Off the Air

Gates of Vienna went down sometime on the morning of Wednesday, October 29. I posted this notice early the following morning. If you are reading this, it obviously means that the site has come back up.

The hosting service is working on the issue, which seems to have something to do with domain name servers. There’s no specific estimated time of resolution, so it will be interesting to see when our blog reappears.

11 thoughts on “Off the Air

  1. Never seen a website with so many crashes. Some hackers must really hate the site. Is there a way to create an email list and just send that out everyday?

  2. My internet provider EE here in the UK blocked GoV by default as unsuitable for under 18s. I had to override the block.
    Does this happen with other service providers?

    • Also in the UK, I have had the same problem accessing Paul Weston’s Liberty party and a couple of other bad-think blog sites. I cannot remember the providers, but I now expect this sort of thing generally (hack attacks and establishment pressure to stop people reading the truth about radical Islam and the catastrophic consequences of mass immigration in Europe). If the EU had the power to gag and jail prominent resisters, it would. And it is working on it all the time.
      We are back in the USSR now, not quite as tyrannical, but bad enough to send millions into internal exile, and make them reliant on samizdat information sources. Like GoV. Welcome back.

  3. Like the first commenter has hinted at Baron, this site is obviously a target of those who control the Collective and the attacks are a graphic example of the intolerance for thinking outside of the Collective that is a Hallmark of the collectivist agenda.

    Welcome to 1984.

    Gates has been ‘off the air’ for over 24 hours, but I knew Gates would win through in the end because perseverance has its own rewards.

    As we often utter down under, ‘don’t let the bastards beat you!’

  4. Perhaps it was ‘natural causes’ after all, anyone wanna bet?
    I’ve noticed that sites like ‘Loonwatch’ never seem to crash.

  5. For over 24 hours, current G of V was blocked by my server. 2013 archives were accessible.
    I was alarmed, fearing that once again this site was scrubbed.
    What a relief to find you all here again.


  6. Welcome back! The test card is nostalgic; we had something similar in the UK when TV wasn’t on 24/7, for the benefit of retailers and engineers.

    • And that’s the color test card. Do you remember the black-and-white test patterns? Those are more the ones I remember, since most of my TV-watching time came before the color era.

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