Livingscoop Needs Your Help

Just about everyone knows by now how easy it is to violate YouTube’s terms of service and have a video taken down. And it seems that conservative and/or “Islamophobic” content is more likely to cause a video to be pulled than much more violent jihad-related clips.

This is at least partially due to complaint swarms initiated by Muslims and leftists — when enough complaints are received about a video that contains “hateful” content, YouTube takes it down pending a review by its staff. Without such complaints, many clips violating YouTube’s guidelines can — and often do — skate by indefinitely.

It’s also possible that Google is susceptible to political pressure, and for all I know it may even engage in PC-inspired suppression on its own high-minded initiative.

One of the alternatives to YouTube that does not impose a PC/MC regimen is Livingscoop. I’ve met some of Livingscoop’s organizers, and they’re dedicated people who do their best to provide a video platform for Counterjihad-minded users.

They need your help to stay afloat. Below is a message from the management at Livingscoop:

Livingscoop is one of the key front line Websites in the fight against Islamization of Western countries. Very big blogs like PI-News in Germany use Livingscoop to host their videos safely, and Livingscoop was also notably used to host video interviews with Robert Spencer or with Wafa Sultan.

Meanwhile, these days Livingscoop needs support over the short term in order to face costs, and provide support for necessary technical improvements on the mid-term.

Please, donate to Livingscoop to help us develop and add technical improvements, such as a new own video player, a general HTML5 video format working better with iOS devices, and an upgraded great version of our “Live Reporter” real time streaming app, etc.

>>> Use the Paypal “Donate” button visible on all pages of Livingscoop <<<

Feel free to pass on this message to your friends, relatives, networks.

The more support Livingscoop gets, the more sustainable and efficient it is to provide everyone’s daily freedom of expression and to offer a strong, safe and reliable platform for anti-jihad videos.


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