Major Hasan Confounds the “Narrative” About Himself


The customary media handle for Major Nidal Malik Hasan is “The Fort Hood Shooter”. Myself, I prefer “The Killer Shrink of Fort Hood” — it has a nice ring to it.

However, neither of these concise designations refers to JIM, unlike Maj. Hasan himself, who isn’t shy about proclaiming his Islamic devotion.

The latest example of his religious fervor may be found in a letter written to His Holiness Pope Francis by the Killer Shrink from his prison cell in Fort Leavenworth. According to Fox News:

Hasan directed his attorney John Galligan to mail the undated, six-page, hand-written letter to the pope. A copy of the letter — titled, “A Warning To Pope Francis, Members Of The Vatican, And Other Religious Leaders Around the World” — was provided by the attorney to Fox News.

Hasan appears to make multiple references to the Koran in the letter, and includes a bulleted list of guidelines for “believers.”

In one subsection titled “Jihad,” Hasan praises “The willingness to fight for All-Mighty Allah,” describing it as a test that elevates the “mujahadeen” who “are encouraged to inspire the believers.” He states that “fighters … have a greater rank in the eyes of Allah than believers who don’t fight.”

Maj. Hasan is exactly correct. Unlike the court that convicted him, the media that reported on him, and the general public who were told that his massacre was an instance of “workplace violence”, the Killer Shrink is well-versed in Islamic law and the Koran. He knows that he, as a mujahid enjoys the highest esteem in the eyes of Allah. When he is eventually executed — if he ever is — he will be miraculously cured of his paralysis in Paradise so he can eternally enjoy the amorous attentions of his own personal harem of perpetual virgins.

Vlad Tepes has some relevant thoughts on the religious zeal of Nidal Hasan:

I have to give credit to Hasan. He has a lot more integrity than the people who ventriloquize him. Several times now he has sent letters explaining his motives, the ideological basis of his actions and any possible related materials that any real Western court or jury of any kind would find relevant to establishing the true nature of his attack at Fort Hood.

It has been the US government and US courts who have been inventing a narrative for him in order to sell the public an untruth they feel is better for them than what everyone increasingly understands is the reality of Islam…

This most recent letter to the Pope is just another data point on the stack he has already provided himself, not only without coaxing, but in fact despite attempts to suppress what he wants to say about himself and his motives. It is therefore, with great sorrow, that I have to admit that this mass murderer has shown a great deal more honesty and integrity than those Americans elected to represent their interests and security. To illustrate this, please read the following paragraph from a FOX link on this story, which is a quote by Hasan’s own lawyer:

Asked to comment on the latest letter, Hasan’s attorney said it “underscores how much of his life, actions and mental thought process are driven by religious zeal. And it also reinforces my belief that the military judge committed reversible error by prohibiting Major Hasan from both testifying and arguing how his religious beliefs” motivated his actions during the shooting.

This makes it difficult to determine who is more treasonous and seditious. The components of the US government which seek to deny the facts of this case for unspoken reasons, or the man who committed these acts for reasons he is not allowed to say officially.

I’m sure the Pope and the Killer Shrink could become best friends, if they could only engage in some meaningful dialogue and discover what they hold in common: their devotion to the God of Abraham.

Yup, sure they could. Right?

8 thoughts on “Major Hasan Confounds the “Narrative” About Himself

  1. On his military business card-[ visible online ]- the word “Health” was mis-spelled.

    A telling Freudian slip for a Psychologist.

    No one in the military noticed, curiously.

    • I am sure they noticed, but were afraid to remark. Nothing will end your military career faster than a “racist” coment to a cultural enricher or “minority,” with a”sexist” or hompohobic” ones being distant seconds. Who are you to speak on behalf of “correct” English spelling, anyway? Let a thousand cultural flowers and spelling variants bloom, so that we may all be enriched by this vibrant diversity.

      How we got this way will be a subject of endless fascination for archeologists sieving through the pot shards of this suicided civilization 500 years hence.

      • Funny, that’s the same image that recurs with me. As Emmet Scott (see book on the sidebar) discovered, when the archeologists sieved through the pot shards and such from the time Islam was dominant in Spain they found nothing of any purported Golden Age. Nada.

        Islam just shoved out the inhabitants of palaces and manors and churches and took up residence. They built little, adorned nothing, and set their scribes to copying the Greeks. The bridges dated back to the Romans. So did any extant baths. When Ferdinand and Isabella finally fought their way back in hundreds of years later, there was little to dismantle. And architecture began again, taking up where it had left off when Islam invaded. There is a huge, heretofore unexplained gap where Islam squatted for centuries.

        Spain was far luckier than India.

        • It was not luck that saved Spain, it was the expulsion of all muslims. The most wise decision when fighting Islam. Muslims in any society act like a poison, survivable in minimal quantities, but deady in larger doses.

      • I used the final word “curiously” to note that I doubted that the military colleagues of this homicidal scumbag did miss it.

        The services are filled with too many pensioneers and not enough warriors.

  2. “…order to sell the public an untruth…”

    How about this:

    “in order to sell the public the *lies*…”

    Truth in advertising, please.

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