.
    “The wrath of God is revealed . . . ”

    No. To the unbeliever who claims to speak for God, repent while you may. For your eternal destiny hangs in the balance. The God who is love is also a God of justice and wrath.

    The government of Sweden is a vile thing indeed, to foist on its people a plague so vicious and toxic as the Mohamedan disease — one must wonder whether God in his anger is permitting this pestilence to descend on the Swedish people for having for the most part signed up to follow Satan.

    Islam fills the vacuum made manifest by worshippers of secularism, made possible by a church largely informed by rationalism and hence, heretical.

    • Eight on Noah’s ark, Harriet? What ethnicity were they, and where did the others come from after the flood?

      • Your question is not for me as much as it is a question as to the truthfulness of the Biblical account, an issue beyond the scope of this thread and one that you should deal with between you and your pastor.
        I believe the Biblical account, which in this case demonstrates that God who is love is also a God of wrath and judgment, contrary to what the communist criticizing Mr. Ekeroth put forth as a reason to dismiss the latter’s discourse on the evils of Islam.

        • Harriet, although not a believer, I envy people who have faith, such as your good self. My problem is with those who take Genesis to be literally true in the face of all the evidence, rather than an explanation devised by Jewish clerics for an age before science; it was a Sunday School teacher who made such assertions who helped make me the heathen I am today.

    • Harriet, I am with you regarding the Bible. If more people were actually read it they would begin to realise the truth; as Jesus said, the truth will set you free. In addition, YHWH is forebearing but won’t take man’s crap forever, as you point out. I fully expect that eventually He will exact retribution against all those who refuse to recognise Him (the Father, Son and Holy Ghost), who worship false gods and who harm His chosen people, both Christians and Jews. There is enough evidence about this for those who wish to know but as far as I understand, when God finally acts ignorance will not be an excuse that saves any individual.

  3. You’re probably wrong. I’m Swedish and I don’t at all get any sense that he’s referring to Ekeroth’s jewish heritage. He may not even have been aware of it as it’s not exactly a widely discussed topic, except maybe on far right conspiracy theory websites.
    While communists usually are not religious, that has little to do with the state church of Sweden which has as so many other parts of society here been completely hijacked by the extreme left. They are heavily involved in helping illegal immigrants and vocal supporters of mass immigration and queer activists hold high positions in the church.
    Because of that, the church of Sweden is generally seen as a force of good by the leftists here, even if they don’t personally believe in God.
    Also, it isn’t true that you become a member of the church at birth, it used to be like that but they changed it many years ago. You’re not required to register membership of any faith at all.

    • Based on his appearance, Mr. Berg is old enough to have been automatically registered at birth as a member of the Swedish church.

      I think that is the ONLY way he could ever be described as a Christian — unless he is very, very different from other communists in Scandinavia.

      • Yes his membership is of course something he has had from birth. Still, nowhere does he say that he is a christian, only that he is a member of the church. Other more conservative churches and the christian faith in general is very much detested by the leftists, but the state church is pretty much a leftist organization and isn’t as hated by the communists as you might think.
        His comments is just an extremely poor attempt at sounding morally superior.

          • To an evil hateful SD-member that wants every brown person in the world to be gassed to death. This is more or less the way they view us who have common sense and realize that it will destroy our society to drown it in third world asylum seekers.
            As I said, this guy probably didn’t even know about the jewish thing.

  4. Until it comes down to the wire and one of the western future moongod inheritance estates spins islam off its current axis, (Like….’look mohomad, Ayesha and Amir this is total bs and we are closing your rackets down – now’) normal rational people will soldier on until Bam!?

  5. As has been seen elsewhere, Sweden is targeted for a social re-engineering. It’s an experimental process taking perhaps different routes, but with a transformation at the end. There is no mystery that Swedish society must be dismantled, liquidated and eliminated as a social-cultural entity. It’s history, cultural gains and stable environment must all be transformed into the new reality which all of western society will succumb to, so our masters wish. The question is; who is behind this process? What is the end game? And why are we not resisting?

  6. quote:
    “Here we go again
    Certain posts at Gates of Vienna, among them those by Takuan Seiyo, tend to attract the attention and comments of people who are preoccupied with the Jews. They frequently refer to “Holohoax” in World War Two, often supplementing their scornful references with obscenities or derogatory epithets.” (January 18, 2013)

    …so please beware!

    As a ******* [intercourse performing] old Swede born in 1935, I must exclaim:
    Gosh, what you all know! In particular Takuan & HarrietHT.
    Misssing are just the eternal rants of 6 millions gassed and cremartet in auschwiz, luxurious matrasses mede of women prison hair, toilet soap and decorative lampshades.
    T o t e n k o p f v er b ä n d e mit 300 – 1500 Schweden – mmmmmmmm….
    Das schmeckt!

    And Harriet – allways remember: Allah is greater.



  7. To talk about Sweden and SS in this context is just silly.
    I am a member of SD. Not active but still one among those 12,9 %
    that voted for them. With this cleared I would like to say that I don´t for a moment think that mp. Bergh meant to through any kind of anti-Semitism upon mp. Ekeroth.
    It´s more likely that he wanted to relate to the message of love and all that and that. He has always felt welcome in church. An organisation built upon love and forgiveness etc. etc. Though I have left the church myself some seven years ago.
    I hear more ant-sementic comments in american sitcoms every week than I ever have heard in my whole 40 year old life in Sweden. I can´t actually remember any kind of incident of it. Leftis and such love to criticize Israel but not being stupid enough to use name calling against an individual jew.
    It just doesn´t come easy for a “swede” to do that.
    It´s just as bad as the the N word or similar. Can´t say it never happened, of course.

    • Based on what I observed in Sweden first-hand, I know you describe the situation correctly. BTW, no antisemitic comment would pass through American TV censors either, though ethnic jokes are permitted which perhaps goes beyond the Swedish PC framework. And I don’t think the commie commenting on Ekeroth had an antisemitic intent in mind. Even if he had made such a comment, it would not have been half as bad as what his comment actually was: iredeemably idiotic.

      • Well, it seems I must bow to superior knowledge, and admit I’m wrong.

        I’ve just never seen a Swedish lefty say anything positive about Christianity. Mr. Berg’s words were startlingly anomalous, which is why I went looking for an explanation.

        • Pardon me Baron, but I thought your identification of the subtext of Berg’s comment regarding Ekeroth was, as we Aussies say, spot on. It was a clear allusion to the fact Ekeroth was of non-Christian heritage. That is Ekeroth as a Jew had no business commenting on Sweden’s immigration policies because he is ipso facto not a “real” Swede like Berg.

    • Think Berg was trying to conflate Caesar and God. That the state (Caesar) should act as only the faithful can act. He misreads the Bible.

  8. So is “pink elephants” the new euphemism for Mohammedans? I think that’s slander against pink elephants.

  9. A fine speech by Mr. Ekeroth and I wish him luck, but he is up against long odds in Sweden. Recently, the Swedish parliament voted to recognize “Palestine”, as did the British parliament, with many more parliaments sure to follow. Perhaps the reason for this has to do with a particularly European response to crisis, because as the Mideast melts down the collective unconscious of Europe reacts with their age-old tradition of seeing the Jews behind it all. Blaming the Jews for the Black Death was not so long ago, and now a plague called ISIS is here.
    When he was testifying in his defense at Nuremberg, Julius Streicher cited his having been taught since childhood, as a Lutheran, that Jews were evil. And didn’t Martin Luther write “The Jews and Their Lies”? And isn’t Sweden predominantly Lutheran? Yep, Ekeroth has his work cut out for him.

  10. The precedent for this theological concept of “unbelievers” being “heathen/infidel/kafor” and the theological concept of “divine judgement of the heathen/infidel/kafirs at the hand of his agents” is the invasion of Canaan by Joshua’s hordes of Israelites when “God” told them to murder all the men/women/children of the Canaanite “heathen”

    To quote from previous posters:

    “YHWH is forebearing but won’t take man’s crap forever, as you point out. I fully expect that eventually He will exact retribution against all those who refuse to … ”

    “Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed.
    The entire population of the world destroyed except for the 8 on Noah’s Ark.
    And that’s just a tiny sip of the wrath poured out by God .. ”

    [redacted] Why don’t we add “smite the infidel .. cut off their fingers, slit their throats..” (to paraphrase the Qur’an)

    It’s the 3 Abrahamic monotheistic faiths taking their precedent from the theological concepts invented by the prophets of Abraham’s descendants – and all because “God” “told” Abraham that “all the families of the earth” would be BLESSED through Abraham’s descendants (but evidently not – and certainly NOT through their religious theological concepts of “heathen/infidel/kaffir” which automatically gives the “believers” a very serious racial prejudice against all “unbelievers”; and certainly NOT through their religious concept of “divine judgement at the hand of ‘God’s” agents or the “believers”).

    What a mad breed most of humanity is. We, the sane ones, need to keep fighting back in blogs like this before we all end up back in the dark ages.

    South Africa

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