No Halal!

I don’t know anything about this photo other than it was taken recently in Manhattan:

Is it descriptive? Or normative? Your guess is as good as mine.

One thing is for certain: any business owner in Britain who posted a sign like this would be prosecuted.

8 thoughts on “No Halal!

  1. I wish it had said, “No Muslims, Please.” I sure am glad I have never had any Muslim friends.

  2. I refuse to buy halal certified food, or anything by a company that has paid the jyzia, and if I walk into a restaurant, cafe, or take away food place and the have a halal certificate in sight, I walk straight back out.

  3. I was recently perusing the frozen meal section of my local market when I came across some new offerings. I believe the product was named Bombay Kitchen. I love Indian food but it can be time consuming to make, so I picked up a box to read the ingredients. Before I could do so, something else on the box caught my eye: Halal certified. I threw it back into the freezer as though it was radioactive.

    • What’s needed is a certification system indicating whether the creature was stunned before slaughter, for halal and kosher meat, so we can follow our consciences.

      • A lot of halal meat is from animals which are “stunned” before they are killed; but they are only sufficiently stunned to make them insensible enough to be easily handled (and to fend off any questions about animal welfare which don’t scrutinize too closely) they are sentient when they are being killed. I heard a Muslim on a radio programme talking about how 90% of halal slaughter is of pre-stunned animals. This attempts to take the wind out of the sails of the argument against it, by presenting it as being the same as conventionally slaughtering methods. It was a comment posted on Liberty GB about this “stunning” which wasn’t really stunning at all, which revealed the reality.

      • How’s about education. Certification is acceptance. Next? Certified local groomers and genital mutilators? Islam is Islam. There is no “good Gestapo and bad Gestapo”. Sooner or later muslims will be saying to the cowed dhimmi population “How dare you try to tell us how to live our lives”. Oops…They’re saying that now. Well whatever.

        • Well Dhimmitutorials, while I deplore unnecessary cruelty to other animals, especially the most intelligent, my chief concern is our fellow-humans. If this seems inconsistent to some, I’ll have to live with that.

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