Introducing CSPI International

The Center for the Study of Political Islam has crossed the Atlantic: CSPI International has been launched with the establishment of a branch in the Czech Republic.

We just received this announcement from CSPI:

Dr. Bill Warner: “Why are people afraid of Islam”, including “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims”

Friday, October 3, 2014
Brno, Czech Republic

Plus: Announcing the official kickoff of the CSPI International, which will have an official “seat” in the Czech Republic

And here’s an introductory video from Dr. Warner:

Download the flyer.

4 thoughts on “Introducing CSPI International

  1. If CSPI is looking for any further potential “HQs” in the future, may I suggest Warsaw – another Eastern European city with potentially a huge number of Counterjihadis? In addition, it’s where a lot of international organisations and conferences meet, including OSCE, and is around a 6 hour car drive from Brno.

    • Warsaw do not have as good anti-islamic record as Brno, or the Czech Republic as a whole. Local scene is well developed and active + Bill Warner is an atheist and that fits local views imho better.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Green Infidel. We’re definitely bringing Bill to Poland this spring, so don’t worry:) See you there.

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