Marked for Death: One Man’s 10-Year War with Islam

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, is facing yet another “hate speech” prosecution for his public remarks about Islam and Moroccans.

CBN recently interviewed Mr. Wilders about the upcoming tenth anniversary of his regimen of 24/7 police protection. Some excerpts are below:

Marked for Death: One Man’s 10-Year War with Islam

Hated by millions and marked for death, Dutch parliament member Geert Wilders is one of the most controversial politicians in the world.

Wilders believes the religion of Islam is violent and dangerous, and because he has said so, publicly and persistently, he has had to forfeit a normal life. November 4 marks exactly 10 years Wilders has lived under police protection.

It began with the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who had made a film attacking Islam. Van Gogh was murdered by a Moroccan Muslim on the streets of Amsterdam after the film was made.

Dutch police believed Wilders might be in the next victim and showed up at his door.

Geert Wilders: They were wearing machine guns and bullet proof vests and I said, “Hey, what is happening?” And they said, “We don’t know what is happening but you have to leave now, in three minutes.”

I just took some shirts and we went away and I didn’t know where we went, where we would go. The police didn’t even know. We changed cars and we ended up in an army barrack. And since then, 10 years ago, I have not been home.

It’s something you don’t wish your worst enemy to experience. It’s not only the threats. It’s the fact that you lose your freedom, your privacy. My wife and I lived for a few months in a prison cell, a prison cell in Zeist where the Lockerbie suspects used to be imprisoned. Nowadays we have safe houses. I live in a safe house provided by the state.

Dale Hurd: Do you every wonder if you made a mistake? Has this been worth it?

Wilders: I am sure I made no mistake. I make mistakes every day. I’m just human. I am full of mistakes. But to speak the truth about Islam, as I see it, and as the reality, is not a mistake. I wish many people did it.

I understand why few people do it because the price is very high. Besides the death threats you get from average people, from Islamic dissent, from organizations like al Qaeda or the Taliban, also a lot of people label as a “bigot” or a “racist” or an “extremist” – they try to hurt you in any possible way.

You are sued as I have been, and will be again, by a criminal court or by another court. They will sue you, they will threaten you, and they will label you.

So, I understand, it’s not very attractive to speak out against the dark forces of Islam, to be proud of our own values and identity, which I believe are based on Christianity and Judaism and humanism and not about Islam. And you pay a very high price, so I understand why people don’t do it.

But people should do it and what has happened with the Islamic State nowadays in the last few months has opened the eyes of so many people, so I hope it will change.

Hurd: You never wished you had done something else to have a normal life?

Wilders: No. I wish I had a normal life, yes. I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that my most important wish is to lead a normal life. But even more important than that is to fight Islam, to fight for our freedom, the freedom of our society, to be proud of who we are.

And I really strongly believe that Islam is dangerous, Islam is violent, Islam wants to dominate and not assimilate in our societies. And our countries, our free societies will change. And Christians, Jews, apostates – we will be the first ones to pay a price if Islam gets its way in our free societies.

Hurd: Is it unnecessary provocation for you to say, “Mohammed is a criminal, the Quran is poison, Islam is a lie?

Read the rest at CBN.

10 thoughts on “Marked for Death: One Man’s 10-Year War with Islam

  1. Twenty to thirty years ago the notion of Islam influencing any Western government policy would have seemed ridiculous.Now it is common.

    When you see a young English hipster of say 20,you have to remember that he was born in 1994,he was 10 in 2004 and has absolutely no valuable memory whatsoever of a pre Islamic Britain and how wonderful it was.

    Who can convince these people of the sheer freedom of expression that existed before the religion of hate gained it’s foothold here?

    No-one,they have had it,they are brainwashed and done for,unfortunately they may take my children with them and that is more than just a crying shame.

    • The people you speak of are irrelevant. just like these so called “moderate”mohamedanes are irrelevant.’

      In most Western democracys the ones that hold power are few in numbers. All it takes is another Churchill. A Churchill of our times. And that Churchill will come when the time is right.

      Any youngster with any brain in the west can feel and see there is a huge difference with what Cameron and people like Milliband tell them about society. The reality of any islamic infiltration into the west “teaches” them day by day.

      All it takes is one more beheading of any western soldier in any western country. One more islamic attack from dar al islam on dar al harb. One demand or attack to many.

      It might happen might be later. Cameron and all what he stands for will meet the next Churchill.

      The alternative for a next Churchill is now still unthinkable but it wont be anything near to what Cameron and his multiculti friends call: free elections. That will be something called: The second “French” revolution.

      Cameron and his accomplicis in the West should get a grip on the concept dar al harb real soon. Time is running out for them. No matter what any teen born in the 90’s thinks or does…

  2. Islam is a total’y backwards religion that enslaves women and kills all its opponents

  3. Australia is the first Western country to sign up to Wilder’s Freedom movement with the forming of the political arm from the Q Society, Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA). I have been receiving emails from the ALA on their rapid progress in getting established and building up the membership base.

    In a nutshell, the avalanche of membership applications appears to have almost overwhelmed the ALA. I received an email this morning asking applicants to be patient while the process of membership is carried out.

    Although I am not in a financial position to become a member of the ALA, with what I have already learned from their emails I fully support their policies and main goal – which is to nobble the islamization of this country through political means before it becomes necessary to take up more violent means, which will surely follow, if we do not expose, confront and then deal with the danger that is Islam within our own country, and soon.

    Geert Wilders will be at the launch of the ALA come next October. Going on what the political establishment did to the political party, One Nation at the turn of the century, I expect them to do much of the same to the ALA and the Q Society when the ALA publicly reveals its purpose.

    Very interesting times ahead for Mr Wilders, the Churchill of our time, and Australia.

    • The ALA doesn’t seem to have a website yet, and there is nothing on the Q Society’s page. Can you let me have a link?

      • Salome, there is no website at this time for what I believe are practical reasons – hacking and warding off media attacks – and won’t be until the party’s launch next October. If you want info you can latch onto the party’s emails by typing in ‘Australian Liberty Alliance’ and sending your particulars when prompted to do so. ALA will then send you out what info they have. If you wish, I could forward some info I have to your email address if you wish to provide it to the Baron, so long as the Baron doesn’t mind.

    • Don’t count on that. After halal-tick-tock islamman had his way in the UK, the ‘muslim community’ got kudos from Cameron. Their is a frightening amount of don’t just do something – stand there.

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