In the Land of Assertive Kafirs

Note: This post was originally posted on October 1, and was a “sticky” feature for several days. Scroll down for more recent posts, including a subtitled video of Geert Wilders’ speech before parliament about the Islamic State, an interview with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolffabout the new Islam Law in Austria, the latest from Bill Whittle, a victory over CAIR in Tennessee, an interview with an apostate who used to attend the same mosque as the Oklahoma beheader, and last night’s news feed.

Takuan Seiyo’s latest essay concerns the “Islamophobes” of the Czech Republic, and includes translated material on the topic from Polish media.

In the land of assertive kafirs

by Takuan Seiyo

(Based on materials translated from Polish and Czech sources)

I am a lifelong admirer of the Czechs’ sober, ironic approach to life.

Unlike so many other societies, America’s in particular, the Czech people have learned and drawn conclusions from their history. They are Christian but not fanatic; shame and sorrow over the trial and execution of Jan Hus and the horrific Hussite wars have taught them that. They can fight, and produced some of the best fighting men in Europe — from Jan Žižka in the 15th century to Wallenstein in the 17th, to the Czech commandos who attacked SS monster Reinhard Heydrich on a Prague street on 27 May 1942 — but they take a dim of view of fighting for others (e.g. Good Soldier Svejk in World War I), and find less heroic and hopeless means of resistance against overwhelming odds than their neighbors famously have in armed combat like the Poles’ against Hitler’s and Soviet armies in 1939 and the Hungarians’ against the Soviet Army in 1956.

The Czechs evince a similar skepticism concerning all of the West’s current shibboleths as well. They remain skeptical and ironic relative to the multiculti fantasy, the European Union, Western liberalism, Western Islamization, and Islam itself. Remarkably, such sentiments are often expressed by men in the highest positions in the Czech government.

“The Czechs don’t want Muslims in the Czech Republic,” headlines an article by a Czech reporter, Jana Zlamalova, in Poland’s largest newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza.

“Arab clients’ invasion of the famous hot spring resort in Teplice led to a local war involving political parties and Muslim organizations. Some even want to enact a ban on wearing face-covering scarves in public places.

When in 2012 then-Health Minister Leoš Heger cut subsidies for pensioners’ visits to the hot spring resort, he probably did not expect what an impact it would have on the life of Teplice. The number of Czechs visiting the resort fell by 45 per cent, several thermal bath establishments went bankrupt, and many focused on catering to Russians and to citizens of rich Arab countries.

Hot springs are very popular especially among the latter; in 2014 three thousand of them are expected. They often come with family and servants. And as the number of beds is limited, the Arabs decided to buy 60 lots around the town and build four condominiums.

Not all local residents like this invasion, and complaints about noisy behavior at night or littering are the order of the day. Some pubs and restaurants do not allow Arabs in; they are shooed away under the pretext that someone has rented the premises.

Pigs and cross

Screen shot from a You Tube video posted by the organization ‘We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic’

Police are analyzing a video that appeared two weeks ago on YouTube. In the video one can see that on the plots purchased by the Arabs, someone had buried pigs’ heads under a wooden cross with the caption “Islamists’ plans will be thwarted by our fat pigs”. Pigs are regarded by Muslims as unclean animals, and such action is for them extremely offensive.

Jiri Barták of the “We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic” organization posted the video on its server. The organization has been active for five years and has more than 70 thousand Facebook fans [in a population of 10.5 million]. Barták assures that he has received the material by an anonymous e-mail.

“Teplice will attempt to tackle and stop the Islamic colonization,” Barták said, “that does not bring progress and development to the indigenous population, only medieval methods and security hazards; fighting weapons that they have at their disposal.”

Local politicians became active too. Iva Dvorakova, a councilor for the right-wing Civic Democratic Party (ODS), appealed to the members of the city council to force the Ministry of Home Affairs to adopt a ban of the face-covering scarf (niqab) in public places, as happened in France. In an interview with she explains that Muslims who want to follow Czech regulations will not have anything against that; and the most conservative ones simply will not come to visit.

The leader of Czech Muslims, Mehdi Hassan Alráw, tried to solve the problem. The Muslim Religious Council began handing out leaflets to Arab visitors, warning about the night curfew; it also wants to get involved in cleaning the city and surrounding areas.

In turn, Teplice authorities plan to provide customers from the Gulf countries plastic bags, together with information that they should keep garbage in them and then throw them in the bin.

Zeman: Islam is anti-civilization

Dvorakova is not the only politician trying to gain popularity with populist actions. Deputy Prague Mayor Vladimira Ludková, also from ODS, sparked outrage with her blog post commenting on the official request for the creation of a non-public cemetery in the Czech capital intended for Muslims. The application was rejected and Ludková stated: “I think that centuries of development of our culture can not be squandered in the name of Multiculturalism and saying to everyone, “You are welcome here.” This could lead to someone showing up in your apartment who will announce: “You no longer live here, get out!”

Prague City Hall has distanced itself from the words of Ludková.

The Dawn of Direct Democracy party also caused a scandal when, before the last elections for the European Parliament, it used the campaign poster of the nationalist Swiss People’s Party (SVP), in which black sheep throw from their circle the white ones.

The present leftist President and former Prime Minister Milos Zeman also criticized Islam in 2011, before he became head of state. During the international conference “Europe United and Free?” he said that Islam was “anti-civilization.”

In this way, politicians are embedding themselves in the way of thinking of the average Czech. As is clear from this year’s European survey Euvox, two-thirds of Czechs believe that Islam threatens Czech cultural traditions, and 90% are, in varying degrees, opposed to Islam. Michaela Vojtková of the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Science emphasizes that this is the least tolerant position among European Union countries.

Against the status of “Church”

It is difficult to determine exactly how many Muslims live in the Czech Republic today, because disclosure of religion is not mandatory in the population census. In the last census, in 2011, only three thousand people declared faith in Islam. Estimates by Muslims themselves say that there are several times more, probably about 20 thousand. According to opponents of Islam, this is a lowball figure; the number is closer to 50 thousand.

Resistance against alleged Islamization is so large that the Muslim Religious Community has problems. As of September 17, ten years have passed since its registration, and legally it can apply for full status of an official Church, thanks to which it could apply to teach Islam in public schools, create religious schools, send imams into prisons and the military, and have Muslim marriages recognized.

There is already a petition in the parliament with 22 thousand signatures collected by the “We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic” organization, with a demand to block a possible higher degree [sic] of registration. Opponents of expanding the rights of Muslims remind of the controversial statements of the mosque in Brno that called for the liquidation of Jews and hatred of all things non-Muslim. The chairman of the Prague [Muslim] community Vladimir Sanka was charged with distribution of a controversial book by a well-known Canadian teacher of Islam Bilal Philips, Fundamentals of Tauhid, promoting religious hatred and strict rules of Sharia such as flogging for drinking alcohol and amputation of hands for theft. For this reason, he has been refused entry to Germany, the UK, Australia and Kenya. Investigation into the distribution of the book continues.”

The article ends here, but the activists’ work has only begun, and they are less sanguine. Jiri Barták, aka “Sheik Kuffar Al-Bartaki” relays in his blog: “How I became a Muslim for one afternoon” about his difficulties with waking the sheeple.

In the manner of the American conservative provocateur James O’Keefe, Barták and a female friend disguised themselves in full Muslim garb and stood by the entrance to the Department of Social Studies at Masaryk University (in Brno), pretending to collect signatures for a petition to respect sharia law for Czech Muslims, instead of the law of the land. Barták explicitly iterated sharia punishments of transgressors such as stoning and cutting off the hand.

The results of the experiment, he relays, were “pitiful.” From about 80 prospects, one quarter signed the petition. What’s worse, Barták relays, only one, a young man, rejected the appeal, and Islam with it, clearly and without relativistic mumbo-jumbo.

About half of the respondents hesitated and eventually did not sign. Another third argued in the manner of “mosques do not bother me” or “I have many Muslim friends”, but did not sign, and the remainder, seeing a “Muslim,” behaved in a “xenophobic” manner and simply fled [sic, the three fractions add up to more than 1, but the drift of the experiment is clear].

At the end of his post, Barták addresses those 20 who signed the petition. “I bear you no grudge,” he writes, “but you make me sad, especially in your lack of solidarity with ex-Muslims whom you have let down in the name of perversely conceived ‘tolerance’: murder without batting an eye. Meditate upon yourselves.”

He ends with an exhortation to everyone: “Do not be lazy. Sign the petition against sharia. It’s even worse than most of us expected.”

‘Have you signed already? Petition against full recognition of Islam in the Czech Republic’

The locus of “perversely conceived tolerance” is always in the universities, from which it spreads to such professions where university education in the soft disciplines is mandatory, such as K-12 teaching, the practice of law, journalism, and most managerial jobs, especially in the public sector. The Czech Republic is no different in this respect from Finland or Canada, though everywhere there are the rare exceptions: individuals with clear sight and an inability to lie to themselves or to others.

Martin Konvicka, a zoology professor at the University of South Bohemia is also a blogger who comments on society’s sickness from “nature’s point of view.” Dr. Konvicka is also a well known “Islamophobe” in his country. His blog regularly features an “Islamophobe of the Day”, among other intelligent musings on the nature of the Religion of Peace and its followers.

In one of his posts, Dr. Konvicka cites how the “Empire struck back” — a severe, formal reprimand from the Chancellor of the University of Southern Bohemia, distancing the university from the “eruption of conflict, aimed hostility and loutish utterances” by “Associate Professor Konvicka at the Faculty of Science.”

The Chancellor pours out more of the same stuff that a trained monkey with a PhD and access to a typewriter could and does pour out wherever there is a university in whiteyland. To wit, the University of South Bohemia is “democratic and open to all regardless of ethnic, racial, or religious affiliation” and the chancellor is very disturbed at the “escalating boorishness” of the “xenophobic” and “racist” Islam-critical statements and their “social dangers” that bring shame to the university. To cap the salvo, the Chancellor demands that Prof. Konvicka end this “disgraceful activity.”

To which Dr, Konvicka answered with the same cry of the martyred-for-truth in every Western country, with careers snipped and lives destroyed just because the labels “xenophobic” and “racist” can be stuck to the truth that’s being voiced.

I consider the current expansion of Islam as one of the most serious threats to our society, he explains in the same blog post. My statements are not a caprice but the result of many years of study and contact with the domestic Islamic community, with its opponents, with ex-Muslim apostates who are now threatened with liquidation, death and alike. Based on these experiences, I articulate opposition to Islam, publicly and openly, trying at the same time to avoid any racism or xenophobia, because these are the opposite of my attitudes. He cites, further, opponents of Islam in the Czech Republic who are of Pakistani, Indian, Russian, and Arab origins.

Dr. Konvicka ended that statement by demanding, at the threat of a lawsuit, that the Chancellor withdraw publicly the accusations of xenophobia and racism, or show, concretely, what justifies them. The accusations have been withdrawn, and the Chancellor’s statement is now posted in a redacted version, half the original length quoted by Konvicka.

And so it goes, day by day, in every Western country, every Western city, gate by gate opened to Islam’s Trojan Horse and jammed open by threats and sanctions against voices of truth and probity: the human tragi-comedy, an endless Sisyphean wheel. The scales tilt toward sanity in Central and Eastern Europe alone, particularly in the Czech Republic. One hopes that sanity will prevail, at least there.

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan. For links to his previous essays, see the Takuan Seiyo Archives.

51 thoughts on “In the Land of Assertive Kafirs

  1. Thank you for providing this. It’s a closer look we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. It’s nice to see evidence of a few glimmerings of remaining sanity – it makes me glad all over again that the Soviet “Union” (more like the Russian Impressment) crumbled.

    This phrase is a keeper: “perversely conceived tolerance”.

    Just three words to describe in full the endless follies of pc/mc frolics.

    BTW, I didn’t know Arab visitors were littering slobs. Interesting characterological trait – it must come from the extensive network of slaves they possess to clean up their messes. That’s a deeply primitive, regressive and alarming mind-set.

    Their behavior made me think of this oxymoron:
    Arab Boy Scouts.

    • Good to see you are fast making a recovery, but the thought projection of Arab Boy Scouts learning more that just tying a few rope knots together, as I am sure that would be their requirement if there was such an organization, has a tendency to make me inwardly shiver knowing how Arab culture is all about men, while boys are for other purposes.

    • Dymphna-

      Here in the Maghreb there is trash EVERYWHERE. Even in the ‘nice’ parts of the city I live in one is constantly stepping over piles of garbage and the hordes of stray cats dining upon them.

      Don’t get me started about the multimillion dollar waterfront redevelopment here that is bisected by a large river that reeks of well-aged offal.

      Based on these, and other experiences over the past 2 years, I have come to the conclusion that Arab “cleanliness” is a myth spread by dhimmis and apologists.

      It is also funny you mention “Arab Boy Scouts.” Here the scouting organization is named the “Muslim Scouts,” which should hardly surprise us.

  2. If you removed all the Pakis, Indians and Banglis from the Gulf area, it would stop functioning overnight. They perform all the real work: from sweeping streets to maintaing TV studios and computer servers. Inside the home, from middle class and up, it’s maids galore, with pious Catholic Filipinas and other women from Southeast Asia often treated as slaves and harem pillows.

    • I would add that should any one of them wish to become a citizen of one of the Gulf states they toil in 40C+ for, they are looking at a roughly 25-year application process. Hardly any ever get Gulf State citizenship. Gulf Arabs are not as stupid and cowardly as Europeans, and have the [manly generative organs] to keep what is theirs and stuff the rights lobby.

      • We have that too hej, only it has been subverted by effeminate men who care more for their own position that that of the nation they willingly undermine. Their time is nearly over!

  3. TS is correct. Residents of the Gulf States, particularly the upper classes in Saudi Arabia are useless people. About 20 years ago there was a policy of Saudification in the kingdom whereby each industry had to be run by a Saudi. They had to stop this rather rapidly before the new bosses ran the place into the ground. The level of incompetence and negligence exercised by these people was staggering.

    The Edgeware Road in Central London is a hotspot for arab tourists and the level of street cleansing by the City of Westminster is more intense here than anywhere else within its borders. Arabs are a dirty people. When they check out of hotels, their rooms take much longer to clean than for any other nationality or race. They are apparently confused by modern utensils and frequently fail to differentiate between a water closet and a bath tub.

    • Thank you. I finally understand why the “visitors” of Teplice used the front gardens of their rented houses for defecating or urinating in broad daylight peacefully in public.

    • My company had a group of Arabs in the US for training that could not be delivered remotely or overseas. The time period for this training coincided with Eid al-Adha.

      These Arab fellows had the brilliant idea of securing and slaughtering two rams at their suites at the local Marriott. After this fine celebration my company wound up reimbursing the Marriott for the total cost of cleaning and reupholstering these suites.

  4. Like Dymphna, I welcome glimmerings of hope. But the Czech Republic’s appalling birth rate casts a pall on those glimmerings.

  5. I wondered why in Poland, “Gazeta Wyborcza” has suddenly launched an onslaught on Czech President Zeman, saying he made “yet another controversial statement” when he criticised sanctions against Russia. Which implies there were previous such statements, not to the liking of the lemmings at GW. What were they? Could they have included the statement he made about Islam previously, which was not to (among others) Saudi Arabia’s liking?

    A pity that other nations in this part of Europe do not have leaders of his calibre – but instead are left with the likes of (former) prime minister Tusk and president Komorowski. At this year’s OSCE conference, the Polish representative explained that they were expanding efforts to get people to report racist incidents. Probably so that statistics can be correlated, so that “action” can then be taken. He added that Poland was fully applying EU-funded projects in this regard. Meaning that it is happy to take the EU’s money and in return, apply to the letter whatever it wants. Is this the stance of a government which leads? Or of poodles merely fulfilling the wishes of their paymasters?

    • There are innumerable Czech films and novels limning characters of repulsive opportunists. Poland has been plagued by the same kind for centuries. And the opportunity and the money, these days, lie with the globalists, EU, the Davos crowd, Gulf and Saudi money etc.

      Still, there must be another reason why Czech leaders — right or left — always say “alarming” things questioning the PC/MC premises of the global ruling elite and see reality with a much more sober eye than Poland’s leaders do. I think that the reason is that Poland so desperately wants to be “European” and therefore follows “Europe” in everything, as opposed to the other, “Oriental-despotic-brutal-barbarian” pole: Russia.

      Poland has felt European with particular intensity, for centuries, and bore incredible sacrifices for it either without getting anything in return or getting clobbered by the very countries it shed bled for: e.g. Vienna in 1683, fighting for Napoleon, fighting in the American Revolutionary War, major Allied fighting army in WW2 and so on. By now, it must be in the national DNA.

      In contrast, the Czechs have not had their “Europeanness” jeopardized by history, having not been assaulted and oppressed by Russia the way Poland was but rather having been incorporated into the Holy Roman Empire. For their self-definition and independence they fought that Europe, represented by Austria and a Catholic hegemony, for centuries, rather than having to fight Russia the way Poland had to do, repeatedly. The Czechs therefore have nothing to prove now by accepting and promoting Europe’s current dogmas.

      • Paid my first visit to Prague last year, Takuan; loved the art and architecture, and as a music lover, paid homage to the homes and graves of great composers and musicians.

        I also felt at home with the people, but now better understand the Polish barman there who resented the Czechs’ ability- as he saw it- to avoid conflict, at least recently.

      • Greetings from Prague!

        I think, it’s about “not being striped off of critical thinking”. While you are labeling us as Christian, we are actually country that is to a degree anti-christian or at least anti-church. AFAIK almost no fanatical cults, and no agressive cult.

        With few exceptions of course – churches of Spagheti Monster and Invisible Pink Unicorn are particularly liked, while Order of Jedi almost made it into national census…

        I guess, this is it – most of us are kids of mostly atheist parents in secular society and mostly going through secular educational system from pre-elementary to Ph.D. (With exception of social work – most schools are christian).

        So, most of us never experienced request for unquestioned obedience for any fairy-tale autority, and given political unstability even during era of communist terror, we tend to be cautious to longevity of any “the one and only true” whatever.

        Poland, on the other hand, is quite strictly christian country with all that things, usually asociated with primitve islam countries…

        And by the way – that line on that cross on pig’s grave, it’s “insider joke” 😉 In Czech it’s:
        “Plány islamistů zhatí, naši vepři boubelatí”
        Which is reference to:
        “Plány revanšistů zhatí, (i) naši vepři boubelatí”
        ( Plans of “avengers” willl be crashed (also) due to our fatty pigs)
        It’s from Miloslav Švandrlík’s book/film/series “Černí baroni” (black barons) which is ironic/sarcastic comment on communistic regime in the scenery of military service of “politicaly unsuitable” (used-to-be-rich, aristocracy,…), who were serving in “PTP” (assist technical regiments) called “black barons”, building rails, and doing other hard and dangerous jobs…

        Sorry for typo – it’s late and i’m tired… 😉

        • Thanks for the input. I travel between Poland and CR every couple of years, and the difference in the religious atmosphere is quite striking. I think that it’s all the historical nastiness between Catholics and Protestants that cured the Czechs of the religious bug. Still, by “Christian” I don’t quite mean one who recites the Pater Noster thrice daily or considers the Bible an inerrant world of God but rather a person of European origin who grew up and is soaked with Christian culture. All the Czechs I have known — though I don’t know any communist ones — have that.

          BTW, CR is mostly secular because all its pious Christians, e.g. the Moravian Brothers, are now in America!

        • And how exactly is the Church of the Spaghetti Monster or Jedi Knights going to help you survive against Islam?

          As far as I know, the enlightened, atheist Czechs don’t have that many children to pass their atheism to. Whereas religious, Catholic Poles I know regularly have 4-6 children – and they’re quite clued-up on Islam (especially after I talk with them 😉 ).

          The victories of the past against the invading Muslims were by the likes of religious Catholics like Jan Sobieski – and they were accompanied by “rosary crusades” and other mass prayers.

          What bet that the followers of the Spaghetti Monster will want to do the same, rather than, say, dwell in their computer games or TV shows?

          • Let me get this right, GI: Westerners who have few children (or none in my case, though not by choice), on an already overcrowded planet, may be responsible for our demise? Don’t less “enlightened” types who have more bear any responsibility?

    • ” expanding efforts to get people to report racist incidents.”
      In western countries, for stupid people it means something in general and noble, for clever people it means strictly to criticize and shut down whoever complains about muslim immigration. Polish people are itching to get more jihadis. It is strange but unoppressed humans long for oppression.
      Jane Austen: Man is servile.

  6. Michael Totten needs to go to the Middle East to produce one his articles similar to the recent visit to Cuba and his experience there, exposing the place for what it is: a hellhole.

    Of course he would never be allowed in again, but so what. Qatar would top my list. Perhaps there are better ones.

    What happens to these Middle Eastern countries when the oil and gas revenue peter out? They don’t produce anything else the world wants or needs.

  7. There was video documentary made and presented on Czech TV called “I, a Muslim” in 2006. This documentary was originally available online via Google video but has since been pulled.

    Here is a comment posted at FreeRepublic in 2006 discussing the controversy of this documentary video.

    Part one of this video is copied and available for viewing here,

    Part 2 is available for viewing here

    Hopefully, someone with the technical know-how can copy this video documentary and keep it permanently available for future upload as needed.

    • I think I downloaded this video sometime ago. Don’t have the hard-disk with me, but I’ll look for the clip when I return home next week.

  8. This article discusses the admirable engagement of
    Czechs with their non-kafir visitors to encourage them
    to adopt a more multicultural attitude toward pigs,
    vampire-frightening crosses, and littering.

    Taking inspiration from the Czechs, and noting that
    we have entered the holy month of October, which
    is celebrated in the Anglosphere as a gay time of
    special costumes leading up to the increasingly popular
    semi-religious festival of Eid-al-Halloween, let us not
    be shy about greeting our Muslim fellow-citizens
    when we see them getting an early start on our
    dress-up holiday.

    If during October you see a passer-by of indeterminate
    sex and age clad in a black flowing robe, be sure to
    stop and compliment him or her on their costuming
    as a traditional Japanese ninja.
    During October, many Muslim men grow a beard
    as part of their colorful Amish get-up for October 31.
    If you see such a man across the street, give him a
    friendly thumb’s-up in admiration of his allocultural look.

    Remember: “Multiculturalism is for Muslims too!”

  9. The Czech context of the Counter-Jihad would not be complete without a prominent mention of the Benes Decree(s). I’m surprised that Takuan Seiyo didn’t mention them, even in passing. Back in the Golden Age of Jihad Watch, when Hugh Fitzgerald was floridly weighing in with his sometimes startling erudition, he used to bring up those Decrees often in the context of a perfectly reasonable (but, alas, still rare) recommendation to deport Muslims from the West. A little background:

    • Great admirer of Fitzgerald though I am, the Benes solution he recommended versus Muslims in CR is not relevant to a 2000-word capsule of where representative Czechs are with respect to Islam. Moreover, what happened to the Czech Germans was by no means unique: the same happened to Silesian and Pomeranian Germans in Poland, and to longtime German citizens in other Slavic and Balkan-area countries that suffered greatly under German occupation. Lastly, advocating on these pages that Muslims qua Muslims be expelled from any Western country where they currently reside would place GoV far ahead of the curve that any public leader in any such Western country is willing to advocate, at least publicly. And GoV, I believe, may not be in the position to sustain the hurrican blow that wouls slam it if it so places itself ahead of the curve. However, thanks for mentioning it; it’s good to know that Hugh Fitzgerald brought this idea to bear — though that’s not his real name and I don’t know anyone who knows the real one…

      • I meant to state “versus Muslims,” not “versus Muslims in CR” relative to Hugh Fitzgerald’s statements.

      • You are familiar with the speech of Lawrence Auster’s, “A Real Islam Policy for A Real America”? No politician, of course, but his work on this topic, precedes — if I am not mistaken — any trailblazing on the topic of Muslim deportation that might have appeared here at GoV.

        The sooner Islam is represented as the political subversive force that it is, the sooner the people will recognize its totalitarian aims and move to demand action such as L.A. describes. While Islam claims the mantle of “religion,” that is only the cloak it wears to disguise its goals. Even two years ago, that reality was rarely discussed in any forum.
        Everyone alarmed at encroaching sharia focuses on the misdirection from Bush, “Islam is a religion of peace,” and single out the word “peace” for special derision. When the real misdirection was the label, “religion,” as if that’s all it is, just another of the world’s false religions.

        • Islam is already represented as the politically subversive force it is. That’s what GoV does 24/7, and so do other Web platforms, activists, and, in the political realm, Geert Wilders above all. Wilders already advocates in formal speeches shutting down Muslim immigration and expelling any Dutch Muslims with any connection to any terrorist activity. But a jump from that to expelling ALL Muslims is a huge jump. After all, weren’t they invited to come? Can you blame them for having chosen what’s good for them?

          Instead, blame our own Fools, Crooks and Traitors who invited them to come in the first place, and who continue inviting them even now, and subsidizing their parasitic existence once they are inside. Those — our own destroyers, white ones — and they come from ranks of politicians, high government bureacrats, religious leaders, religious organizations etc. — I’d gladly try on charges of treason and expel.

          As to the Muslims we have invited, as long as they are peaceful and self-supporting, other solutions have to be found, more in tune with our concepts of justice. Just, for goodness sake, don’t do what all those European fools are doing, encourage them to “assimilate,” adopt our culture etc.

          • If you read into my comment that I advocate for Muslims to assimmilate in the West, then I have failed utterly to state my views.
            Did you read the entirety of the speech I referenced?
            Your reply to me indicates that you have not.

          • Takuan, if they won’t assimilate, here and elsewhere, there is no permanent solution that doesn’t involve our giving up our values, in whose defence my parents’ generation fought fascists for six years.

        • Ironically, Lawrence Auster dismissed my criticism of his proposal — he called my view too “totalistic”. What’s doubly ironic is that Auster was always taking others in the Counter-Jihad to task for their hand-wringing tocsin-ringing about the danger of Islam that never seemed to be accompanied by any practical measures for *what to do* about the problem they keep harping on — and yet I found his prescription to be lacking in ultimate logic & practicality.

          Worse still, Auster worried that my “totalistic” proposal to deport all Muslims would be “violating their dignity and essence as Muslims” (…!….)

          More details:

        • It’s heartening to see a blatant program of da’wah, supported by Czech and foreign (that’s US) agencies, meet failure due to opposition from the parents of schoolchildren!

        • Greetings to all – and thanks to Tekuan for all the work he has done …

          We are still rolling – next week, there will be Parliamentary hearing regarding the Petition mentioned in the text, and we hope to make a big show.

          Another info you might be interested: the number of polititians, who are joining “antijihad”, is growing day by day here, and some of the best lawyers from the country stand at the right side. We also have quite a few ex-muslims here, including, no kidding, two possibly the most beautiful women in the whole country, plus a defector from the highest ranks of local (rather small) ummah, ex-convert LUKAS LHOTAN.

          And today, Bill WARNER had a speech in Brno, 2nd largest city, with great success… !

          Guys, we really want to fight. NEVER SURRENDER

          • Good to see the ranks of Counterjihadis growin. But are they, on the whole, from Islamic backgrounds? Or those who converted to Islam, didn’t like it and converted back? What are the backgrounds of the “2 beautiful women”? Because for every one that converts back to non-Islam, there may be many more who stay Muslim.

          • One track mind: I’m just interested in seeing pictures of the two women–sans burkas, of course!

  10. There is still hope for the Czechs. But for how long? Very soon they will be a small island in a sea of dhimmi-countries. And now we learn that even the US Embassy is working for Islam!! Things are getting more bizarre by the minute. Smells like conspiracy to me.

  11. Re: Muslim assimilation

    To Harriett:

    If you read anywhere in my statement that I attributed to you any words or even intent to the effect that Muslims should assimilate, you read something on the screen of your mind, not in the text I had written.

    To Mark H:

    Muslims belong among us no more than we belong in Saudi Arabia or Somalia. They are a foreign implant put in among us by our own lunatics who run this asylum — but that makes them no more assimilable or even desired to be so than a date palm is in the middle of a rye field in Siberia.

    But they are here and we have no choice. They should live in their own communities under a reasonable degree of self-determination but under a strict web of our laws and our morality — except not our liberal laws and our prog-loopy morality. For instance, if Muslim women don’t have equality with men, or they want to have polygamy, or girls are not free to date whom they want, it’s none of our business. But if Muslim women are beaten, raped, or murdered, it is our business. ANY seditious preaching or activity is our business. Inhibiting and capping the growth of this community via immigration, importation of brides, welfare etc. is our business. Halal butchering is our business, as we consider animals sentient creatures worthy of love and compassion. And so on.

    Muslims who prefer to practice their religion unencumbered are always free to go back to what they should have never left in the first place: their Muslim homelands.

    I don’t know what you mean by “our values,” for my values certainly do not include being population-replaced by Pakis, Arabs, Sri Lankans, Aztecs and Africans, no matter their degree of “assimilation.” As to the particularly dire case of Muslims, like your parents, my father fought fascists for six years. But my mother’s folks had fought Muslims for 500 years, until about 30 years after the Battle of Vienna — and that without ever moving from the slice of Europe where they lived, whereas the Muslims were raiding from as far aways as Mongolia, Turkey and Crimea. Only God knows how many of my ancestors were killed in battle or carried away as slaves.

    • I know this is a very serious issue but talking about muslim assimilation, I can’t help it and recommend for you to see the Czech humorous and provocative version of an “invite” to assimilate. That georgeous park in Teplice had seen many things and if I get a nice gentlemen escrow I’ll keep that tradition going with umbrella to ward off the potential stones otherwise naked but I will put the covering over my head while strolling in that park. My park. I crossed it twice a day for nine years going to school, I know every tree, I love it and I kept it clean. I sang in that park at night to coincidental passers-by with my friends. For free. MY PARK! My park!

    • Takuan, like many in the Counter-Jihad, seems to have in mind a Mohammedan problem different from the actual problem we face. The problem in his conception seems to be not as systemic as it really is, and, more importantly, not metastasizing with an inherent entelechy that will eventually force the issue of either our destruction or their deportation. That seems to be why he rather leans in a sanguine direction about the future of the problem of Islam, and why he therefore seems to relocate the problem onto the Dastardly Liberal Elites of the West. This is, in fact, the normative view of the “Gates of Vienna Circle”, I’ve noticed.

      • Hesperado, you are not the authority on the problems we face, your qualifications to expound on it fall short of mine, and your [less than mature] comments regularly appended to my pieces are not worth a reply. You are a [person whose behavior is tiresome]; go elsewhere on this site, I don’t need you on my page.

    • Takuan, I thought I was expressing myself clearly. All Muslims living in the West should be subject to our laws, of course, but leaving them “in their own communities under a reasonable degree of self-determination” as you suggest, just allows the problem to fester. They should be fully integrated ASAP, and if this means, for example, removing all religion from schools, well it shouldn’t have been there anyway.

      Also allowing the continued subjugation of females is not negotiable. This is one of the values for which we should stand.

      • The globe cannot be safe while Islam exists. The war has started – we need to ban Islam and burn the books, let the people decide if they desire martyrdom or not…

      • No, they should not be integrated. They should made to leave. There is no integrating water and oil.

        • Hi Takuan, I am an admirer of your work. You have said one of the most important things: oil and water will never mix.

          How true and apt for the topic we are discussing.

  12. In Romania one of the presidential candidates for presidency is a guy of German blood (Johannis). Wikipedia says that during his time as mayor of one major Romanian city, Sibiu, through other he strengthened “foreign investment”. Suffice to say that any foreign investment coming from the West as well as from the East is bound to coerce any political establishment into certain decisions. So they, the West, are at it again. If he will win then the first attack will be against the Orthodox Christianity of the country (seeds of discontent have been already planted, I hear many complains against the church these days although the church did not change much in the 20-30-50 years). The first hit is to be applied against Christianity because it is considered to be the most dangerous thing who will oppose Islam especially here, as we have been involved in bloody wars against Muslims invaders over the span of hundreds of years.

  13. Teplice is my native town. That beautiful park – your very first photo here – I have crossed on foot twice a day going to school for nine years. I know every tree, every stone, every path, every trolley route and for the most part who dwells where. And they still dwell there, as I visited this summer. I now live in the USA and I attest to the very truth of your article since I have been a member of the FB page “WE don’t want Islam in Czech Republic”. I visited my georgeou native town and saw the burqas in the confectionary store, burqas pushing the strollers, and small muslim boys running on their little bikes all over the curbs – lawn or not – pathways don’t matter to them. They try to tell us they guard their chastity but their garb calls out to everyone: “look at me and guess what’s underneath. I am different than you and better! You better repent for Allah’s is the way!” They attract a ton more looks and attention because such weirdness and supremacy at the same time is unnatural and unacceptable. The rate and speed with which they destroy the hotel room is unprecedented – as I saw the photos of my friend, a “Panorama” hotel owner in Teplice. Beds were [micturated] through and furniture broken. Perhaps they found a well covered refuge where they can drink and trash things as their little heart pleases since out in the public and on an open scene they must portray the islamic perfection? Who knows. I understand they have to vent but let them do that on somebody else’s properties and in somebody else’s countries. Perhaps in the countries who “by mistake” drop the weapons to ISIL instead of Kurdish fighters. Better yet- why don’t they grow up and grow brain in their heads and start behaving like responsible humans, these perverted ideologues trained by centuries of retarded dogma?

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