ISIS in the Sinai

The Islamic State is popping up all over the place these days. In addition to their usual haunts in Iraq and Syria (they took Kobani today, despite massive air attacks by the United States and its allies), their adherents (or admirers) have been reported in Finland, London, Chicago, and Kosovo. And that’s just from today’s batch of news articles.

In Libya, the Salafist militia Ansar al-Sharia has pledged allegiance to the Caliph. There are also reports that ISIS has a presence in the West Bank.

A couple of days ago an ISIS affiliate from the Sinai released a video bragging about its violent actions against “Zionist agents” and warning the tribes of the region to conform to the dictates of the Caliph. The video is too graphic to remain on YouTube, but as of this writing it is still available on (CAUTION! Extreme violence at this link!) Dailymotion.

If you have the stomach to watch it, you’ll see some of the usual stuff — inspiring jihad songs in mujaharmony, blowing up buildings, the shooting and/or beheading of bad people who have done wrong in the eyes of Allah, etc. Most of the middle of the video is taken up by captives speaking earnestly into the camera. Some of them must surely be handcuffed, because you can see flies walk across their faces, and they shake their heads, rather than brush the insects away.

Portions of this video may eventually be subtitled. In the meantime, the following summary was written by ritamalik, who understands written Arabic, and some of the more standard spoken dialects of Arabic:

The video opens with Quran 5:51: “O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you — then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people.”

Then there is the beheading scene when the guy shouts that this is the punishment for all the apostate traitors. Takbir!

Then comes the voice of (I think) Khalifa Al-Baghdadi or someone like that, who gives a message to the people of Egypt in general and those of the Sinai in particular. That ISIS has been seeing a succession of treachery from them and how every day they discover a string of plots and conspiracies by them against Islam and the Muslims. Then he goes on to warn them about a group called “The Supporters of Beit Al Maghdas (Jerusalem)”, many of whom had turned out to be spies for the Jews. Then he denounces the Egyptian Army for killing the Mujahideen (ISIS fighters), and says that the Egyptians are fighting for the Jews and blockade the people of Gaza. And then says that Allah most high says that who ever makes friends with them (the Kuffar that is) is one of them! Therefore, he says, it is a religious duty to all of us (Muslims) to stand up to them. Then he quotes some more of the Quran about how God hates the Kuffar, who deny his light and so on.

Then the video shows an attack on the house of an Egyptian, a supposed traitor. The caption gives the name and age of the man and the accusation, which is belonging to the apostate Egyptian army and participation in many of their operations which caused the destruction and burning of Muslims’ houses and so on. Then it reads that the punishment should be the same as his crime. His blood is blood of a dog and he is wanted dead or alive.

Then the voice again says that they should attack their houses and explode their abodes and cut their heads off and fill their world with fear. Then he recites a part of Quran about Noah which says that God told Noah that his family who have done mischief are not of him anymore, and he should not consider them family (obvious parallels with Egyptian army members not being considered part of the Ummah anymore). Then the video shows the house of the poor chap being exploded, and the caption thanks god for the destruction of the house of the “apostate”.

Then comes a confession video. The guy is a soldier of the Egyptian army. I couldn’t understand a word that this poor guy had to say since he was speaking in some strange dialect. But the caption reads that he was a spy for the Jews. Then of course it shows the end to which he came later. He was shot in the head. The captain reads: “What is the harm in repenting before you are forced?”

Then he turns to the tribes in Sinai, and says that they have a special place in their hearts (of ISIS) and then warns them about some of their treachery, and says even if your children are with the enemy, beware of them. Some of them are the spies for the Jews and conspire against the Muslims. And says that on their tongues are now their confessions and in the book of Allah is their proscribed punishment. He says that they will be spared death only if they repent before they are coerced. (Meaning basically that if we catch them we will kill them!)

Then the video goes on to show a bunch of poor chaps who one by one come in front of the camera, tell their names and ages and tribes and confess that they worked for Mossad and the Jews and confess to various crimes, and in the end they warn their peers not to follow their example, and to repent before it is too late. Then it shows them being executed in cold blood one by one.

Then in the very end comes a warning to the Jews accusing them of denying Allah’s book that they know is true, but they deny it because of their stubbornness. It reminds them of the trial of tree and stone which will come in the end times to which they are condemned (alluding to the famous Hadith about trees and stones crying out in the end times that “Oh, Muslims, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.”) and he says that we (the Muslims) are waiting for it!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

What I wrote above is very paraphrased, but it may clear up what the video is about. Basically a very stern warning to the people of Egypt and especially the Sinai tribes who are pro-Egyptian government, and at least at the moment are making common cause with Israel. All of it backed up with Hadith and Quranic verses and theologically explained and graphically put into practice.

Hat tips for the news links: C. Cantoni, Fjordman, and Insubria,

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  1. It will come down to Israel putting NEVER AGAIN into concrete action. All scores will be settled. The sociopaths will find out who really gave that “book” to Mo.

  2. Kobane still holding out at this moment, despite fierce ISIS onslaught and less than effective air strikes. Massive pall of smoke over Kobane as of 30 to 40 seconds ago. Spread the news! Even as the fighting rages, balls-of-steel guys tweeting from Kobane keep sense of humor (” cahit storm @cahitstorm · 7m 7 minutes ago. Did i mention the god damns mosquitos that harrass me all the day? Would it be possible to bomb them aswell @CENTCOM ???”). The ISIS religious thugs and their grim hadith-spewing blood terror will never wear down people who can at least still crack wry and rational jokes in the midst of a wave of senseless death driven by religious fanaticism!

  3. Please keep spreading and correcting the news. The AsiaNews report that Kobane has fallen was premature and inaccurate (,-thousands-flee-to-Turkish-border-32351.html). “cahit storm” is still tweeting from Kobane right now (mere seconds ago) and Kobane is still FIGHTING ON! Massive airstrike has sparked a gigantic plume of smoke over Kobane and the town is almost vanishing within a pall of thick black smoke and dust. Repeating: Kobane has not fallen yet, as of seconds ago. The Clash of Civilizations is ON!

  4. Please continue supporting Kobane. All is NOT lost! “cahit storm” continues tweeting from Kobane right now: ” cahit storm @cahitstorm · Planes are still there [meaning a Coalition B1 bomber, probably two]. I Would give my kingdom for a laser pointing device”. No one I am contact with understands why we do not coordinate more closely with Kurdish ground spotters.

  5. Finally a move with some courage and backbone! Thank you Switzerland, in the name of women and men of reason and of the plain simple human right not be tortured, murdered, decapitated, enslaved, raped, forcibly converted, and publicly threatened, with total impunity, with all of the above in the name of religious ideology! This just in: “BERLIN: The Swiss government has banned ISIS and all activities to support the organization. The neutral country’s governing Federal Council Wednesday issued an order banning the group and related organizations, a move it said was a response to ‘the escalation of recent weeks.’ The ban also covers activities such as spreading propaganda and collecting money for the group. A government statement said that people who defy the ban could be punished with sentences ranging up to three years in prison.

  6. The Caliphal Freedom of the Press, under Shari’a, or “Slavish Obedience Will Set You Free”:

    The Islamic State’s 11 Rules for Journalists in Deir Ez Zor

    A local journalist has told Syria Deeply of 11 conditions set down by the Islamic State for reporters who wish to continue working in the area.

    The correspondents must swear allegiance [i.e. bay’ah [Arabic: بَيْعَة] to the Islamic State’s “Caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. They will be supervised at all times by the Islamic State’s media offices — while they can cover events without referring to the offices, they must consult them before any broadcast or publication. The offices must also have the detail of any social media accounts of the journalists.

    The journalists can work directly with international news agencies such as Reuters, Agence France Press, and the Associated Press; however, they must avoid all international and local satellite TV channels, includin “blacklisted” outlets like Al-Arabiya, Al Jazeera, and Orient News.

    Any violation of the rules will lead to the suspension of the journalist and he will be held accountable [we all know by now what that translates to — “seized, tortured, put before a drumhead no-evidence-required Shari’a court, decapitated on camera to the sound unison thugface [masked and veiled] mujachoir chanting”].

    The Islamic State also said, “The rules are not final and are subject to change at any time depending on the circumstances.”

    Some journalists signed the terms of agreement. Others did not and have fled the area.

  7. Please join all of us and the KurdistanGuy twitter channel ‏@Kobane33 to thank Paul Adams (@BBCPaulAdams) and his team, who have been selflessly reporting from #Kobane #TwitterKurds

  8. All the Wake Up Now calls are working at least to some extent! Switzerland responded by banning ISIS, and people in the streets are responding a little bit everywhere. This at Totally Hussein @TotallyHussein · Oct 7: The scale of last nights #NO2ISIS #protests for #Kobane is amazing! More #protests in the #UK & #Europe due today (Oct. 8). Yesterday and into the night: Totally Hussein @TotallyHussein · 23h 23 hours ago #London’s #NO2ISIS #Kurds and #Turkish residents currently marching in the #UK, in #solidarity with #Kobane. #RTNews. Also: Totally Hussein @TotallyHussein · 20h 19 hours ago. Briliant picture of #NO2ISIS #Kurds in #London, #protesting this evening at #StamfordHill in #solidarity with #Kobane. The captured Franciscans are NOT being ignored or forgotten: Totally Hussein @TotallyHussein · 9h 9 hours ago: #DemandForAction as #Nusra #jihadists abduct #Catholic priest and 20 parishioners in #Syria #WeAreN & say #NO2ISIS! For the most poignant picture that says it all about ISIS and the “peaceful” Caliphate, the picture of a young Kurd carrying his 92-y old grandmother to safety on his back, in an imagery rife with Classical overtones, see Totally Hussein @TotallyHussein · 1m 1 minute ago: True humanity, carrying his 92 year old Grandmother to safety, as survivor’s of the #ISIS #Holocaust fleeing #Kobane .

  9. Once again, many thanks to the governing Federal Council of Switzerland for finally naming and recognizing the danger of the ISIS “Caliphate”, which by now, through its countless atrocities, has managed to give a bad name even to the Black Flag of the Abbasids, the “Black robed Tazi” (黑衣大食), as the Chinese Tang dynasty records remember them. The Black Flag of the pseudo-“Caliphate” must NEVER fly over the Matterhorn/Monte Cervino/Mont Cervin.

  10. Kobane still holds, giving the lie to ISIS adherents (or admirers) in Finland, London, Chicago, and Kosovo. And right this very moment, 4 minutes ago, a major rally in support of Kobane is rolling on in London. The banners we can see say: “Women of the World Unite against ISIS terror”. The ISIS religious butchers and throat-cutters have finally managed to spark off they did not count on — a wave of total, unmitigated, roiling, gut-felt, across-the-spectrum revulsion and disgust. I hope luminaries like Ben Affleck are watching and taking notice. The united voices say NO to blind Shari’a, NO to religious “justice”, NO to theocracy, and NO to sex-slave trade, rapes, “sexual jihad”, decapitations, crucifixions, stoning, torture, “honor” killings, and wholly outdated gun-toting obscurantism.

  11. No matter how the tide of battle goes, and regardless of any finer political semi-tones and undertones and shades of grey, Kobane has turned, as of now, into a huge symbolic mistake for ISIS and for all and any who have supported it and nurtured it, directly or indirectly. The oldest rule of the game is “do not create martyrs needlessly”. The grotesque disparity between the ill-armed defenders of Kobane who include children and old women and the tanks, Humvees, rockets, and artillery of ISIS has now seared into the world’s mind a burning symbol — KOBANE. It is already being compared by some with the Warsaw ghetto in 1944. A symbol that has the same mind-power as the derided and “simplistic”, “inaccurate”, “politically unsophisticated” imagery of the “300” films. Humans are engineered to respond to powerful symbols. And the world is responding to KOBANE. If the town falls and there is the massacre ISIS and its patrons keep promising, with gloating jihadist social media footage of executions, Kurdish women’s heads on spikes, rapes in gutted buildings, mutilated bodies, and crucified dead, all wrapped up in the usual soundtrack of hadith, mujachoire, scriptural passages, and pious verbiage, the condemnation will be deafening. The sheer and absolute revulsion will shake the political scene to the roots. Someone, somewhere, very evidently did not count on a dusty border sparking off imaginations and sending one of the most powerful messages of the last 36 hours all around the world in a flash. Someone, somewhere, made a very, very bad mistake, and “media damage control” is quickly becoming all but impossible.

  12. By the way, “cahit storm” was apparently spotted by the Turkish Army, tracer-bulleted, and had to make good his escape from his hideout in a field of red pepper plants, but he is safe, thanks everyone for their support for Kobane, and keeps tweeting news about the beleaguered town. “cahit storm @cahitstorm · 48m 48 minutes ago: Ty for alle ur kind support. I cant reply to everybody but really i appreciate it.”

  13. This just in: words of absolute bright-eyed truth, not from an “Islamophobic ignoramus”, but from the UN, through Dr. Widad Akrawi @DrWidadAkrawi, PhD in #GlobalHealth | NGO-Diplomat | #Author | Speaker | #Peace Advocate |Art-Supporter| AwardWinner |:


  14. This just in: “kahraman haliscelik ‏@turkishreporter 2m2 minutes ago. PM @Ahmet_Davutoglu says calls to action in #Kobane by those who stayed silent in the face of massacres in #Syria #Iraq are hypocritical.” Response to Davutoglu: “And so two ‘wrongs’ will undoubtedly add up to a ‘right’. And it is more correct to pile up death on death and atrocity on atrocity than to end the cycle of death decisively”? Moreover, no one “stayed silent” in the face of massacres in #Syria and #Iraq. The worldwide condemnation has been rising for months, if not years, and the list of sites and videos and speeches and activism condemning ALL brutality in the area is so long by now that if printed out it would fill many thousands of pages.

  15. Please, everyone who reads this and who may be writing in support of Kobane, of peace, of decency, of balance, of the freedom of speech and press, of the right not to be afraid of extremist religious “justice”, wear or put somewhere a red hot chili pepper in honor of “cahit storm” ‘s field hideout on the outskirts of the resisting town of Kobane. Let’s flood the world and the internet with symbolic red hot chili peppers. And send some pictures of red hot chili peppers to Ben Affleck.

  16. Thank you all. The call seems to be working. I see more and more red hot chili pepper pictures on “cahit storm” tweets and elsewhere. Keep that red hot chili pepper flood going as a powerful wordless symbol. Kobane and Red Hot Chili Peppers for freedom, women’s rights, freedom from religious courts, free speech, free thought, free expression, free art (against iconoclasm), free music, freedom to use the internet, freedom to use a cell phone freely, freedom not to be afraid that someone somewhere will accuse you of “blasphemy” and cut your throat like that of a sacrificial sheep. I am beginning to see pictures of everything from chili peppers to hot sauce, Dr Pepper cans, chili meat loaf, pepper jelly, hearts made out of chili peppers … Social media is GREAT. Turn the heat up all over the planet! Not with grim murder, cut-off heads, black robes, the black flag, flogging, renewed slavery, and rape, but with chili peppers. Make the humble chili pepper into a political rallying symbol, all over the place.

  17. Just in case any of you bought into the frequently aired argument that discussion with Salafist jihadis is possible and just in case you somehow consider yourselves an exception from the jihadi terror-list, here is the official definition from a long set of interviews with Abu Malik from Syria’s Jabhat al-Nusra. You will be undoubtedly comforted to notice that the Salafist stance is not only against the US, Israel, and an imperialism of whichever flavor (which might make some to come on board in confusion), but against EVERYONE who does not hold to a very narrow and very literally archaic reading of things: “In Abu Malik’s opinion, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, leftists, secularists and nationalists are all infidels. For him, this is not open for debate. As for the Islamic sects, he believes that Shiites and Druze are infidels. And when it comes to Sunnis, Abu Malik considers that everyone who participates in the democratic process and the legislation of civil law is an infidel as well as those who vote for deputies in parliament. Furthermore, anyone who doesn’t consider those who vote to be apostates, he himself is an apostate. (According to Abu Malik), the evidence for this is God’s statement that ‘… those who do not judge by what God has revealed, they are disbelievers’ “. Please take good note, Ben Affleck. You VOTE, you are an INFIDEL according to the Salafists, by the mere and simple act of voting, regardless of anything else you say. I think it is time now to insert perhaps an interesting note here, at this point, a note that is fully valid even though it does come from a democratic freethinker and totally unredeemable unbeliever “Kafir”. An unbeliever can out-hadith the hadith-toters line for line, and observe that I refrain (except in this disclaimer) from equating Salafis with Wahhabism because they apparently consider that ignorant and objectionable and I am willing to humour them in this. The implications of the hadith, however, will be clear to everyone, I think. Just remember, for those who are not in the loop of the argument, that Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab (Arabic: محمد بن عبد الوهاب‎; 1703 – 22 June 1792) was from the region called the Najd. So now to the interesting Chili Pepper Sauce: In the Sahih al-Bukhari, THE acknowledged pre-eminent colection of hadith, in the Book of al-Fitan, the hadith 7092 and 7093 say: “Narrated Salim’s father: The Prophet (pbuh) stood up beside the pulpit (and pointed with his finger towards the east [NOT the west, note well!] and said, ‘Al-Fitnah is there! Al-Fitnah (trial and affliction) is there, from where the side of the head of Satan comes out’ …”; and hadith 7094 says: “Narrated Ibn ‘Umar: The Prophet (pbuh) said ‘Oh Allah! Bestow Your Blessings on our Sham [north, Syria]! O Allah! Bestow Your Blessings on our Yemen’ The people said, ‘And also on our Najd’! He said (again), “Oh Allah! Bestow Your Blessings on our Sham! O Allah! Bestow Your Blessings on our Yemen’. The people said ‘Oh Allah’s Messenger! And also on our Najd’ I think the third time the Prophet (pbuh) said ‘There (in Najd) is the place of earthquakes and Al-Fitan (discord, trials and tribulations) and from there comes out the side of the head of Satan”. In other words, if you want to read things literally, the Prophet (pbuh) REFUSED three consecutive times to bless the Najd, and foretold that tribulation, discord, and violence would come from the homeland of al-Wahhabi. Hadith 7117 finally says: “Narrated Abu Hurairah: Allah’s Messenger said ‘The Hour (of tribulation, of discord, of fratricidal violence) will not be established till a man from (the tribe of) Qahtan appears, driving the people with his stick”. The Qahtan tribe was located in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula, and specifically in the areas of Asir in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and the tribe also spread in the Najd in central Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait. And just in case some would want to argue for a reading that this is a good thing, because it will bring about the “Hour” and “Paradise”, note again that the Prophet (pbuh), when urged repeatedly by the people, thrice REFUSED to bless the Najd, and equated it and that which would come out of it with “Satan”. And a final message to our hadith-befuddled head-cutters and self-righteous Black Flag fanatics, also from the Sahih al-Bukhari, to keep the theme unified: in hadith 7095 (17), Imra-ul-Qais said: The war at the beginning seems attractive / Moving with its beauty for every ignorant / But when it flares strongly / It becomes an old woman whom none accepts in marriage / With grey hair and bad colour / Disliked to be smelled or kissed.” The Salafis have unequivocally wedded themselves to the very personification of the empty and barren old crone Death, precisely as defined in the hadith. If one adhered strictly to the hadith that radical Islamists require us to adhere to, then one can very plausibly argue that Al-Baghdadi’s “Caliphate” has been foretold and explicitly CURSED by the Prophet (pbuh), that it is therefore entirely illegitimate, and that opposing it is the duty of every decent human being.

  18. Now, after a break, I am going to develop the previous post a little more. I think it is possibly worth it, and perhaps some readers will agree. In any case, the analysis might do a little bit of good, or open a few eyes, usefully. It is not “hate speech” in any construable sense, and those who criticize so-called “Islamophobes” as “ignorant of Islam” will hopefully notice that, far from being “ignorant”, I am developing here a lovely little piece of very hadith- and sira-conscious argument.

    In any case, please consider the tail end of the previous string of hadith analysis focusing on the Sahih al-Bukhari’s Book of al-Fitan and on hadiths 7092 and 7093, 7094, and 7117 (and this is a technically “faultless” collection of hadith, as thousands of ulemas agree). All this is very well known, but some may not have given it much thought at all.

    First a bit of immediately pertinent context, however, well known again but still a context that may be useful to those who have not really absorbed it already. No, I am not meandering. Stay with me, please, until I am done.

    Note the self-profiling on Twitter by “Censored31 @Censored31: Theocrate (sic), Whistleblower, Analyst in global events; journalist, writer & author”, who has managed to “publish” under the moniker “Khalifah” a self-“book” on Scribd. that is titled “Al-Qaïda in opmars: In het middelpunt van de Islamitische ideologie en de geostrategische problematiek” and is explicitly dedicated “Ter nagedachtenis van ‘Abu Abdullah Ousssama Ibn Muhammed Bin Laden (rahimullah) en origineel afkomstig van Qahtân in Jemen”.

    The work is unabashed terrorist propaganda inciting to extreme violence, and has not been blocked by Scribd., however, or taken off-line by Dutch security services. Note the “en origineel afkomstig van Qahtân in Jemen”, stressed in the dedication of the work. Note also that according to bin Laden’s son Omar bin Laden, the family’s hereditary surname is “al-Qahtani” (Arabic: القحطاني‎, al-Qaḥṭānī), but bin Laden’s father Mohammed bin Laden never officially registered the name (for a good reason).

    I hope you see very well what the dedication of the pamphlet is self-consciously trying to work with. The intent is very clearly religious, apocalyptic (bring about the “Hour of Tribulation”), destructive, and explicitly intent on using Islam as a vehicle of violence in order to bring about the “End Times”. Those like Ben Affleck, who apparently refuse to acknowledge that Islam is being used here beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt in an apocalyptic and terrorist ideological/religious framework aimed at bringing about wholesale, wanton, and deliberate worldwide destruction, might want to reconsider and read some more.

    The curious twist, however, is (equally well known, but never advertised by most Islamist radicals) that the Prophet, if we take hadiths 7092 and 7093, 7094, and 7117 at face value and if we elect for a moment to operate within the closed-logic argumentative sphere of the scripture, hadith, and sira, as well as of prophecy, may have foreseen the rise of the Salafists, Wahhabis, and of the “man from Qahtan”, and may have EXPLICITLY warned of the “fitna” they will bring, and may have EXPLICITLY turned his face away and REFUSED them blessing after multiple promptings, quite symbolically “three times”.

    Interesting what a hadith-aware unbeliever can readily dig out, is it not? If, for a moment, we then elect to operate within the closed-logic system of the scripture/hadith/sira, which are technically indivisible from each other for a good Muslim, then it would be quite possible to argue that the Prophet, having foreknowledge of the terrible and universally condemnable atrocities that the followers of the “man from Qahtan” “driving people forward with his stick” will bring to the world, CURSED them many centuries ago as those who will do the work of “Satan”. In that case, always moving just within that closed-logic system of the writings, and nothing else, it it entirely possible that the Salafist/Wahhabi/al-Qaida supported Caliphate of al-Baghdadi is not merely illegitimate in a very banal sense, but that it is a cursed “abomination”.

    No “Islamophobic” ranting and insults here, just working patiently and quite respectfully with the Muslim hadith, of no less than al-Bukhari.

    Takfir is interesting. The logic of “takfir” really has two edges, and the Salafists might perhaps do well to remember the proverb “he who lives by the sword will perish by the sword”. No advocacy of violence here. None. Just moving nicely within the closed-logic system of argumentation from the hadith.

    If the al-Baghdadi Caliphate has been foretold and cursed many centuries ago, then any bay’ah [Arabic: بَيْعَة] (oath of allegiance, contract) given to al-Baghdadi and any and all of his lieutenants is likewise necessarily cursed and an “abomination”. Those who gave such bay’ah [Arabic: بَيْعَة] have therefore three logical choices: (1) cease acting on their bay’ah, if they have even a mustard-seed of doubt; (2) actively renounce their bay’ah to the Caliphate and to ISIS, if they have even a dram more than a mustard-seed of doubt; (3) treat the ISIS leadership, all ISIS amirs, and the false Caliph as “kuffar”, in the inexorable neat closed-logic loop of “takfir”.

    You know where that points. No need for me to say anything more. That logic of “takfir” really has two very nice edges (“he who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword”), especially if the Prophet has already cursed the “fitna” wielders of it.

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