Mothers Opposed to Sharia Will Converge on Speakers’ Corner Tomorrow

The following notice was posted today at the ICLA website.

Mothers to Oppose Radical Islam and Sharia at Speakers’ Corner, London, UK — Sunday 19 October

We have just received news that Anne Marie Waters, Director of Sharia Watch UK, will join principled speakers on Sunday 19th October to support Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia.

Anne Marie said:

“Extremist Islam represents a grave threat to the safety and freedom of women, as does the political correctness which allows some men to get away with crimes against women, simply because the authorities don’t want to cause offence. It is up to women to stand up and demand that our freedom and safety are not compromised by our leaders in the name of political correctness. It is also significant that we are doing this at Speakers’ Corner, the home of British free speech, as we demand the right so speak our minds and tell the truth about the menace of radical Islam and sharia in our society”.

ICLA wishes those that attend this important event at Speakers Corner every success with their efforts tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Mothers Opposed to Sharia Will Converge on Speakers’ Corner Tomorrow

  1. There’s a reckoning coming. And the first ones to get it will be the traitorous politicians who have done this to us.

    • Oh, I have a mischievous fantasy of a guillotine being installed on the campus quadrangle of every liberal arts college from Stettin to Santa Cruz.

  2. This is tremendous and I hope it is well supported. One note of caution. For some years now, islamists have congregated at Speakers Corner to peddle their poison. They always turn up mob handed. There could well be trouble.

  3. I wanted to hear Anne Marie Waters speak, but neither her website, nor the ICLA’s, quoted a time- bit of an own goal there. I went this afternoon, but had missed her by an hour or so; as Peter suggests, several Muslims were about, and there were heated discussions, one of which turned into a scuffle, but the police were on it in seconds.

    Some good news which I hadn’t known- apologies if others here did; AMW has joined UKIP, and has been selected as their parliamentary candidate for Basildon and Billericay in Essex. This should be a good area for her to stand in (and not just because Pat Condell lives in the county!) Maybe more importantly, UKIP’s record on opposing islamisation has been poor, but she should surely be having a word or several in Nigel Farage’s ear, and indeed he must have been aware of her record of opposition to Sharia and other abuses.

  4. Well done MARIAS (Mothers against Radical Islam and Sharia) for a sparkling debut at Speakers Corner.

    Whilst being heckled all through the event by a particularly obnoxious individual who, with his crude insults to the ladies, gave the assembled crowd a first-hand example of the lack of respect for females by muslim males, you gave some cracking speeches, some of which can be seen here:

    The crowd, of many diverse nationalities, was generally supportive to your message, although there was a rather nasty altercation towards the end of the proceedings when a ginger-haired convert attacked a middle-aged member of the crowd. The police stepped in immediately and two mounted police arrived at the scene.

    • Many thanks for posting this, Phoebe; it makes up for my having turned up late due to lack of information about the time.

      I don’t know the name of the gentleman who speaks first, who I believe is a lawyer, but I’ve seen him at demos at London University and the Law Society; nor the lady who speaks second, and is evidently doing something practical to help. Anne-Marie Waters battles against a barrage of hostile barracking, which I suspect is a skill she’ll need in her campaign to be elected for UKIP!

  5. Oh [expletive] I’m middle aged! What instigated the altercation was that I asked him if it was acceptable for his 50-something prophet to have sex with nine year-old Aysha, why would it not be acceptable for me (mid-40s actually) to have sex with his daughter (who apparently is also 9 years old). For some reason that suggestion seemed to completely outrage him and turn him into a red-eyed crazy violent idiot. The police were in deed very quick to react as were a number of people in the crowd.

  6. The gentleman who speaks first is lawyer,Charlie Klendjian who is also a representative of the Lawyers Secular Society.
    They have been prominent among the opposition to the Law Society concerning their recent issuing of “Sharia Succession Rules” Practice Notes.

    The feisty blonde lady has been posting some very perceptive videos for some time under the name of “thedarkangel6661

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